"The Wong Path"


Nymphet Connoisseur
Apr 27, 2001
"The Wrong Path"

I'm sure most of you know this, but the cycle is starting again. The USA network ran "The Wrong Path" this morning, which implies that they will run the entire series in order. The bad news is, it's still at 6:00 AM on the east coast.

I was struck by how much outdoor filming they used to do, something they got away from in later years. OK, OK, they technically still filmed outdoors, but it was in that big compound at the Auckland National Park. You didn't see as much of the rugged mountains and jungle and flowing hills and such in later years.

It was still an awesome episode, establishing Iolaus as the wittier of the two, and how he alway had to deal with living in Hercules' shadow.

Interestingly, I noticed producer Eric Gruendemann in the cast, as the priest of Hera! And of course, we got to see one of many Alcmenes, this time Voice herself, Elizabeth Hawthorne (now appearing as Blanche Dubois opposite Kevin Smith and Danielle Cormack in "Streetcar" at Auckland Theatre.)

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