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ok heres the deal in that ep Amanda took this bag of jewls and the bag had orders that whould have toled the men to leave so thats why Amandas feeling guilty. And the woman that lives with Amanda is Lucy her friend since Lucys Husbend lost his head a few years back. I never really got Lucy all that well how it it that Amanda has a friend that close to her and we never heard of her before? And after they(Amanda and Nick) move to Paras (not speled right) no one says a word about Lucy ever. Just another plot hole I guess........

(took the big space out and tacked on the 'spoiler' tags instead)
*giggle* no ofcorse not that could NEVER happen

there are plot holes in the Highlander universe?? no way! i just totally lost all faith in DPP!! (yeah - like i ever had any! ;) )

anyway --- oh - ok -- now i see --- argh ----

oh - and why do the PTB feel the need to forget about old friends, or fail to mention them earlier -- what is up???

you'd think they might want to pay attn so the fans don't freak out and have to start wondering which alternate universe the characters are living in!
Raven is quite popular i see --

i've only ever seen about 4 episodes of the show ---

and sci-fi stopped running it --
I've seen all of it now but the only ones I ever really liked where the two with Val Pelka in them..hes such a good k'immie :D
yeah - and of the 4 i've seen - he wasn't in any of them -

i was told that Joe made a guest appearance in one episode -

and, yeah, this show was supposed to be different - but it just didn't work very well - Amanda wasn't really the right character for her own show -- i know they wanted a female - but seriously - there had to have been someone better - and Amanda was too close to Duncan for him to never show up
unfortunately i watched them all hoping they would get better:eek: and they didn't!!!!
you're gonna buy the box-set right? all 22 episodes on VHS?? hehehehehe --

i know you are! :)
You know me better than that! I would rather buy a second copy of End Game :p
i'd rather buy the Raven box set --

endgame was total garbage - i have it on DVD - still in the plastic (said that in another thread, i think)
believe me once you see raven you would want to buy a second copy of endgame.

i think i still have the first 2 shows on tape if you want to see them. i had almost a whole tape left after taping the very last show of highlander and i filled it with the raven.
oh - i've seen a couple eps - i even tried to start watching some b4 Sci-Fi cancelled it --

and i'd still rather have 22 episodes of Raven than another copy of endgame -
Anyone know if Sci-Fi has started running Raven again?

Not that I'm gonna go out of my way to watch it, but just a curiosity.

Another question -- wasn't Amanda in love w/ Nick, or Nick in love w/ Amanda? and did they admit that to each other? b/c that seems to be the 'jump the shark' point for a lot of shows ---

two major characters admit they're in love and BANG - end of show - b/c the writers forget the basic premise of the show and write about the romance ---
Airdates and Times --

Well, according to yahoo's tv guide --

Raven airs at 0500, bright and early (okay, maybe not so bright) Friday mornings -- on SciFi (in the US - dunno about elsewhere)

So - all you dedicated Raven fans - jump out of bed and watch!!
1.1: Reborn

(info from tvtome.com)

gs: Torri Higginson (Claudia Hoffman) Patricia Gage (Lucy) Michael Copeman (Carl Magnus) Julian Richings (Basil) James Purcell (Stanley Ferris)

b: 26-Sep-98 w: Karen Harris d: Ian Toynton

(There is no episode description at tvtome - If I come across one someplace else, I'll post it.)

(info from scifi.com)

Amanda, the beautiful immortal with a fondness for grand larceny, is back to her old cat-burglar tricks — and Detective Nick Wolfe is hot on her trail. Sparks fly as cop and thief clash, Amanda finds herself framed for murder, and the mortal and Immortal worlds collide.
Oh Hey I remeber this ep! (in fact I think i have it on tape)

I loved the sene in the bath room with Nick and Amanda and Amanda almost standing up and Nick and his partner like runing out of the bathroom.

I'll have to go watch my tape lator so I'll remember more of what happend....
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