Season 9 *SPOILERS FOR S8* (Mulder's fate)

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Aug 26, 2001
Season 9

sorry if anyone is reading this and has not seen season 8 yet! i don't
know how to write spoilers, sorry!!! :(
what i am so very curious to know is what the heck they are going to do about
this 'who's the father' situation. if mulder really is the father, (because they sure
seemed to insinuate it during the finale), how will they give closure in season 9
without D.D there? if he loves scully so much, then why isn't he there in season
9? will he at least make special cameos every so often??? man, i think those
writers are either REALLY good at what they do in coming up with something
for the next season, or really BAD at what they do-- just look at the mess they've
created! Actually, D.D.'s decision to leave mucks a lot of stuff up too. oh well.
tell me what you think!


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Apr 10, 2001
I'm also curious to see what happens to Mulder this season.

Seems to me that Scully would want him around with the baby and all... also, since we know they plan to do XF movies with Mulder in them, I'm especially curious to see what happens... since they need to be able to bring him back eventually. :)


Aug 11, 2001
I am looking forward to watching how they decide to deal with it so keeping my eyes open:hjbigeyes:


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Jun 16, 2001
okay... DD said he would come back for a I'm doubting very much they would just kill him off.

Alien Abduction....been there...done that...

Spiritual journey....I doubt it...I'm thinking he would have stayed with Scully if he could have

So that pretty much rules all that out as far as I'm concerned...but as for what they'll do *shrugs* I'm really not sure...just have to wait and see I guess...


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Jan 18, 2002
Anything that promotes closure, especially between Mulder and Scully.


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Mar 26, 2001
i voted other, lol, mind u i dont no wat i want the other 2 b but as long as it involves david coming back occasionally. Ok so i live in NZ and our crappy tv station kinda cancelled the series (8) in the middle!!! i was/am so pissed of with them!!! theyve put repeats on (i requested x files back and that their way of giving it to me) but its on at 12 on a tuesday night, lol, ive seen all the eps their playing but my mum wont let me stay up cos its a skool night (im 14). so b4 i worry bout wat happens in season 9, id really like 2 b shown wat happens in season 8 insted of having to read it from posts and little ep guides u find dotted all ova the net!! :mad:


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Jan 18, 2001
Can't really decide at the mo what I want to happen to Mulder. Maybe he could still be around but in the background. Maybe Scully could 'ring' him up for advice. I wouldn't like him to be killed off permanently and also would hate him to be abducted again. Can't imagine him being taken to a spiritual world.

annette :)


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Apr 27, 2002
I can't believe what the aliens did to Mulder.....the poor guy all deformed and in pain....:crying:


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Jan 5, 2001
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The Prodigal Father.

Has Fox Mulder voluntarily abrogated his responsibilities to baby William?

After getting his girlfriend pregnant, he walks out on her and the newborn child, leaving her to bring it up alone on a limited income, offering no financial help himself. What kind of role model is he going to be?

As David Duchovny puts it, "Fox Mulder is "kissin' and runnin'." This is despite the fact that his G-man character finally smooched long-time partner Dana Scully in the Season 8 final episode. "I don't know about the baby," he smiles, admitting he's not sure it's his. "But that's it for me -- the kiss -- that's it."

So much for being a stay at home dad: Duchovny also hopes they don't say, "Oh yeah, Mulder's gone, what an ***hole. He had a baby with me, he kissed me and then he left." He also characterized his feelings as "a step-dad still having stuff in the house waiting to move out, it was weird."

In doing this, the 'love-rat' is not alone. The United States is at the foot of the list of industrialized countries with 21.2% of its children living in solo-mother families. However, Fox is an educated man and should be aware of studies into the long-term consequences on William should he become a prodigal father.

Long-term studies are beginning to reveal the consequences of the steep rise in solo-parent families that began in the 1960s. The most obvious result is a rise in mothers and children living in poverty. In the US, a child living in a solo-mother family is five times as likely to live below the national poverty line.

When both economic and parenting responsibilities fall on only one pair of shoulders, the strain begins to show up in the statistics, being associated with poorer school performance, greater risk of teen pregnancy, higher rates of delinquency, and a worsening of the mental health of both mothers and children. I filled in a claim form with Dana Scully’s details @ but it appears she is not eligible for any benefits.

William may grow up, never knowing the pain and frustration Fox suffered over him, and subsequently will have no framework with which to judge the circumstances that surrounds his father's departure. Mulder really ought to make time to care for his son. Recent research has suggested that having a biological father who maintains a close relationship with their son, whether or not they live in the family home, might be crucial in preventing susceptible boys becoming criminals. A father who disapproves of crime and shows an interest in his son acts as a crucial social control, countering negative influences such as criminal peers. Boys gain a sense of being loved and approved of, and the fear of jeopardising this proves enough to deter them from crime.

David Duchovny's answer to that is that "To have him come back like Superman's dad or whatever! It just feels cheap to me."
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