1.14: Pandora's Box


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
Episode 1.14 "Pandora's Box"

"A Taelon experiment to create a new hybrid warrior ends in disaster when an ancient alien evil is brought to earth"

Loved the scene at the beginning where Boone is relaxing reading Machievelli's "the Prince" and Lili comes in and accuses him of becoming to much like Sandoval.

It was interesting that Johnson was able to contact Boone, his son and Da'an.

The point about the Taelons having cast brings up some interesting thoughts and ideas.

Poor Dr. Belman, the only way to save Johnson's wife and son is to kill him. However being true to her oath as a doctor she can't kill a patient. Da'an also can't be responsible but gives Johnson the chance to do it himself.

Da'an seems to have formed some sort of attachment to Johnson and didn't want to see his genetic material used. However he once again bows to the synod decision.

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