Does anyone know who wrote this?


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Apr 20, 2004
Okay, I don't remember that much, but what I do remember goes like this.

It started with a youth learning to fence with with a female teacher after school. At some point the youth is framed for his fathers death. He then makes a run for it with the teacher.

They flee to a wood where there is a "doorway" to another world. In this world, slaves wear ankle bracelets, which generate pain when a slave master activates a hand-held remote control.

I also have vague memories of ships (airships?) flying through the sky, and a battle taking place.

If anybody can help, I'd be very grateful. This has been bugging me for months!



Doesn't click any bells. I've read stuff like that in different stories but I can't palce a finger on any of them.. Sorry :(
Sounds like a mix of several Heinlein plots--"Citizen of the Galaxy", "Tunnel In The Sky" and such--mixed with the old movie "Robinson Crusoe On Mars", but i don't recall reading this specific story myself. If it's been published in the last 3-6 years I probably haven't read it.

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Yes, for about the past thirty or forty years. While I'd been able to acquire the majority of The Master's works in paperback (and sometimes hardcover), there are still a few here and there that elude me. Unfortunately, nowadays I don't have the resources to upgrade or update, let alone catch up with newer authors.