The Ultimate Highlander Quiz

<smack> duh!! grrr -

okay -- so - next question ---

List two of Connor MacLeod's other names.....
Alfred Nicholson and Rupert Wallingford *snickers* Russel Nash was just to easy.

In what year was Rachel Ellenstein born?
Rachel Ellenstein born in Amsterdam, Holland to Jewish parents in


In what year did he find her and where?
OKay easy I know but I'm tired...

What was the name of the gameshow that Adam Pierson was on?
Ya know - I just watched this yesterday - I should remember -

Is it something like "The Big Wheel" or "The Big Game"? neither of those sounds right -- but darn it -- Grrrrrrr
Originally posted by Diamond9697
Wheel of Time :)

I knew it was something like that -- ;)

and the game like died -- *is sad* :(

We need people to come back and play.