The Ultimate Highlander Quiz

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
Actually - probably not - but i just thought the thread needed a really cool title!!

so -- now - for the first question:

Before killing Kristen in the episode "Chivalry", approximately how long had it been since Methos had taken a head?

(if ya answer it right, then you get to ask the next question. Fun huh?)
ummm...I think it was right around 200 years...but I don't remember whether they gave a specific number or not....
you are both correct--

and i have no idea who posted first -- so you guys can fight over who gets to post the next question -----
Well...the timestamp says I did, but if dia wants to go I'll let her.

time stamp says you go brain is fried and I don't think I could come up with a decent question...:eek:
okay - i'm not gonna let my thread die -- so -- here's the next question --

What year did Methos cross to Iceland on a boat w/ some monks?
*sniffle* I was going to ask a question....some of us aren't posting fiends like you h2.

But fine...go ahead....

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*sniffle* I was going to ask a question....some of us aren't posting fiends like you h2.

But fine...go ahead....


uh- ya had all night ----

and i was bored at work ----- so i had to do *something*

however -- you may both ask -- i don't care --

i'm not gonna be all anal and make this stay super organized -- just on-topic!!
of all the Highlander III questions -- you had to ask that one!

now i gotta go watch the movie again!
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awwww...poor H2 has to go watch a movie with Connor in it....poor baby *snickers*;)

yeah - it's a terrible thought isn't it?
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*snerks* yeah...just terrible

actually - you wanna know the terrible part? i haven't done it yet!
i keep forgetting -- then i get started doing something else, or playing a game - or i go watch L&O or an ep of Highlander - but i forget to drag out H3 and watch that flashback! ACK!!

guess i might just have to find another way ----
Guess what? I remembered to watch Highlander III last night -- so-----

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Who was the immortal who died in Connor's place during The French Revolution?

Pierre Bouchet
okay --

how much did the sword that Duncan bought in the ep "Free Fall" cost?

extra credit if you can tell me what kind of sword (and don't say samurai)