Where to find fanfic...

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
okay - so you're looking for your fanfic fix -- where do you start??

good question --

this site: The FanFic Directory has a LOT of listings. It lists fanfic sites, webrings, you name it, it's probably here -- Rayhne's done a lot of research and found a lot of stuff (don't know where she finds the time).

ummm - right now, that's all i have --- but you can probably find just about anything there --

oh -- and if anyone comes across any stories featuring Charlie De Salvo, post the link here -- coffeecup was looking for some - i only found 4 at 7th dimension (might have been 5) -- so there might not be many -- he was a short-lived character -- but a good one --
getting around to reading fic --

so - someone else has that problem?? i spend more time writing that reading -- i used to read - A LOT! - then got more into writing and quit reading ------- dunno why ---
I'm like that too...used to read fic all the time...now I get maybe one or two stories in a month...busy with RL and writing and stuff I guess...
one or two a month? i don't even read THAT much!

unless anais puts up one of her stories -(not Highlander) --

but anyway --- i may read a little more this month -- just gotta find something really good to read that doesn't give me a headache or make me wanna retch!
Originally posted by Diamond9697
good luck...there's a lot of lomg, boring, really bad fic out there

yeah - i know - i've read some --- i try to avoid it --- but, sometimes it's hard ---
okay - this is Roxanne Longstreet Conrad's site

she has fic for several genres - and it's very good --

i will put this up

WARNING -- some of RLC's fic contains adult content! so enter the site at your own risk - you have been informed ---

RLC writes beautifully and her stories are well planned out and plotted nicely - she's a published author and very passionate.

have fun!!
Guess I could plug my own site - with my two little HL fics:


Fanfic.net has some good stuff -- HOWEVER -- you have to weed through a lot of *not* good stuff to get to the good stuff - only problem w/ FF.net --- it's why I don't spend much time there...