the pretender

Erm, Highlander, the link leads to an 'In loving memory of Dr. Paul Ambrose'-page!
I haven't found any other links there. :(
Summer :p
okay -- well - tell ya what --

you go post in the new pretender/profiler mini-forum and i'll dig up the REAL link to the TNT site and post it over there --

I'm liking those odds.... Wait, what were the odds again? Do I get a binus for being the first to post there, right behind you H2?
ok, i have seen a lengthened trailer. it was kind of like the ones they did for the first movie where they talk to the actors. basically they said that parker and jarod will get stuck on an island Scotland! they will also finally realize they have feelings for each other, just like we all suspected. i don't want to say too much for the people who may not get to see the movie for a while. but apparently they're all searching for some kind of scrolls. it looks pretty good! i can't wait!
Originally posted by Highlander II
okay - summershake ---

the tnt website that should work --

and ya hafta have flash for it to work --
It works, THANK YOU!!!! :D :D
Ohhh, sweet Jarod-pic!!! :D :p
Can't wait to watch the movie!!!
If they'll not air it here, does n e 1 know if I can download it in the internet somewhere? :D :D
summershake -- check the thread about "The Pretender:2001" -- a channel in France is supposed to air it -- don't know if you can see it, but it's worth a shot ---- and a channel in your area might pick it up --

also -- keep an eye on the "Operation: Save the Pretender" website -- i think it's -- they keep up w/ most of that info --

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