2.02: Atavus


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Feb 18, 2001
Episode 2.02 "Atavus"

Another one of the fan voted top ten episodes. "Augur interfers with the Taelon commonality and put's Da'an's life in danger"

I really liked this episode. It starts our with Augur taking care of Liam to keep him out of trouble. We find out that Augur owns the Flat Planet Cafe. Augur and Liam joind Lili and Lili baits Augur saying how his overtures can't compare with the feeling she experienced with her "Joining" with Da'an. This motivates Augur to find out what it is like and he taps into the commonality and ends up severing Da'an's link with it.

Da'an reverts back to an Atavus state a Dangerous primitve creature. He escapes from the surprised Lili who doesn't know it is Da'an. Zo'or sends Sandoval, Beckett, Lili and Liam after the Atavus with orders to destroy it. Lili has trouble believing that Da'an can't be saved. They split up into Sandoval, Lili and Liam, Beckett. There follows a great scene when Beckett is trying to find out more about Liam. He talks of the importance of family and she is surprised because by his record she didn't think he had one. He tells how both parents had to leave him and he was raised by others. When asked what he would tell his mother if he saw her it was "I love you".

The Atavus homes in on the signal from Augur and Lili manages to contact Augur in time and get there with Sandoval but Sandoval is badly wounded. Beckett is upset by this and goes with Sandoval to the hospital. Lili and Liam figure the only way to lure the ATavus out is to repeat the signal but Augur's computer is damaged. The only one that can do it is in Resistance headquarters. So we come to another great scene. Showdown between Liam and Doors. Round 1 goes to Liam who gets Doors to back down and Augur sends out the signal.

Liam goes to the hospital to check on Sandoval and there follows another touching scene between Liam and Beckett. She gives him a rune. Sandoval regains consciousness briefly and makes a comment about them being together. They go to destroy the Atavus. Beckett fires on it even though Lili tries to stop her. The Atavus fires back and Beckett is knocked out. Liam manages to use his Shaqarva and brings Da'an back.

Sandoval goes to see Beckett and just the interaction between them you can see he does care for her. But he doesn't remember his comment.

The ending scenes is one of my favorite. Doors says he is going to kick Liam out because of his insuburdination. Augur says well you can tell him yourself because here he comes in the elevator. Doors goes to the elevator to confront LIam. The door opens and LIam walks out followed by Da'an. Which brings up a whole set of new interesting possibilites.


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Dec 28, 2000
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havent seen this episode, but I will do in a few hours, as its being shown tonight on Sky One (UK) at 1am!! So ask me again tomorrow what i think of it ;)
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