Adian paul's new show


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Aug 21, 2000
This fall in sydication at least in The USA. Adrian Paul is staring in a new show called "Travelers." He plays an alien cop who tracks down inerstealler fugitives hiding on Earth. That was all I found out can anyone fill in the gaps?

Adrian Paul's new show

Adrian Paul's new show is so boring!!!!! It is called Tracker. I have seen the first 3 shows and it is the worst ever!!!
i didn't see much - but what i saw was not worth watching--

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Adrian Paul's New Show

I like Tracker. I guess it's just a matter of opinion. It does take some time to get into, but I find the storyline interesting. The action is different than what I'm used to, but I am catching on to how they do the camera work. I also like the development of the main character (Adrian's). He came to earth and assumed a human form. It's hysterical to see him try to act human...learn to eat, learn to talk etc. Kind of like Starman. I think it's pretty good. I also like the relationship between Adrian's character and the lady (Mel??) who has taken him in and now is helping him. She is kind of neurotic, but her reactions to Adrian's character are funny.
I am a fan of the new show. It took some time for me to decide that I liked it. In fact, the only reason I kept watching was because of Adrian Paul. I became hooked after the 4th show. I am now a devoted fan and I will continue to be. If you go to , you can read a synopsis of the future shows. The show titles are wrong, but the synopses seem to give you a good idea of where the show is headed overall. I agree that it is different from the other sci-fi shows out there, but it is also better than a lot of the other shows. The main characters are well acted and the aliens are the perfect foil. You don't end up seeing the same bad guy every show. The "tracker" (Adrian Paul) doesn't have to beat the pulp out of the bad guys before he imprisons them. There is actually very little violence. You might be able to let your kids watch it with you.
I think the show is getting better each week. It took them awhile to give you enough info to start following the plot. Adrian Pual is great, very different than Duncan but he seems to having fun with the character.