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okay - so, change that to 'another of many' ---

forgot about her -- probably b/c that ep was so bad -

Xavier is an okay villain -- but i still didn't understand the flashback -- most of the flashbacks in the 1st season don't make much sense - they just basically do the same thing a one-line piece of dialogue could do -- tell you that Duncan knew the immie after his butt --

and yes - Richie was, again, used where he shouldn't have been - and if they want Duncan to play a 'father figure' role in an ep -- then focus the whole ep on that - not just Richie's ridiculously lousy love-life --- these eps could have been much better if there had been better focus and more depth to the stories - but it's missing - like ppl are only watching the show to see Duncan - okay - maybe some ppl are, but a sexy star can only carry a show for so long -- after a while, strong storylines had better take centre stage, or the show will fall apart -- i'm not sure DPP ever quite understood the logic of this concept -- they don't seem to understand that Duncan, while he is the central character, is not necessarily the main focus of the fans --

where the heck was all my commentary when this show started? oh yeah - i didn't know about Highlander then ----

oh well -- just put me on the staff for the Methos Chronicles and all will be well!! hehe
Duncan? sexy? thos words just don't go together. Now ya wana talk sexy........ Methos ........... now thats sexy:D
*grins* calm down dru...we haven't gotten that far yet...we have a thred for drooling over the ROG you know ;)
i never said i thought Duncan was sexy -- that's what DPP thinks -

anyway -- no - we're not to Methos yet --- sheesh - gimme a break - we're not even done w/ season 1 yet --- we still have about 8 eps left (maybe 6, forget which # the one i just posted is)

so --- just yak about Duncan and Tessa and Richie and the baddies from season one --

there are spoilers for later seasons in these reviews b/c i mention that we find out about this, or learn about that -- but it's okay - b/c the series is done anyway ----

so ----- i'll post another one tomorrow --

maybe --- depending on how my fic writing goes -----
The Beast Below

The Beast Below

okay - so tomorrow turned into 2 weeks - oops -- had to scribble a fic really fast - ok?

The beginning of this ep features a dopey operatic song about time, performed by a diva bitch who thinks she's the center of the universe. (oh, how WRONG she is)

Opera House turned Ballet House (i think - it's hard to tell fromt he dialogue) - anyway - the manager of the place or the show is thrown from the catwalk w/ flower petals.

Duncan is wearing an interesting suit - no lapels on his jacket and it zips instead of buttons.

Flashback: legend of a beast that cannot be 'cut down'; Duncan defends the beast - Ursa - he saves Ursa by 'killing' him and weaving a yarn about burying him, but no one can watch or he'll 'grow roost' and stay forever.

Ursa - apparently he grew up, alone, in the woods, perhaps a 'foundling' that was never found, or someone just 'tossed' him into the woods. We're not really told 'how' he grew up, or why he is the way he is.

Opera bitch sees him as an avenging body-guard.

Darius knew Ursa - says Ursa knows how to sing and that none of the monks knew how Ursa came to the abbey - Duncan then remembers the time he took Ursa to the abbey.

Darius serves Duncan some 'mold-form tea' - sounds VERY appetizing, no?

Darius and Duncan figure that Ursa uses the catacombs under the city to get to the Opera House; Duncan goes into the sewer to find Ursa; he had told Richie to remain behing - but guess what? yep, Richie didn't listen

What is w/ the pink shirt Duncan decided to wear??

Ursa grabs Jenny to hide her b/c Opera bitch (sorry, don't remember her name) told him to; Duncan and Richie find Jenny; and Opera bitch tells Ursa that Duncan is after her, so he will go after Duncan too. Duncan refuses to fight; he tries to talk to Ursa instead

Ursa falls off a building; Carolyn (Opera bitch) tells Duncan what she really thought of Ursa, then when she sees him, runs into the street and is hit by a car.

Duncan takes Ursa back to the monastery where he can live w/o being a 'bother' to ppl - so he's not 'hurting' ppl - and he can sing and do what he did before.

This episode isn't bad - but is just a bit to 'Phantom of the Opera' for me - it's a story that's been done so many times, it's almost cliche. There was even an episode of MacGyver very similar to this episode of Highlander - "The Secret of Parker House" -- same scenario, just in a house instead of a theatre.

Again, Richie and Tessa not used to their full potential - no wonder some of these characters' actors wanted out of the show - (well, not Richie) - they never got to be the 'focus' of the episodes. Come on, even some lowly ensigns on ST got the spotlight ---- (sort of).

hmmm...been a long time since I saw this episode...

I do remember that it was one of the ones I was rather neutral on...it wasn't good, wasn't bad, jus kinda of run of the mill eppy. and I remember thinking that they really needed to try and evolve some of the other characters a little more...they focus on kilt-boy so much that the others were very one dimensional most of the time
yes -- Kilt boy is made center of attn and is always 'in the fray' and the others are 'jewelry' -- only there for show - Tessa never gets to do anything, Richie's always on the sidelines - being told to 'stay' -- what is he? the pet dog??

it's not any better when they bring in Amanda and Methos - they're semi-centralized for their eps, then *poof* gone again -
Eye of the Beholder

Eye of the Beholder

At Gabriel Pinton's home, his current lover, a model, finds his secret 'stash' of stolen art and he kills her for it.

At a restaurant, Richie is learning that he knows very little French and has just order shellfish -- fruits de mer -- (fruit of the sea) -- when he thought he'd ordered a fruit salad; and complains about the 'calorie' content or something about the shellfish being bad or something -- what's his problem? he ordered one heck of a cheeseburger before? Here he also meets a model - Mya - who explains the fruits de mer to him.

Richie, Duncan, Tessa are backstage at a fashion show, Duncan gets that 'buzz' and a flashback:

...of what looks like a harem; it's a party -- Gabriel is celebrating stealing a marquessa's pearls.

As a fashion designer, Piton is rather public for an immortal. Richie doesn't trust Piton and talks to Mya about him and Mya's roommate (the woman Piton killed).

Duncan is seen doing a short quarter-staff routine w/ headphones on his head.

Mya is at Piton's and finds her roommates earring; she tells Richie, who goes to Piton's and is caught, then has to make up a bad lie about why he was there, then he sets Piton on fire.

While sparring, Duncan talks to Piton about Richie (don't know how much this helped).

Flashback: Duncan is w/ a Duchess when Piton arrives to steal jewels -- a necklace that Duncan had asked Piton not to steal; they fight, Duncan gets the necklace back and lets Piton live.

*** why does Duncan always do this? he knows these people aren't trustworthy, but he lets them live anyway? does he not realize that he may meet these ppl again and have to kill him/her?***

Richie does him impersonation of his first viewing of Duncan and Connor -- Duncan witnesses this and gives him a lecture on killing / fighting immortals.

Duncan: "No one's ever beheaded themselves before, but you might make history."

Richie gets a call from Piton, buyst a cane, and goes to Piton's, stealing a cop's gun along the way as he pretends to be blind/crippled, but he's arrested when he gets to Piton's.

So, Richie's in jail, wondering when he'll get 'bailed' out - can't b/c it doesn't work that way in France, so he's stuck for a while.

Piton is just about to kill Mya, but she stabs him w/ a pair of scissors, he's then ready to kill her w/ his sword, but Duncan comes in to save the day. He and Piton fight, and, this time, Duncan kills Piton.

Okay, while this episode didn't suck, it wasn't the best. They tried to get Richie into the episode more, but he keeps tripping over his hormones and his love life, instead of really 'growing up' and learning from Duncan (who makes some good points, but is still just Duncan) and his own mistakes. Richie is hard-headed, but he's still treated like the family pet. 'Stay here, Richie. You might get caught in traffic or something.' -- that's the kind of attitude we see. Same with Tessa; in this episode, she's nothing more than jewelry hanging on Duncan's arm. If she's supposed to be weak-willed and a 'wuss' (for lack of a better word), then let her play that part - all the time, but if she's supposed to be more strong-willed and aggressive, show us that. Don't turn her into a bracelet. (No wonder she wanted to leave the show - she didn't get to DO anything).

Avenging Angel

Avenging Angel

(this one is gonna be short b/c this is one of the worst episodes of Highlander on record)

Martin Kemp - plays Alfred Cahill

Starts out in a church (This looks a lot like the 'cleansing pool' we'll see later in "Deliverance").

Duncan feels a 'buzz' before the guy (Alfred Cahill) actually 'dies' - is this supposed to happen this way? can you tell someone's immie b4 they actually become one?? <shrug>

Anyway - the guy wakes up, thinks he's an angel and believes Duncan is the Angel Gabriel (oh, how wrong he is)

Duncan discovers the guy is Alfred Cahill - honourably discharged from the Royal Air Force b/c he failed his psych screening - go figure.

This is one ep where Duncan is using the phone and the modem at the same time - yes, it IS possible, but there's no explanation that he has 2 lines -- eh - guess we'll just assume he does.

Cahill is running around Paris killing 'impure' people - quoting the Bible as he does so.

Tessa and Duncan go to visit one of Tessa's friends, who happens to be a prostitute. and Duncan is searching for Cahill - to either help him or kill him.

Elaine - Tessa's friend - gives up her life as a prostitute to stay alive (probably both from Cahill and others).

Tessa gets 'inside' Cahill's head to avoid being killed and is frightened by the experience.

Duncan kills Cahill b/c he's a danger to other people - and he doesn't understand what's going on, though Duncan tried to explain it to him.

Okay - the plot of this episode was about as boring as they get. Putting a lot more thought into this could have made it better, but I'm not sure there was much hope for this one. The mentally unstable guy becomes immortal and thinks he's on some Holy Quest to cleanse the world (great parallel to Kronos, dontcha think?) and has to be eliminated by the protagonist. Pretty simple plot line -- they could have done something - i don't know - this episode is just boring. I guess they thought casting Martin Kemp was enough (though i'm still not sure exactly who Martin Kemp is, i know he's a muscian, but that doesn't help me) - apparently it wasn't. Maybe, instead of looking for 'interesting' ppl to cast, they should find a writer w/ some interesting ideas....

Re: Avenging Angel

Originally posted by Highlander II
I guess they thought casting Martin Kemp was enough (though i'm still not sure exactly who Martin Kemp is, i know he's a muscian, but that doesn't help me)
he used to be in a band called Spandau Ballet with his brother in the 70s or 80s (before my time anyway) and is most famous for being:
a)cast with his brother as the Kray twins in a biographical film about the imfamous London gangsters
b)being a star of the most popular soap in the UK, Eastenders.

As for the episode, I don't think i've ever seen it ;)
okay- 1st - w/b to the HL forum, Markpud!!

2nd - you're as old as i am, and I remember Spandau Ballet - so they are NOT before your time -they're an 80's band --

3rd - if you haven't seen this ep, you are SO not missing anything - it was terrible ---

so - come back and chat w/ us again ----
haven't seen it and now I won't :D thanks for the warning and I'm keeping my promise H2...
hey - if ya read my little summary/review - you've seen the ep - it's THAT bad --- (yes, this is about the only one, so far, worse than Free Fall) ---

Free Fall had an excuse - it was filmed before some of the other eps --- so, it's inconsistencies are allowable --

this one? no excuse - this was just bad writing ---

the next eps are better ---
Saving Grace

Okay - i know - it's been forever since i've done one of these -- i'll try to be more prompt -- or just make time to get 'em out ----

Saving Grace

Grace and her lover are having an argument, he says he's leaving her and she thinks he's jealous, but he's says it's b/c he grows old and she doesn't. (common mortal reason for leaving/not liking/not wanting his/her immie partner).

Darius: "To deny what I was, is to deny what I am." - the man is so philosophical and wise! ;)

Grace runs to Darius for council, she says Paul (her lover) is dead; she needs help and is afraid Carlos Sendaro has returned.

Flashback: Duncan meets Grace while riding through the forest, after beating up some bandits. Grace is a doctor - currently delivering a baby - and Duncan tells her he's not here for her head and he's pulled into helping with the delivery. He's actually quite charming in this scene.

Duncan invites Grace to stay at he barge, Tessa's not real keen on it at first, but sort of agrees b/c Grace is an old friend.

Le Brun (the cop) is investigating Paul's death, looking for Grace; he says she is the prime suspect. Grace and Tessa take a walk when Le Brun stops by the barge asking questions that Duncan successfully dodges. Tessa and Grace try to get to Darius' chruch when Carlos appears; he wants Grace back (he has for a couple hundred years or so).

Flashback: Duncan comes to see Grace, who is leaving w/ Carlos to go to the Amazon to do research. Duncan is concerned for her safety (Grace doesn't carry a weapon) b/c Carlos is obsessive.

The song "Amazing Grace" is piped in frequently as background music. (Not to the point of being annoying, but noticably overused).

Duncan and Grace take a walk and talk of life and change.

Richie is looking, in the cemetary, for a name for Grace to use as her new ID, while Duncan is fabricating new papers for her -- birth certificate, passport, etc.

Grace and Tessa walk again (lots of walks in this ep), and go to the cemetary. Carlos shows up again to talk to Grace, and he snatches here. Tessa runs off to tell Duncan, who goes after Carlos. The two men fight, but Grace stops them and Carlos lives.

Grace is one of only a few immortals who doesn't carry a weapon. (Darius, for obvious reasons, and a character from season 4 are the only others i can think of).

Grace visits Darius again, the talk; the police are staking out the church and try to arrest her, but Carlos knocks out the police, is shot for his trouble, then he beats up Le Brun and snatches Grace.

Duncan goes after them, but more police arrive and Carlos gets away with Grace, but Duncan continues the chase anyway. (i think - it's been a while since i've seen this ep now)

Carlos and Duncan meet up in the metro, and Carlos traps Duncan's foot in the tracks, then he gets his sword caught and is electrocuted. Duncan frees himself and Carlos loses his head by metro car.

Duncan and Grace say goodbye and we never hear of the poor woman ever again.

This is a pretty good episode overall, but, again, some things could have been expanded. Carlos and Grace's life - why she left him, what he did that made her leave, or whatever -- backstory here people! Then - the relationship with Duncan and Grace - okay, they're friends, so what? What else about them? How often did they see each other over the last hundred or so years? They're supposed to be pretty close, so why don't we know more about her? And - how has she lived so long if she doesn't have a weapon? (Many many questions). But, a nice episode, especially an upper after the previous one. Grace is a wonderful character, who should have been used again, or are we to assume she's dead? It is the time of the Gathering, after all, and with so many head-hunter types running around, she probably wouldn't make it -- unless she's really smart and really sneaky and hides well.
Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to Run

okay - two notables in this episode: Peter Guiness - was on the family channel's version of Zorro; and Anthony Head - who, as we all know, is on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and was in those Taster's Choice coffee commercials! ;)).

now - onto the review --

The episode opens with an immortal's step-daughter, Lori, being raped by the son of a diplomat, Mark.

Duncan, Tessa, and Richie are on their way to visit a diplomat friend of Tessa's - Anthony Head. Richie and the diplomat's son - Mark - don't get along very well.

The immortal, Peter Guiness, comes looking for the boy who raped his step-daughter. Duncan questions Mark.

Flashback: Battlefield where an accused deserter is to be shot for his 'crime'; Duncan tries to stop them by jumping in the way.
***this flashback was apparently put into the show just b/c they either needed a couple more minutes of film, or b/c they thought there should be a flashback, but it essentially tells us nothing except that Duncan is a boyscout***

Duncan explains/argues to Evert Bellion (the immie), the difference btwn vengence and justice as Bellion's mercenaries are brought in to kill Mark.

Duncan and friends try to escape the manor, but are attacked by grenades and such. They fortify the mansion 'MacGyver-style', my only question is, where did Duncan learn all this stuff? True, some he could gain over 400 years, but the stuff w/ the electricity? Did he study physics or just watch a lot of MacGyver? Some things you just can't pick up from living 400 years.

And, in all this 'set-up' was terrible. Why didn't they 'booby-trap' the stairs? They left them wide open. And that guy coming down the stairs was a terrible shot - he had an automatic weapon and waited until Richie and Mark (i think - wasn't very specific in my notes! oops!) were on the floor to start shooting.

And, why wasn't Tessa told to watch the very OPEN window behind her when she was instructed to guard the door? Did Duncan think the window was secure all on it's own??

MacGyver rip-offs used in this episode: flame-thrower -- MacGyver did that in 'Trumbo's World'; boiling oil on top of the door - MacGyver did that too (can't remember the exact ep, wanna say 'Faith, Hope, and Charity' - but i'd have to do a bit of research); the electrified doorknob - MacGyver did that one too, in the ep where he was locked in that big mansion w/ the evil guy in the basement (hmm, locked in a mansion, have to get out - sound familiar?) -- i think the ep was called 'Deathlock', but i'm not 100% sure on that one.

Glaring error on the part of either the script writer, or the moron reading the script or something -- Mark says the girl was a blond, the actress they hired was a brunette (at least on my screen) - someone forgot to change the script -- OOPS!

Okay, so, after Duncan pulls off all the MacGyver rip-offs, Everett calls off his men.

Mark is confronted about raping the girl and is forced into admitting it --> he had let something slip earlier while talking to Richie.

Question: Why do all the French characters sound so fake? They all have really bad accents and almost look like badly dubbed foreign films - it's pathetic.

Lori tries to convince her step-father to not kill Mark, for which she's locked in a shed.

Mark and Allen (Anthony Head) try to escape; Duncan goes after them, telling Richie and Tessa to stay barricaded in one room. He's left them there and they both have guns - do either of them even KNOW how to fire one? Kinda stupid to leave guns w/ ppl who have no clue how to use them. Anyway - Allen gets shot.

Duncan goes outside and eliminates the rest of Everett's men, then fights Everett, but doesn't kill him. (Please explain to me why? - unless it was b/c of the girl)

Mark whacks Richie on the head (go Mark) - really hard - and all Richie does is fall down. A hit like that would have put Richie out for a very long time, and probably caused some severe head trauma. Anyway, Mark lets the girl out of the shed, she runs off, and Mark says he's gonna hot-wire the car to go get a doctor.

Lori shoots Mark and Allan is rushed to the hospital.

Okay - where do I begin? This is one of the WORST episodes of the entire series run - it almost beats "Free Fall"; ya know what - i take that back - it DOES beat "Free Fall" for the worst episode of the entire series run. There are so many holes and idiocies in this episode, i'm sure i won't find anything good to say about it.

First - the pointless flashback that told us absolutely nothing of any importance whatsoever. Second - the bad MacGyver rip-offs; how ridiculous was that? This whole episode was a rip-off. The plot was so boring - kid rapes girl, dad get's ticked, dad tries to kill kid, kid almost escapes, but is shot by girl. BORING! Watching grass grow in winter would be more exciting. None of the characters were likable and whoever wrote this atrocity forgot to read the character guidelines for the 'standard' characters. This episode was uninteresting and not memorable at all (as you can see by the specifics i can't give b/c they weren't in my notes). I like Anthony Head - he's great, but he was not used well in this episode - his character was lame and uninspired, and there could have been so much more done. This episode should have been scrapped and they should have written something else. This was so cliche it wasn't funny. Group of ppl locked in a mansion and have to defend themselves. Could have been interesting, but I think whoever wrote this was trying too hard to be like MacGyver's writers (and did a very poor job at that) and make Duncan look really smart - or, a lot smarter than he is. Like I said, some things you just can't learn from 400 years of living. It just doesn't work that way. How could Duncan know so much about electricity? They didn't even HAVE electricity when he was born!

Bad bad bad bad bad episode.
you're enjoying this aren't you? hehehe -- yeah? me too!

honestly - i'm finding myself quite surprised that i'm so objective about characters such as Richie - considering i don't like the little punk -- ;)

i'll get the next one up sometime ---- gotta have a spare few minutes ----
oops - it's been a month since i posted one of these, actually - almost two ---

gotta go find my notebook again and get to scribbling --

i have all my notes, just haven't typed 'em up - i will tho - promise --- just gotta reloacte that notebook ---

think i know where it is --- now, just gotta drag it out and sit in front of the compy and type up the reviews ------

i'll try to do one tonite ---
we forgive you H2...holidays and all...and if your me muses who are actually cooperating for a change *grins* even Methos

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