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Sep 30, 2000
Hi there,

Re: CULT TV FESTIVAL - OCTOBER 26 - 29th England
Michael's potential (fun-packed) schedule

Please feel free to pass this to any Herc/Xena/Iolaus related list you might think appropriate.

Following the Minneapolis convention I thought it was about time to give you all some more information about the forthcoming convention with special guest - MICHAEL HURST in Liverpool, England.

The 8th Annual Cult TV Festival takes place at the new-look Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, over the extended weekend of 26-29 October 2001. Our good cause is the children's charity, UNICEF. The guest list will be swelled by the target of around 20 celebrity guests from both sides of the camera and both sides of the Atlantic including of course, Michael!

Find out more about this event at our Festival website: www.CultTV.org - it gives you an idea of what goes on above and beyond the usual guest talks and autograph sessions. At times there are as many as EIGHT programme options to entertain you. Even in the small hours, there's always at least four things happening at any one time.

If you have already booked for this event (and told me about it!) you will receive a separate update with information on Michael's schedule as and when we hear it, but for those of you thinking of going to see him you'll find below some of the possible `Hurst' highlights of the weekend.

This is what I already know and what Michael has agreed to in principle but it is subject to change at short notice and cancellation and is meant as a guide only.

The Official Stuff:

*Interview and Question & Answer Session

An interview with Michael will take place with the Cult TV guys (on
stage) followed by an audience question and answer session (not sure if this will be one session or two)


Michael has agreed to do a `set' including songs and chatter at the celebrity Cabaret which will be quite an event!


We were chatting about this at the weekend and he'll probably do a session where he goes through at least one, if not more episodes he's directed (and probably been in) and discuss the problems and amusing
stories behind them. There's a good chance it might include the
Director's cuts of not just Herc but Xena eps.

I know which ones he wants to do and it should be fun, but I won't spoil it by telling you! I believe the room will hold up to 100 people so get in quick. We've been trying to come up with a suitable name for the workshop but whatever happens we guarantee it will be interesting!

*Cult TV Auction

Michael may (it's not definite) be helping auction one or two of the
items at the Cult TV official auction and might bring something along with him to help swell the charity coffers.

*Autograph session

This is the normal kind of autograph session but pretty relaxed with each person able to get a couple of things autographed. He will NOT be selling his autograph and it's not a Cult TV policy to do that, however, there will be a reasonable charge if you would like a copy of his new photo. We're discussing which charity he wants to donate the profits from this to.

*Game Show

This year there will be a `game show' of some description and, depending on whether we can fit it in, Michael's happy to take part in this. More details later. This game show might be on Friday so if you arrive that day you might get the chance to see him perform. It's not definite yet though (as with each of these events).

There might be other things that he'll do, it depends on what they ask and how tired he is but he's certainly happy to take part in most things!

As far as we know these are all included in the price of the weekend. If we have to charge for food/drinks at the get-together I will inform those of you coming separately and you can decide if you want to go.

The UN-official Stuff

On the UN-official side we hope to have for Michael's fans and those of you interested in talking to him about his work on Xena and Hercules:

*Get together with the man himself

This is definitely on the cards and we've still to work out the
when/where bit we'll try to organise the best time. At this point it's unclear if we can fit everyone in to this so the priority will be given to those of you who signed up under the `Project Hurst' banner in March but we'll do our best to accommodate everyone. If food/drink is involved there may be a small charge but we'll let you know.

*Auction of Herc/Xena/Michael related stuff

We have stacks of things from the shows and quite a few Michael things that we could potentially auction at a private event for us all that weekend. Michael is happy to do the auctioneering for us so bring some money; lots <grin>.

*Videos of Michael's work

I have permission to show things like the films `Jubilee', `I'll Make
You Happy' and the comedy documentary, `Love Mussel'. We can also show the FULL version of the millennium production `This Is It', as long as we have time.

In addition to the above and to those uncut episodes of Hercules or Xena that he will discuss with us at the workshop, Michael has said he'll try to bring along with him copies of some things that have never been seen by fans such as the new short film he's been in called `Honey' and some of the old `Heroes' series. Which would be a fantastic treat for everyone and rest assured I will be reminding him frequently about this.

We also have Michael's Director's cuts of a couple of Jack episodes and Xena however I have to disappoint some of you regarding some stage productions on tape. Michael would prefer that these aren't shown as he, quite rightly feels that the place for theatre performances is in the theatre.

I hope that this will entice some of you who are trying to decide
whether or not to come to visit the website and book! In order to take part in the UN-official stuff please let me know if you've booked otherwise you might miss out.

And if you do come, don't forget to have some juicy questions ready for him.

If you need to know anything about how to get there etc. Sue (Cass) Gamble has offered to help you as she lives `oop North' though not in Liverpool. Her addy is: susan.gamble@virgin.net. Sue has also pulled together a gen CultTV mailing list for people to chat to each other on so let her know if you'd like information on that.

Please feel free to pass this message to anyone else you think might be interested or who isn't on e-mail and do contact us privately if you need anything: culttv@mcbain0.demon.co.uk or contact Helen Chapman on dragona.hc@virgin.net

Michael's terrifically excited about coming over to England to this fest and will hopefully be very relaxed as it's close to where he grew up.
We're going to have a ball and it should have a good house party feel to it.

There's also the added incentive of some great cult guests from other TV shows, details of which can be found on the website.

One important thing - if you want extra nights accommodation at the hotel before/after the convention - rooms are going fast so now would be a very good time to book!

Any questions - feel free to ask us. Sorry for the long message. Cheers
and very much look forward to seeing you soon in Liverpool.


Cindy McBain
Editor `Hurst News'
Team `Cult TV'


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