1.16: The Wrath of Achilles


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
Episode 1.16 "The Wrath of Achilles"

"Da'an saves Lili's life after a shuttle crach caused by a computer virus which threatens the Taelon's entire existence on Earth"

This episode definetly had some conflict in it. The conflict between Boone and Doors about the virus. Conflict between Boone and Lili about her part in setting the virus loose.

Was interesting to see Da'an tending to Lili. The way he wouldn't leave her, risking his own death, tending to her wounds, fixing food. Loved the starting a fire scene, trying to rub a stick to start it.

Lili was really challenged in her belief system about the Taelon's. You could see her starting to see some of what Boone was saying about them, especially Da'an.

Then Augur's reaction when he realized what the virus would do if it wasn't stopped.

Great to see Sandoval and Boone actually working together to try and stop it. Then the scene when the mothership showed up, Wow.

It looks like the resistance's plan back fired. People are just going to appreciate the Companions more than if they never released the virus.

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