Is Anywhere...

:( Seven Days hasn't been on in soooooo long I miss it......:(
I don't know, scifi doesn't seem to be very popular here

I hope so though
I keep seeing 7 Days in the Tv guide but it's some news thing. I wish they wouldn't keep doing that, it gives me false hope!

bbc didnt even fnish showing season 1..........pfffft
didn't they??? It was so long ago I can't remember - now that's just cruel
They used to show it on UPN here but not anymore, I wish they'd make up their minds to show it or not to show it,
it went long ago in Oz...about 1998 it went and i haven't seen it since...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH....i'm going into withdrawel...been that way since.......

so now it's stargate....just as good i reckon but i miss parker...he was so cute...

please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For everyone who hasn't heard Seven Days will be starting on TNN on April 14 at 4 pm USA Est time. It's back to back with Highlander!
Ummm no clue. The TV Guid didn't say. I'd guess season 1. I mean most shows when they first start airing a show for the first
time or re-airing it they start from the begining. Like when Star Trek started on TNN. It started from the begining.
Well starting at the beginning's good. Refresh everyone's memory of what's going on.
*nods* Yep. I for one can barely remember anything since it's been so long since the show was on.
IIRC - in the US - SpikeTV is running this - in the mornings, maybe - around one of the Highlander airings -- watched a couple times while I was at Gatecon - just happened to be in the room at the time -