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There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Okay - b/c i'm soo excited we have this; i'm starting really simple, and i'l work my way up ---

WOOHOO! The Pretender --

here will be general discussion stuff.

I have no idea where to begin, but we can start anywhere -

ie: what's your fave ep of the Pretender? (sounds like a good starting place to me)

I'll have to think on this, but i think Keys is near the top of my list
yea gods, I have no idea! I'll try going for anything first season or two, and ones with Angelo in them.
i don't know the name of it, but once again, it's the one where jarod traps MP & lyle in the boxcar in dallas, and then ships them back to the center.
yeah, that one was hilarious. MP just has that look of, "oh, Jarod is going to die very painfully and slowly when I get my hands on him," after she realises she shared all that stuff with Lyle and she didn't have to :D
or what about the one where jarod works at the casino in vegas and then tells security to do a cavity search on MP because she might be hiding chips!
LOL, that one was smooth because she was *soooooo* close to actually catching him.

That's the closest she ever gotten to catching Jarod personally, in the eps I've seen.
i like the one just after tommy dies when she's sitting and getting drunk off her.... and jarod just sits down across from her.
Hmm... I can't think of just one favorite, There were soooooooooo many awesome ones. the season 3 finale was awesome... ummm i think the eps from season 2 and 3 were better than a lot of the season 1 eps.

and oh!!- that episode when Broots was dreaming, and that whole thing that he and Miss Parker were together, and then when Mr. Raines was dancing around in his underwear- oh my, i alost died laughing!!

Who is everyone's favorite character?
I love Jarod and Miss Parker. they rock!!

Man, I haven't been able to watch the reruns very often. 7 PM is a bad time... I feel out of touch!! I better start watching more often before the second movie comes out, to catch myself up again!!

well, talk to you guys later!

welcome AS!:)

besides TNT, the reruns also come on kstar if you get that. they're on an hour or 2 earlier i think. but they're a little fuzzy. i think one of my favorite characters would be brigette. she's always got something in her mouth. if it isn't a blow pop it's a.......different brand of lollipop. why? what did you think i was going to say?
okay --

my fave eps of The Pretender:

Betrayal and Keys --

Betrayal just has some really good character interactions - i love when Jarod goes to Broots' house and scares the beejeezus out of him and Broots nearly faints b/c Jarod's there -

Keys - more good character interaction - (this is the one about the hurricane) -- and MP and Jarod forced to work together to save a little girl's life - b/c MP really does value life - she just acts like she doesn't ---
yeah, don't think Jarod did either -- then they lock him in the metal cage and dare him to chew through the bars!

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