My favorite movie views of the Enterprise


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Mar 12, 2001
I have always loved TMP (the motion picture)for giving us some of the best views of the Enterprise in all its glory. The flyby scene in it's entirety is spectacular. Also the shot of it approaching VGR when the blue reflection of the cloud is shining against the hull and the background score is one of my all time favorite scenes in Trek. It has a look of pure majesty that IMO is very hard to match and probably hasn't been in future Trek. Also earlier in the movie as the ships is leaving Earth and the sun comes and lights up the ship is great as well. Anothe great shot was the close up of the bridge as the Vulcan shuttle docked. It shows how much detail was put into the model.
Star Trek II didn't have as many nice views but it did have a couple goodies. I liked the scene in the Nebula when the Enterprise drops straight down and you get the only full top view of the ship ever. Another great scene is the Enterpise sneaking up behind Reliant.

Star Trek III had good views throughout the movie but they seemed tainted because of the battle damage. The scenes of it coming in to dock and leaving were very well done. Also the shots of it around Genesis including the view from the bottom just as it was settling into orbit was great.

Star Trek IV's three scenes of the new Enterprise were also great. The panning in just to show off the - A added to the registry was a welcome treat to unsuspecting fans which was discussed in another thread. And the final shot of it leaving and going into warp was a very nice clean crisp view. It just radiated a "new" feeling to it even though it was the same model.

Star Trek V only had one view that I liked and that was when it was in orbit in front of the moon.

Star Trek Vi didn't really have to much to offer as far as good camera takes on the model. The only two good ones IMO were the underbelly shot during the battle and the scene looking at the engineering section before the third torpedo hit.

All in all TMP had the best views of the ship but each movie had something good to offer. One of the main reasons I like to pop in my tape of TMP and the others that I have on DVD is just to watch the Enterprise in her glory days.


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Feb 19, 2002
For me it's the battle scenes as you get to see the Enterprise in action & it also getting hit & maybe even dmaged aswell

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Nov 21, 2006
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The three most memorable movie Enterprise scenes:

STI- the first reveal of the Enterprise in drydock. It was like seeing a long-lost friend again, but now grown-up and gorgeous. "Brought a tear to me eye, it did..."

STII- the battle in the nebula. First time Enterprise ever got into a real-looking firefight, and suffered visible damage.

STIII- the destruction of Enterprise and subsequent shot of it plummeting like a meteor into the atmosphere. I couldn't have been more stunned if someone had shot my dog.

After that, I was numb to everything else.


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Aug 10, 2007
In II the scene of Enterprise rising up behind Reliant was awesome. no better scene with her in it.
I actually like the shot in III when Enterprise pulled into spacedock. all the officers etc... in the lounge, and just seeing the damage to the lady.
I'm adding in the end scene in IV where Kirk and all got to see their new command. was nice cinematic work.

and yes I call ships her.
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Nov 6, 2008
I definately agree that there was a definate WOW moment when you first saw the new Enterprise in space dock in the Motion Picture. I loved the way that all other Federation starships (both canon and Fan) all followed a similar design style.

As for the Wrath of Khan, i may be plaspheming, but i preferred the look of the Reliant.

The Search for Spock when the Enterprise is burning up in the atmosphere. Yep, that will always bring a tear to my eye.

For me that was it until we saw the Enterprise E. She's beautiful.