Favourite Disney films

The Lion King! The best classic Disney movie ever! When it came out I was addicted to it
The Lion King is my favorite among Disney cartoons. If Pixar's computer animated films also count, I would say Finding Nemo is my second favorite.
Lion king
pinocchio (cryed my eyes out when the poor whale died)
Robin hood
Dumbo ( gotta love the crows there)

pixar is cool

more recent: the emperors new groove! WHOOO!
Bambi was the first Disney Film that I really remember seeing. Even then the colouring, the characteristics of the animals, the tenderness and then the horrible tradgedy. Despite that, it still remains my favourite.

Next would have to be Fantasia...

I would have loved to have seen the Lion King and of course Narnia.
Until today, it was probably Mary Poppins.
But today I saw Narnia - freaking incredible! :eek:
I'm not much of a Disney fan per se, since I find most of their films cloying, treacly and overly cautious about what to keep away from children's eyes. But I do like:

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Released as one of the stories in a 2-story set called The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, this was a pretty damn good adaptation of Washington Irving's tale of Ichabod Crane, where thankfully, they didn't get queasy about showing a headless horsemen.

The Computer That Wore Tennis Shoes - Cute l'il teen movie about a college boy (played by a wet-behind-the-ears Kurt Russell) who has an accident which gives him the data assimlating capacity of a mainframe computer.

A Bug's Life & The Incredibles - Although the visual quality of Pixar's films has frequently been amazing, these are the only 2 films by them that appeal to me on the whole, with interesting story, terrific pacing and the least use of annoying in-jokes and furry animals trying to be oh-so-cutesy.
mulan and little mermaid are my old favs, saw toy story 2 for the first time and thought that was brilliant. esp the buzz lightyear playing catch with his father
Seeing how Pixar films are being counted as Disney (team rodent has a tendency to put their big brand on stuff that strictly isn't their invention or production, don't you think?) , then it would be just fair to count Studio Ghibli as well:

Spirited Away - No matter how hard it tries, traditional animation can't get better than this, so it's just as well that the Mouse gave up after Home on the Range.

Mononoke Hime - This is the Japanese title of Princess Mononoke, as the un-dubbed version is much preferrable over the dub. Neil Gaiman is on our side, but this time he just added too many jokes and explanatory dialogue.

This can't be emphasized enough: Pixar and Studio Ghibli are not Disney subsidiaries! No matter how many flourishing signatures, fairy-tale castles or mickey-mouse-ears their movies are being stamped with!
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but you can buy them in the disney store! :)
that's basically what i base a disney film on, if you can buy the stuff in the store! :)
but i am not a big film expert, i am pretty ignorant about most of that sort of thing. i just watch things i like and go with the flow. like most people i thought tim burton wrote/directed/owne nightmare before xmas, only to find out he didn't, he was just part of it, or something. i can't remember the details, but it was a shock to learn it wasn't totally his, despite his name being there
Alice in Wonderland. I think I memorized this movie and reenacted it when I was younger.


The Three Musketeers
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Lion King

Oh I just love them all lol. I would watch all of them again, except Bambi.. I am afraid of the Bambi movie.
bambi makes me cry. as does the lion king. i don't like to cry a lot in cartoons. tho i watched waterhsup down again recently, even knowing hazel dies at the end, i blubbed all over. and that is without the heart breaking reaction of a hazel loved one (as you get in bamb and lion king) i am a wuss!
-Disney's Robin Hood (Absolutley ADORE it. )
-The Lion King (and I mean THE lion king, not those..... the-first-one-was-succesful-so-we-are-gonna-make-an-extremely-cheap-and-crap-sequal-so-we-can-make-a-few-bucks.......... ones

At one stage I could do the complete Dialogue (including songs) for Lion King and The Little Mermaid. I could seriously sit there and talk along with the entire thing......havent tried it in a few years though......

God Im sad:D :D :D

Just thought i'd say that it saddens me greatly that the original disney style has been replaced with the new Pixar/computer movement. I look at something like Nemo, which is brilliant, dont get me wrong, but then I look back at something like the beautiful watercolour backdrop slides of The jungle Book and THAT is what cartoons are meant to be.
I don't see those animated films as cartoons, therefore I look at them with a different view . I like most of the new animated ones, bt I'd appreciate a good drawn cartoon again.
Teir said:
-Disney's Robin Hood (Absolutley ADORE it. )

In total agreement. That was my favourite movie as a kidlet. I remember when they used to have a Disney movie every Saturday night on TV. We taped Robin Hood and I drove my mother crazy watching it....

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