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Jun 6, 2001
Just figured I'd start a thread for this series too, everything else has it's own -- so, this one can too ----

well - no Raven this sunday, b/c SciFi is running a QL marathon (not a bad thing, but that's why) --- however, Raven will be back on the 30th ----

cool...on both counts..

Did anyone else think that Amanda was to different in this series from what she had been in Highlander?
<raises hand>

um - yeah - that's kinda why i stopped watching --- probably why it died ----

but - i shall be a good Highlander fan and attempt to watch all 22 eps of the program (i think there are 22)
Yes, I think she was very different from her role in Highlander. I watch this series and really enjoyed it but always think that it lacks many things of the other. I suppose the Highlander fans were expecting something similar or better than the original and that never happen. I also was expecting to see Peter Wingfield(Methos), Adrian Paul or Joe to come an do a guest appearances and that also never happen. Only if my memory serve me well, Joe appear in an episode.

Krystal :D
I saw some of Raven, and it was OK.... but not great...

Is it just me or is Nick like a mortal version of Duncan....boy scoutish...
can't tell ya -- i haven't seen it in a while - and i forgot to watch it when it was on this past sunday --- totally forgot -- may have had something to do w/ munchkins running around ---
Possable Spoilers

yeah I think Nick is kinda a mortal version in Duncan except Nick some how got Amanda to quite steeling. I always thought that was kinda dumb I mean come on Amanda's been I thife for 1200 years and Duncan's tryed for like 200 years to get her to stop and than Nick comes along and in a few months Amanda's pretty much crimeless how is that possable?
this is Highlander....since when do the PTB care what's possible or not...thier motto is whatever works at the moment
Originally posted by Diamond9697
this is Highlander....since when do the PTB care what's possible or not...thier motto is whatever works at the moment

how ironic that i was just discussing a similar problem over in the Star Trek area! or, rather, how to avoid such a problem

however, Dru has a point -- Duncan tried for years and Amanda never quit - then this 'boy wonder' Nick comes along and HE gets her to stop? why? b/c he's a cop? when was Amanda EVER afraid of the cops? and isn't this 'Raven' show supposed to take place about the same time Amanda's hanging out w/ Duncan?? or is it supposed to be after "Not to Be" where Duncan ran off to 'find himself' or something again and he disappeared --

is Duncan even MENTIONED in Raven?? b/c if not, then the PTB really screwed up -- argh!!!!!
I think it was after the last episode of the series that Raven was supposed to take place..
Originally posted by Diamond9697
I think it was after the last episode of the series that Raven was supposed to take place..

okay - so -- even so - was Duncan ever mentioned? he IS one of Amanda's closest friends -- so is Methos - did DPP forget all the canon they established in the Series? oh -guess so - they forgot everything else ---
I do like The Raven but stuff like that drives me nuts! Duncan is someone shes been friends and lovers with for 200,or 300 years and what about all her other friends? Methos? Richie? Rebecca? She never says a word about them! yes there was a few eps with ppl from her past but no one from Highlander! ok end of rant
no no -- continue to rant --

see - i'm gonna guess that's probably why the show never took off -- they tried to turn Amanda into someone she wasn't -- they tried to make her into this other entity who, apparently, didn't know Duncan or any of the ppl she knew via the Highlander: The Series timeline -- which doesn't make any sense if she's supposed to be the same character -----

DPP just doesn't get it!
DPP I think they do this to try and drive us insane so once we're all babbleing ideits they can take over the WORLD!!!!!!! Or maby I've just been watching too much Pinky and the Brain and X-Files...........
actually Dru you could very well be right...as much as they like to mess with the cannon of the shows...it's a distinct possibility..
okay - well - i watched Raven yesterday -- well, okay - 1/2 of it b/c i forgot it was on --- but anyway -- it's the one where she's on some guilt trip b/c she stole some jewels and 120 men died in a battle in a war -- (am i correct in assuming this is where she goes straight?) --

how did she get the idea in her head that it was her fault that 120 men died in a war?? it was war, after all --- (and keep in mind that i missed the beginning of the ep, so this might have been explained there) ---

oh - and please explain the woman who lives w/ Amanda - like Rachel was Connor's friend -- this woman is weird - and doesn't serve much purpose except to feed information to Nick about Amanda -- Duncan didn't have some weird person who stayed w/ him ---- i'm lost ----

this show is missing so many things it's not even funny ---

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