1.15: If you could read my mind


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
Episode 1.15 "If you could read my mind"

"a gifted Russian psychic becomes target for assassination because of her knowledge about the Taelon occupation of Earth"

Wow! what an interesting episode. We learn more about Lili and how she has lost her faith because of something her father did and also that she had a brother. We see a personal side of Augur and his passion for art. Also he tells Lili how he always gets what he is passionate for hinting that he is passionate for her.

Then there is the information that Ma'el actually gave humans the psychic gifts in order to help them against his fellow Taelons.

We see the division among the Taelons with Zo'or pursuing his own agenda dispite what Quo'on says and using Sandoval to do it. Sandoval obviously chooses to follow Zo'or instead of Da'an and do his bidding.

Then Boone tells Da'an what they learn from Katya about Ma'el and how Ma'el gave humans the psychic gift without the synod's knowledge and Da'an decides to keep it quiet from the synod. So know there is Boone/Da'an and Sandoval/Zo'or both trying to decide the Taelon agenda. Further complicated by Boone actually working for the resistance.

Then there is Katya's statement that Boone is humanity's only hope of defeating the Taelons.

Definetly an episode packed with intrigue.