The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

Spoilers contained herein, you have been warned.

I liked it. Very creepy and spooky at times, un-Pretender-ish. But I agree with ya, Highlander, they *need* to deal with the Jarod and his family *now*. I'm so tired of all the fakeouts.

My wish for the last movie ('cause there will come a time when there's the "last" movie, I really really hope this isn't the last one):

a) we finally, for sure, once and for all, find out exactly who is related to who, and how. No more questions.

b) the mystery of Jarod's origins, family, etc are dealt with.

c) Raines and Pappy Parker get their comuppance.
SPOILERS!! -- potentially!!

If you meant 'un-Pretender' in that there was no Pretend -- yeah, i can see that, but if you meant that it was unprecedented - as in they hadn't done a story where Jarod didn't Pretend - no - there have been others -- (off the top of my head, i can't recall the ep names, but i know there have been some -- ie: any where he has to get out of the Centre) --

there doesn't always have to be a Pretend for the show to work - are we to believe that Jarod spent 4 years pretending to be other people and never once stopping to attempt to 'be himself'??
i know he doesn't really know who he is, but he could just take a few days and work on some of his own problems, instead of helping everyone else -- (and, no, helping others is not a bad trait) --

this movie, in my mind, was actually truer to the Pretender 'ideal' than the first one was --- the first one had a Pretend, but no real 'meat' to it --- just Jarod chasing that guy - the psychopath - not really worth the effort they put into it ---

this one had Jarod really doing something -- he was looking for his mother - which he has been doing since the very 1st episode of the show -- it's very much a continuing theme -- the fact that he had to work WITH Miss Parker was, i think, set up for the fans - all the shippers - so they could get some satisfaction -- that and the fact that many of MP's questions are Jarod's too ---

nothing in this show is every cut-and-dry -- so all the critics who said that this movie didn't follow the Pretender 'set-up' probably never saw an episode before in their lives and are basing their opinions on pure speculation ----

this movie kept my attention --- the 1st one - i nearly fell asleep it was so boring -- and i don't usually get bored w/ the Pretender -

these are, of course, my opinions - and everyone is entitled to his/her own -----

i think the writing was well-done and the actors did a fine job freezing their butts off for the Scotland scenes ----

i'm hoping they do more movies -- i wanna know the answers to all the questions that are still out there ------
What I meant about being "un-Pretender-ish" was that it was more of a ghost story, not unprecendented to the series, but not the usual fare. It was also far spookier than anything they've ever done.

You're right about the critics being wrong - this was true to the series in that it was a logical continuation of everything that has happened, at and least this one was a pure Jarod/Miss Parker story.
SPOILERS........................................................................................ I liked this movie. However, I'm a little tired of Jarrod always missing his mother. There is no reason why he can't join up with her, and the two of them go looking for his sister, father, and the Jarrod clone. And if Jarrod is the chosen one, then which Jarrod? The original, or the clone? What about the man who they hinted about in the series that might be Ms. Parkers father. Her mothers lover? As for whether there will be another movie, I read in an interview with Michael T. Weis that it depends on if fans write to TNT to demand another one. So far, no plans.
true - it was more of a ghost story --
there's still so much for them to do --

and --

spoilers below ---

yes - Jarod should be able to meet up w/ his mother --

i was also wondering where the clone was - and what name they gave him, etc, etc, ---

now i have more questions about the baby -- since Mr. Parker is sterile - or pretty close to it --- so, who are the parents? and how come this kid got more mention than the clone we haven't see since the end of season 3???


The baby was really Lyles. He and Brigitte were having an affair.
More about the baby ----

these aren't spoilers unless you have never seen the series --

It was never established that Lyle and Brigitte were having an affiar --- what Broots saw was Lyle spilled champagne on himself and Brigitte was helping him clean it up --- there was never any mention that the two had an affair.

so - it is still not established who the parents of the baby are --

remember - nothing in this show is ever 'cut-and-dry' -- there's always a mystery -- which is why there are so many freakin' questions!

here come the spoilers for the movie ------

however, we do know, for a fact, that Mr. Parker is NOT the father, and we can probably be reasonably certain that Brigitte is only a surrogate mother b/c she doesn't have any special traits that would be beneficial to the Centre ---

I have a feeling that the baby is more 'special' than just the off-spring of a love affair --- (b/c i don't think Brigitte would have decided to keep the baby if it was Lyle's) ---

however - Lyle might still be the father, but Brigitte would not be the 'natural' mother -- (but, i highly doubt this is the case - the Centre has enough problems w/ Lyle - making another one might make life much more difficult w/in the Centre)

i'm pretty sure that this baby was a genetic 'construction' -- a project of the Centre - moving toward, possibly, the 'perfect' Pretender -- an 'upgraded' form of Jarod ----

but - unless Steve and Craig get a move on and make more movies --- it may be a while b4 we find out anything ----
One more thing .....

One more thing -

when posting spoilers and such --

instead of running a long line of ..........................................

just use space ---- <hit the enter key a few times>

if you use a characters like ................. or VVVVVVVVVV or whatever, w/o putting any spaces between the lines -- it just reads like one big word and doesn't split it -- and makes it really hard to read the posts in the threads -- (ie: they don't fit in standard sized browser windows) ----

When Brigitte was dying, she asked Ms. Parker to take care of HER baby. If Ms. Parkers father really was infertile, than he probebley wouldn't care if the baby was Lyles, since it would still be a Parker.
well- i think Mr. Parker had a lot more influence over the baby than just what we saw - he was putting up a charade - he was very pleased about the pregnancy --- and the Centre never does anything w/o reason - even a pregnancy would never be an accident --

Brigitte was probably chosen b/c she would die during childbirth - i'm sure that wasn't an accident, otherwise, Mr. Parker would not have married her.

I'm still pretty sure that Mr. Lyle is not the father. I have a feeling it's much deeper than just put sperm A and egg B together. My guess would be the baby was specifically designed (which sounds really cold, but this IS the Centre we're talking about here) for a purpose -- this child may be the ultimate Pretender, or the ultimate culmination of all the various 'types' of people in the Centre --- there are Pretenders, and MP has that Inner Sense, and i think Lyle might have some special gift, but i'm not sure, The Centre has a wide reach and dabbles in many things --- plus the work in genetics that resulted in the Jarod Clone leads me to believe that 'baby Parker' isn't just another link in the family chain --

True - if Lyle were the father - the baby, according to the current series canon, would be a Parker, however, since we can never be sure of ANYTHING -- it is entirely possible that Lyle is NOT MP's brother (there are ways to get around the blood test she did), or that MP and Lyle are not really Parkers -- children of either of the men ---

the fact that she asked Miss Parker to take care of the baby was probably more of an emotional request based on the fact that she had carried the child for 9 months and gone through labor -- ordinarily, she wouldn't have said 'boo' to Miss Parker - they were clearly adversaries -- tho there was a small turning point just before the child was born, so she might have felt Miss Parker was trustworthy enough --- not to mention that MP was the only person there for Brigitte to ask ----

Spoilers and all that....

I just watched IOTH for the second time, and the one thing that really stands out to me is, "Damn that blind woman!!!!!" <snicker>

The second, 'what's up with that hair?'

It did seem to create twice as many questions as it answered; but very nice to see Jarod and MP working on the same side again. I love it he lets her do her own thing; like when they were trying to catch that monk with the scrolls. It may not have been a thing to anybody else, but I was impressed that he didn't take her gun and make her carry a lantern or something :D. It just struck me that he knows she can hold her own without him protecting her. I'm probably reading more into that scene than was planned, but oh well. And I guess Jarod is above such action-movie type machoisms, right?

I have to agree wholeheartedly about the missed mom once again...that's just plain cruel!! At least let them hug or something! Enough is enough!!! Grrrrrr......

Did anybody else wonder why Major Charles wasn't in the thick of this one? And where was MP's brother, the one that was in 2000--I can't remember his name at the moment--why wasn't he around in this one?

And just where on earth is Sam the Sweeper, wasn't his name Sam? He was a recurring character for soooo long, and now he's gone. Was he bumped off when I wasn't looking? I missed the one where Brigitte had the anything could have happened in between.
Spoilers ----> (but that's a given)

okay - Ethan - that's the other brother - he's MP and Jarod's half-brother - i think he was sent away to work w/ someone - either that or he left on his own -- i have a hard time watching tP:2001, so i don't remember --

Jarod missing his mom - AGAIN - i have half a mind to scribble a note to Craig and Steve and tell them - ENOUGH ALREADY! it was <gasp> the first time, and sad and the 2nd time - 'oh no!' - but now, it's gotten to - 'oh geez, here we go again' -- it's just not the 'climax' point it used to be --- 4 years -- 4 freakin' years! and he's missed her EVERY single time -- what gives?? he found his dad, he found his sister, and the half-brother he didn't even know he had, and the clone (mini-twin sort of), why does he have to keep missing Mom?? that's just creeped into the point of ridiculous --- i thought his ultimate goals were to 1) stop the Centre and 2) reunite his family -- meaning that the WHOLE family is together in one place and stays that way -- if this is the case, why can't he just meet w/ his mother? if they then have to split again - that's better than him missing her AGAIN! ack!

<end disseratation about Jarod not getting to meet mom>

Sam the Sweeper --- ya got me on that one -- i don't know what happened to him -- i think he was in tP:2001, but i'm not 100% sure on that - he's not dead, if that's what you wanted to know - he's still around - but Sam Ayers (the actor who plays Sam) may have been busy when they were shootin this one, and - there really wasn't much of MP at the Centre -- and Sam works for MP -
however, Willie (the other well-known sweeper) was also strangely absent --- (Willie is Raines' sweeper) --

okay - thus endeth another of my lengthy Pretender commentaries ------
ok, i know i'm a little late in posting here, but who cares. i just watched it for the 3rd time, and one thing bugs me each time. when jarod's mother is leaving the island, she says 'God, please forgive me' forgive her for what? leaving miss parker on the island? cause she didn't actually see jarod. but i don't think that's it. i think there's more to it than that. anyone else have any thoughts?
Originally posted by tokyogirl
ok, i know i'm a little late in posting here, but who cares. i just watched it for the 3rd time, and one thing bugs me each time. when jarod's mother is leaving the island, she says 'God, please forgive me' forgive her for what? leaving miss parker on the island? cause she didn't actually see jarod. but i don't think that's it. i think there's more to it than that. anyone else have any thoughts?

Never thought about it that way. That would be an interesting twist.
well - when i first saw it - i was thinking that maybe she was sorry for leaving the island in general, under the impression that Jarod had made it there --

but - i'm gonna have to go back and watch it again -- see if i can pick up something else ---
see i don't know. i mean, how much do we actually know about jarod's mother anyways? not a whole lot. we know she wants to find jarod, and she apparently knew mrs.p, but how much else do we know?
well - we know that Catherine was trying to get Jarod out of the Centre -

and there is that pic of the two of them pregnant -- perhaps they both had gone to NuGenesis - which, in and of itself, opens up a whole NEW can of worms --- leading us to wonder who MP's real parents are, as well as Jarod's - and is Mr. Lyle actually MP's brother, and then, does Jarod have another brother or sister out there somewhere who happens to be his twin?
lyle would have to be miss parker's brother, jarod's the one that did the DNA test. i mean, if it was some one at the centre than there would be reason to question it, but since jarod did it i think the results are pretty safe.

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