Favourite Disney films

Oh thats it! off to K-mart to buy DVDs we go.!..

*teir revs car* coming guys?
It's so hard to choose. I love them all!
I guess I would have to pick Jungle Book. The original animated version. :)
Aristocats would have to come in 2nd.
Did you know that Tim Burton worked as a conceptual artist on The Black Cauldron ... which by the way is a brilliant movie!

I love ...

Basil the Great Mouse Detective

The Rescuers Down Under (Frank the little lizard is one of the best characters ever especially when he sticks his head out of the bars in the cage, panics, his neck ruffles inflate and he gets stuck ... its just classic!)



Robin Hood

Sword in the Stone


Beauty and the beast

Cinderella (c'mon how can you not just love little GusGus - he's just so adorable)

Mainly love the old animated Disney movies as you can see but I also have to mention The Pirates of the Caribbean for the very obvious reason that not only is Johnny Depp very pretty in this movie Jack Sparrow is also my most favouritist (not a real word I know but i don't care) character Depp has ever played.:D
What no Jungle Book fans out there?

God I've loved that film since I was wee.


The Lion King
Hercules (just for Megora)
Little Mermaid
Sword in the Stone
Mary Poppins (DvD's accent alone is entertainment enough for us Brits)
Toy Story 1 & 2
Monsters Inc

I couldn't possibly choose one from this list. I grew up on these films - that's why there are so many.

I love the Lion King and Hercules

Have to say though that I have not watched any of the Disney animated sequals as the don't really hold much interest for me. They just seem to be trying to cash in on the old classics and the stories are being spread too thin.

Also the songs in the more recent animated Disney movies do not really have the same memorable qualities that the songs from the classics do like 'A Whole New World', 'Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho' etc these were brilliant and the new Disney animations are sorely lacking in decent songs which is a sad fact.
You don't complain when you need me to get somewhere now do you Salazar...

Lizzybob, just had to say that i agree with you completely about sequals and the songs
Sleeping Beauty (I love the music in this movie)
Cinderella (the mice were my favorite)
The Little Mermaid
Fantasia (again this was a great way to display music onscreen)
Toy Story 1 & 2 (I was addicted to Buzz Lightyear)
The Lion King (Timon and Pumba had me in stitches)
I know I mentioned it before but my father in law just gifted me with a homemade cd of Disney tunes and the first one on it was the song from Robin Hood by Alan a'Dale (Roger Williams) that I just love. If you've seen it, you remember the tune...
AH Yes the memories....:rolleyes:

My fav is probably the Magician's Apprentice as part of Fantasia I think from memory.

I also love watching some of those early 1930s/40s black and white animations of Mickey Mouse and co. because of the artwork and for me the very clever imagination and visuals on show. In some ways superior to today's stuff....
Bambi was the one I first remember.

The Fantasia and The Magicians Apprentice. I just love the animals and the music in Fantasia...:)
Rosemary said:
Bambi was the one I first remember.

The Fantasia and The Magicians Apprentice. I just love the animals and the music in Fantasia...:)
Except when "Bambi meets Godzilla" but I digress...;)
I have never been much of a Disney fan actually.

It's ok but maybe too family oriented (when it isn't terrifying like Pinocchio).

I don't think I have ever watched Mary Poppins right through.
A lot of Disney was restricted in my area because it was only shown during the Wonderful World of Disney. I never saw much Disney as a kid. We saw The Rescuers at a drive-in theater.

I met someone once who did not show his children any Disney stuff (this was around 1992). He said that had immoral messages.

My favorites would be

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Beauty
and some of the live action stuff like

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

just kidding ;)

Rob Roy-The Highland Rogue and The Fighting Prince of Donegal are quite good regional set historical adventure stories. Interesting to speculate where Disney would have gone if the founder had lived into the 1980s.

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