What do YOU want to see?

[The following are hereby granted free for the use by the producers of Stargate SG-1]

a) Theft of the stargate from the SGC by some renegade alien - perhaps a "bad" Asgard ; plot would require SG-1 to be off-world to allow them to overcome the problem - simply phoning the Tok'ra etc. for help would just be a cop-out

b) A universal scale plantery/galaxial shift, of a scale such that all the gate addresses become invalid , or much worse, end up at a different destination

c) Some sort of "millenium bug" style universal glitch in the gate network

d) there is still plenty of scope for many of the ancient gods and goddesses / mythology

e) more depth into some of the Egyptian myths, or current belief about them - e.g. powers of the pyramids

f) something about Atlantis, and who they were - the ancients?

g) some airborne virus that gets into SGC and escapes onto earth, which has a long incubation period. Would need identifying and then curing, without alerting the population

h) something with the parallel universe mirrors - an alternative "bad alien" (or human) is jumping into and out of ours, perhaps on earth, or elsewhere, and doing damage, stealing stuff or whatever, and does some serious damage before SG-1 can stop them

i) find some invention, perhaps Machellos, and fiddle with it to try time-travel... but it goes wrong, leading to universal time dislocations, pockets of differently speeded and other anomalous time, which of course the other races will be tee'd off about

j) some discovery that shows that despite the goa'uld using the Tauri to populate the galaxy, humans were actually brought TO earth prior to that

k) some technology that allows short-term viewing of the future, but presumably will have bad side-effects so that they have to stop using it, destroy it or give it back

l) anything with the Reetou in

m) bring back any of the bit parts whom we have not followed up but must still be alive and useful

n) some bizarre property of the stargate:
i) crossing of two wormholes at the same time, means ending up in an unkown destination [actually, not much scope for plot ]
ii) something newly discovered about going into the destination end of the wormhole, which turns out to be non-fatal (which is presumably the assumption, with previously no way to prove or disprove it)

o) I could go on...

P'Teppic of Reetalia
(Reetou Diplomatic Corp)
c/o Earth's Reetou Embassy
Lancashire, UK

A lot of great ideas there !

I'd like to see more Greek Mythology coming into play. Like egyptian (and all mythology) it really is pretty interesting, and the bases of all stories.

Well... I always sensed that Stargate has to be more centered around the Egyptian mythology more others, but I wouldn't be ashamed if we could see Zeus with his own fleet, ships and technology, still using the stargates (in some kind of ways, it will remind me Ulysse 31 ;) ).

Same goes for German, Babyulonian and Hun mythology. I have a great comic that is called - translation from French - The Scourge Of The Gods - Le Fléau Des Dieux in French. It's nearly the same things, with two long disappeared earth civilisations taht in fact kept evolving and reached the stars. They are the Romans and the Huns. This is both SciFi and magic, full of ships and wars, with the presence of godesses.

But back to Stargate.

The trouble is that the symbols on the DHD looks more egyptian than anything else, even if the doors were not made by the Goa'Ulds. SO would it be wise to introduce non-egyptian mythology figures into this universe ?

Well, I only hope it will be greatly handled. We need huge things.

But a bit more centered around the Egyptian mythology I'd say.

Oh, btw, I think it could be time to use Pellops, this greek-looking Goa'Uld. Don't you think so ?

End of quotes.


Now, my personnal wishes :

- I'd like to see Daniel more than what was planned for the 6th season.

- Let's say it, we need love, somehow ! What's the tragedy if there's no love around (added to the political struggles) ?
Need love !

- Bring back the hi-tech helmets and outfits that can retract behind the head. As someone else said, Stargate isn't really Stargate without these cool gadgets.
CGI power !

- Let's have more astonishing sets and sceneries ! Make Anubis ships great but simple at the same time (like was Râ's).
Give Anubis armies more vessels, with perhaps some kind of space to ground transport vehicle.

Show more colonized Goa'Uld worlds, with harsh environments.

Show space suits !

More Troops ! More Ships ! More Worlds ! More Wars !

- Avoid the cliché bad boy please. Make Anubis fearsome. And give him handmaidens like Râ hjad.

- Show a planet where the Goa'Uld technology has been used to built huge cities. I'd like to see some metropolis with pyramids and flying spaceships all over the place.

- And finally, yes ! I want to see a huge stargate. A never seen before. Bigger than everything else.

- Let's use the classic SciFi plot with the introduction of a new enemy who comes from another galaxy, a Goa'Uld who was banned from the systems and who want his revenge (yeah, I know, sounds poor but it's all about invasion and space wars, without saying star wars ;p).
Variation on the above, or perhaps an extension - the new bad guy develops a planet sized stargate for annihilating entire planets by throwing moons at them. [Okay, a bit Death Star-ish].
And I know it isn;t the right place to say it, but we will never get a series on Earth TV that is FULL of high quality, rich, well developed sets, stunning costumes, characters and SFX, because no-one can pay for it! The studios are in it for the money, and they will only put in a certain amount, in the knowledge of returns. Even if they doubled their budgets, which might give us half what we want, they would also perhaps need to double the development time for each episode, but would still only get back the same return, or perhaps 5% more. For them it would not be worth it: 100% more investment for 5% increase in return?

Money is the root of all evil, (or perhaps alcohol) and until the producers GIVE their money to make shows for the fans, and not for the returns, we will have to hope that they make wisely to give their best shot, since we won't get our dreams.
Hey! PTeppic!

I love your sig - "Reetou Diplomatic Corp." I am curious: how do you conduct diplomatic conversations while invisible? :D
Visibility does not interfere with vocal communication. However, generally, to show good faith, we use our own phase invberters to ensure the other diplomats can see us... ;)