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Good point...but I suppose like in all things, there are just those who are die-harders and have every stat and rule memorised.
Thanks for the review. I will purchase the game, if I can get some of my friends to first read the books, then convince them to play the game. I am not sure when I became a nerd...
I-Brain, I agree with you fully. The books are just to guided you I find. I'vew played f1st,2nd and 3rd. 1st is my fav or it has some cool classes that weren't in 2nd. But like I and you said, they are guidelines. We just use the books to make our characters, and to brush up on some of the basic rules. All the items we use and all the monsters are made up as we go along, that way we can make a fight more interesting by have our own monsters because we can then mold them to the players. I don't see the point of buying 3rd, when you can get 1st second hand for a hell of a lot cheaper.

As for board games, I'd suggest Axies and Allies and Warhammer(I myself play the LotR kind). It's great. I have 2 cave trolls and 12 berserkers:D . God do they ever cut through mounted units.

And to better hte situation, my gf(to be) plays these games with us.
Please share with me your advice on how you got your gf to play? I love my gf dearly, she's the best thing I've got on this earth and I understand that differences in interest make for a healthy relationship, but I would love her to roleplay with me (and I don't just mean in the Britney Spears schoolgirl outfit).

However, she has never ever experienced any form of rpgs and only ever saw Star Wars this year (we watched my trilogy together) She is willing to try though and I won't think any less of her if she doesn't enjoy it, but it would be great to have her with me.
Hehe, my gf is into sci-fi and likes fantasy but never really had a chance to explore it. So, I brought her along to a d&d meet and she wanted to join. after that, she wanted to start playing other games with us. it's great. play warhammer and D&D then go out for the night;) oh yeah... lol

i'd just suggest having her sit in on a few games to see if she enjoys them instead of bogging her down with all the rules rite of the bat.
Yes, I agree thats a good idea. Nothing puts off a newcomer more than looking at a blank character sheet....all that small print!!!

I am also planning on a one-on-one gaming session with just me and her, so she can test the waters without worrying about other people.
yes... an one on one gaming session.... lol. just picking. It's a good idea. I'm trying to get my siblings playing. but they're dumb as rocks so I think I may have to do the same thing with them
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