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Jun 6, 2001
The Pretender: Island of the Haunted -- due to air 10 Dec 2001 (i think it's the 10th - unless they change it again) on TNT in the US.

This movie is supposed to explore many of the questions as yet left unanswered by the series and the 1st movie "The Pretender: 2001".

add any further info you come across here!
So far everyone who knows anything knows more than I do. I've heard nothing on it, but if Dec 10th is the date as of now, you can be sure that'll be going on my calander
well -- it was supposed to air in May initially, then they pushed it to June, now they've shoved it wall the way to December --

no matter - i'll watch it whenever they air it -- i'm just waiting!
spoiler warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, i saw a lengthened trailer for it today where they talked to the cast memers. they gave soooo much info so quickly i'm not sure i got it all but here goes: everybody's off to scotland or ireland in search of some kind of scrolls that everybody wants. miss P and jarod end up having to work together, and also get stuck on an island together. there they end up realizing that they have romantic feelings for each other as many of us already suspected, and something happens btw them. i think that's everything. if i remember anything else i'll let you know!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S INCEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, still going on my feeling that Jarod and Miss Parker are bro and sis, after that whole plot arc back in the day. I don't believe it was really Angelo. just someone trying to hide the truth some more. It's all a conspiracy, I tells ya.
well they also really played on them getting together eventually. like the episode where they show their first kiss. or the other one, i don't really even remember what the rest was about, but it ended with jarod sitting in a store front talking on the cell to MP. he asked her how they had let the center do this to them. MP asks what he means, and he says the fact that they have both ended up totally alone. they kind of have this moment of pause there and you can kind of tell that the writers are hinting that they will each solve each others' 'lonliness problem' .
oh, you can definatly see it.

Jarod is always sending her stuff. Sure, it is used to find him, but he always send it personally to MP.

Oh, the valentine's day ep, he sent her a Valentine. He talks to her a lot via cell, too.

In the ep with Faith, they get all gushy and emotional at the end..
or the one where he wrote a trashy romance novel and put her picture on the cover. (her naked covered in red silk sheets)
does anyone want to know what they do??

b/c if i remember correctly, i heard/read somewhere what happens --- (probably from a Steve and Craig chat) ---

i won't say now if no one wants to know ----
okay - confirmation --

10 Dec 2001 - airdate for The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

and TNT will run a marathon of Pretender eps just b4 the show airs at 2000 hrs (think that's right)

they will also air The Pretender:2001 just b4 running the marathon of episodes -

for more info:

(and let me know if i got the URL wrong and i'll fix it)
ya know?? i just discovered that the charity event i wanted to attend is the day before Island of the Haunted airs -- and, this charity event is in DALLAS, TX! hmmmmm - glad i have a VCR!! (that and that TNT runs stuff about a million times, so i wouldn't miss the movie anyway!)

but - just kind of a downer -- however, if i go to this event -- Skate w/ the Stars (hockey team) - it won't be that much of a downer - b/c this event is SOOOOO much fun!! autographs and such - and chatting w/ the players -- woohoo --

okay - so - the movie is still gonn air on TNT 10 December 2001 at 2000 hrs (that's 8PM est) ---- so - get those VCRs primed and ready - and make sure you have plenty of tape on hand!!
2 weeks --- it's countdown time --

2 weeks from today The Pretender: Island of the Haunted premieres.

TNT will be running a Pretender marathon that whole day (and might be airing TP:2001 just b4 the movie airs, but I'm not 100% sure on that one -- i'll look it up and let you know)

so -- 14 days, 20 hours (give or take) until Island of the Haunted
okay --- fallin' behind on my counting down ---

but --- it's 10 Days ---- and counting!!
and - don't forget that there's a 21-hour marathon of pretender eps preceeding the airing of the movie!!!!

movie's supposed to tie-up some loose ends from the series --

i'm just hoping it's better than The Pretender:2001 was -- ugh -
SPOILERS - Potentially

Potential Spoilers!!

ok -- you've been warned --- if you don't wanna know - don't read below this line ----------->


ok - one last chance!!

Ok - tP - Island of the Haunted --

1st - this one was soooooooooooooooo much better than tP:2001; this one had action and moved the plot along well - more along the lines of the typical Pretender style we're used to

2nd - it answered a whole bunch of questions about Miss Parker and her past and her family -- scary information that it is --- Mr. Raines is her father? poor woman ---

3rd - ACK! nothing new about Jarod! what is up w/ that? We still don't know any more about his family than we did before, and he still hasn't gotten to be with his mother!! they've gotta stop doing that!!

4th - Is Mr. Parker (ex-daddy) really dead?? and is someone else gonna find those scrolls? and why did he jump? b/c Jarod is the key? or b/c of something else in those scrolls?? ACK! more questions!!

I'm not going to go into a long-drawn-out review -- b/c i thought it was pretty good --

the scene at the end where they are all working together to get the plane working again! Good guess Mr. Lyle!! (love that guy!)

well --- any other comments?? thoughts? perceptions??


Oh poor Miss Parker! She has the worst familey! And she didn't get to kiss Jarod! Ack! does anyone know if and when theres gona be another movie????
No word yet on another movie -- HOWEVER! if i hear anything --

i will surely let all of you know!!

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