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The Hunters

The Hunters

Written by: Kevin Droney
(no idea why that's important, but i put it in my notes, so i'm typing it here)

**ah, one more ep that begins w/ Duncan and Tessa in bed, well, sort of --> they're beside it**

Fitz drops by, most unexpectedly (would he drop in any other way?)

Darius brews mead --> Duncan and Fitz are drinking some on the deck at the barge,a nd Fitz tells Duncan that several immortal friends have gone missing and one, Thackery, had said he had something to show Fitz; something he had never seen before.
Duncan mentions a dream that Darius had about Thackery's death.

Hunters show up at the church and kill Darius.
**NOTE: all footage of Darius in this episode is stock footage b/c Werner Stocker passed away either just before they filmed this episode, or just after and was unable to make it to the set.**

Fitz and Duncan go to the church and discover Darius' body and start analyzing what happened, starting with the fact that immortals don't fight on Holy Ground; then they read over notes Fitz has of conversations with Thackery.

Richie comes into the barge all happy and such, then learns Darius was killed and switches moods. (good kid)

BTW, what is WITH Duncan's boots? (there must have been something, but for the life of my i have NO idea what this was about)

Well, being the master detectives they are, Duncan and Fitz deduce that, since Darius was killed on HG, then mortals were the culprits. (gee, ya think?) But they also believe these are mortals who know about immortals. (okay - getting better boys)

Random Comment: Don't pick Fitz as your backup in a fight; he's got good intentions, but lacks skill.

Duncan grabs one of the watchers froma van and chases him, tries to get him to talk, but the watcher kills himself and Duncan discovers the watcher tattoo.

**Flashback-- Milan --> Duncan and Fitz find they've been followed by a man w/ a meadl around his neck -- Watcher Symbol
(another of those 'serves little purpose' flashbacks)

Duncan returns to the church to find Fitz is missing and begins hunting for references to the Watcher symbol.

Tessa cuts her hand - why does she not wash the cut?

Richie asks a good question: "If these guys aren't immortal, how do they know when they've found one?"

Duncan goes to the church - again - to look for whatever Darius had left.

Horton 'bumps' into Tessa, to determine if she's the immie, b/c he and his friends didn't know which of the ppl who lived on the barge were immortal; they apparently only knew that an immie lived there.

Duncan is following one of these guys and is led to an ambush of about 8 - 10 men; Richie crashes in to help, then a large crowd begins to form and all the ppl leave.

Fitz is trying to talk his way out of being killed while Duncan, at the barge, is trying to decipher the book w/ the Watcher symbol on it -- written hundreds of years ago - ancient German dialect.

Horton and co want to know where 'the book' is - the 5th Chronicle. (think they goofed this, b/c later they talk of 'many' Chronicles and diaries and such -- oops)

Duncan beats up one of the Hunters trying to get info; then moves the barge and follows the Hunter back to where they're holding Fitz.

Random Comment: Fitz talks way too much! I like Roger Daltrey, but Fitz just won't shut up! ;)

And, it's nice to know that Horton doesn't find immortals an abomination to God-- something about no religion. (if i ever figure out what i actually meant by this, i'll let you know)

Duncan arrives in time to keep Fitz from being guillotined and fights all the Hunters.

Horton shoots him w/ some electrified dart, but Duncan cuts through it w/ his sword,a nd argues and fights w/ Horton.

Horton gets away, but Duncan saves Fitz.

They have a memorial service/funeral for Darius and pour his ashes into the Seine so he could 'reach the sea' as he always wanted.

Whew! This one was all plot! The do that w/ season enders. However, i think this one might have been different if Werner Stocker had not been ill. It was quite sad to see such a wonderful character being taken from the sow, and sad to learn why.

However, this episode is pretty good, tho it introduces the single-most annoying 'nemesis' to Duncan MacLeod -- James Horton.

Not really sure how much i can say on this episode - there isn't much to analyze. It introduces the Watchers - tho in a very bad light, and destroys the life of a great immortal, but it's all plot, no real character development, but that's okay. It's still a very good episode.
and - here endeth the season one reviews --

The Hunters is the final ep of season 1 --

feel free to continue to comment on the episodes --

which did you love? which did you hate? which did you watch once and want to watch again to see if you missed anything?

which did you see after having seen Methos in season 3 eps and decided that these would have been better w/ Methos in them? or Connor?

i'm still trying to figure out why they didn't try to get Christopher to guest start anymore -- are we to believe that Connor was so caught up in his own little world that he didn't ONCE stop in to say 'hi' to his cousin??
come on ppl - you didn't love or hate any of them??

i know some are really bad - but there are some REALLY great ones too!! come on!!
there were some good ones, Its been so long now I'd have to read back thru to say which i liked...

The first one was cool...
1.1: The Gathering

The Gathering

(info from tvtome.com)

gs: Amy Pietz (Reporter) Christopher Lambert (Connor Macleod) Richard Moll (Slan Quince) Wendell Wright (Sergeant Powell)

Duncan McLeod is roused from his peaceful existence with the love of this life, Tessa Noel, when he is challenged to Immortal combat by Slan Quince, an Evil Immortal. An old friend and Clansman, Connor MacLeod, comes to try and convince Duncan to once more join the fray in the battle of Good versus Evil. This episode also introduces Richie Ryan, a kid from the streets whom Duncan befriends after catching him breaking into his antique store.

b: 03-Oct-92 pc: 92102 w: Dan Gordon d: Thomas J. Wright
1.2: Family Tree

Description / review from the Season 1 ep review thread --

Family Tree

I'll admit, this isn't one of my favorite episodes, mostly b/c it's typical, someone needs money so he/she cons someone else to get it. But - we'll just move on to the review.

Richie is looking for his long-lost father. What he finds is a con-artist who is in the red and he latches onto Richie as a potential money source. He also learns that the woman he thought might have been his mother, was actually a foster mother.

This episode is a 'journey into Richie's past' of sorts. Since he's only about 17/18 years old, he doesn't have much of a past, and what he does have, is further insight into his potentially becoming an immortal. (ie: if you've already seen the later episodes and know how everything works, this is great foreshadowing) There are also some tidbits dropped about how Duncan was exiled from his family and told that he was a foundling (which is another hint about immortals - all are foundlings).

I'm not sure I can put my finger on exactly why I didn't like this episode, except that it was rather cliche, but I think it has a lot to do with its focus on Richie (who isn't one of my fave characters), though the episode does some good things, and Richie needs to be explored or he's a very flat character. So, kudos to the writers for exploring the kid.

Still - I don't really like this episode -- but, it was one of the first - so, the writers, producers, etc were still getting their feet wet, and they were, maybe, trying to give some incite into Richie's character (failing a bit, but they tried) --

Eh - they could have done so much more -- they just got too caught up in the boy scout --
"The Gathering"

This is still one of my fave eps of Highlander -- it intro's Duncan and has Connor (who is THE MAN!) and shows Richie and Tessa --

it's got sword fights and beheadings and ppl falling off bridges, and some snot-nosed kid breaking into an antique shop - what more could you ask for? :D
i Hated the first episode of season one. the acting, the script everything about it., the second episode was better and then it seemed that each following episode that season just started getting better and better.
Am rewatching Series 1 so thought I'd ressurect this thread, hope thats allowed.

Just watching "For Tomorrow We Die".

Good episode :- Xavier St Cloud (Played by The Fine Young Canibals own Roland Gift) made a great villain. I especially liked the scene where McCloud chases Xavier through a restaraunt kitchen. They both shove a chef out the way before jumping through a window, who then yells "You tourists!" after them.

A previous poster was right, the french accents are terrible.

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