The Highlander "Repeat Offenders" List

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Okay - b/c i just found Gary Jones in two eps of Highlander as different characters, i'm gonna start this list --

"Repeat Offenders" is borrowed from the Law & Order genre - b/c there were TONS of them in that show -- just thought i'd apply it here too --

this is for all those actors/actresses who show up as more than one character on Highlander --

Gary Jones -- was a hotel guest in "End of the Innocence" and some guy named Klein in "Bad Day in Bldg A"
just remembered another one --

Gabrielle Miller -- she was Michelle Webster in "Rite of Passage" and a girl named Bess in a flashback in another ep - the one where Duncan killed her fiance in a fight --
Nick Lea was in a season 2 eppy called "The Fighter" he was Rodney Lange...and he was in "Money No Object" from season 5...Cory Raines

Ana gets some thanks for making me look to find this one :D
well...seperate shows but same universe...

Valentine Pelka was Kronos in Highlander the Series...and he also played a K'immie named Andre Korda in Highlander: The Raven

Also Phillip Akin who was Charlie DeSolvo in Highlander:The Series was in an episode of Raven called "Birthright"
that works --

i'm sure there are plenty -- we just haven't been looking for them ---
and - it doesn't look like we've been looking for them ---

anyone even WATCH Highlander lately??

i haven't watched any in a while -- been watching other stuff - like BTVS and Angel -- and L&O and JAG ----

i'll get back on the HL bandwagon soon -- needed a break! hehe
nope not seen any for a while.. it's not on over here at the mo... and I'm not getting those damn overpriced DVDs :p
yeah - don't bother w/ the DVDs - they're totally NOT worth it (from what i've seen) --

stick w/ Buffy - those DVD's come in a better box!
Originally posted by markpud
and they have a better looking person on the front :blush: :kisses:

in your opinion -- however, i will have to agree w/ you on that one -- considering Methos isn't in season 1 of Highlander and Spike isn't in season 1 of Buffy -

so -- any other 'repeat offenders' in Highlander????
okay - found another one --

Brent Stait - he's in "Mountain Men" and "Wrath of Kali" -- and not as the same character --

i'm sure there are a TON of other ones - we just need to keep our eyes peeled!!

come on!!!! watch more Highlander!!
I have no HL tapes....however, if someone wanted to SEND them to me.....

*wink wink nudge nudge*


you are very funny -- there are a lot of things i might consider lending - however, the HL tapes that took me forever to get - um - no -- not that i don't like you - but, i have big trust issues about my stuff - too many episodes of ppl borrowing things and not returning them, or losing them, or breaking them, or something -

however, i'm sure there's something - oh - i dunno - ask for 'em for holidays like b-day or x-mas?

sorry - best i can do - :)
i did find another 'repeat offender' tho --

Dustin Nguyen - he was in "Road Not Taken" as Chu Lin, then later in "Revenge of the Sword" as Jimmy Sang

i know there have to be more ---- come on!!!!!
found another one -

Tom McBeath - he was Coleman in "The Fighter" and Det. Dennis Tynan in "Money No Object" --

another SG-1 alum -

Robert Wisden (Maj/Lt. Col. Samuels) was in 2 eps of HL - 1st is "The Return of Amanda" as an FBI Agent, the 2nd is "The Messenger" as William Culbraith -

(btw - i'm going through an episode guide that has all the guest stars listed)
found another one!

Kevin McNulty - was David Markum in "Reluctant Heroes" and Harry Dawes in "Revenge is Sweet"

and SG-1 fans might recognize the name - he's Dr. Warner)
Ah - more SG-1 actors who were repeat offenders on HL --

John Novak - you'll remember his as Sherriff Crowley from "An Innocent Man" and maybe as Kregen from "Haunted" (he was the guy who stole Alec's woman and jumped off a cliff, then was producing porn flicks in San Fran when Duncan went after him) -- he was also a news reporter in a S3 ep -"The Revolutionary" - but you don't really see his face, just hear his voice... (for those interested - he's Col Ronson, commander of the Prometheus, on SG-1)

Andrew Kavadas - He's in "The Revolutionary" (you can see his face); and "Eye for an Eye" (not sure who he is in this one, haven't wanted it again, but I'll let you know). Again - the SG-1 bit - he's Olaf, one of the Vikings.

Both men are fantastic to talk to! Met them at Gatecon - really great guys! :D

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