Karaoke night at the SGC!

lene morissette

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Jul 9, 2001
I've read soooo many fan fics based on SG-1 doing karaoke that I wondered whether it would be a bad idea 4 them 2 do a karaoke night as part of an episode, u no kinda like an Angel-style bar (the one with the telepathic green guy in it.) What's evry1 else's opinion? Lousy idea or a good laugh? Ne other suggestions for silly episodes? (besides Wormhole x-treme!)

Brit Chick

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Jun 25, 2001
You know what, I have been thinking of something along those lines ever since I was singing (and I use the term loosely) along to the Barry While Greatest Hits CD a couple of weeks ago.

Will you just picture Teal'c donned in his bestest suit singing 'see the trouble with me' it would be fantastic - he could do a great Barry White impression.

The Bazzer CD is full of great tunes and I reckon we could have General Hammond doing 'Never ever gonna give you up' PLUS, there is a a track by the girl group that BW used to manage, is it the Cherrelles, chantalles, something like that - the song is called 'it may be winter outside' the girls did on Ally McBeal once dressed in little Santa dresses. My husband Dave says he would pay good money to see Sam Carter, and Janet Fraser dressed like that and singing along to that one

Me, I'd be happy with Teal'c - he doesn't even have to sing !!!! :evil:


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May 31, 2001
Well, we have had music-based episodes of Voyager, even Giles singing on Buffy, an entire Karaoke bar in Angel, and as for Ally McBeal...

So, returning to THIS series. We have had several episodes involving mind-control or people being taken over. We have had them prisoners and obliged to do things. And we have had Teal'c sining to Ry'ac already. It would not be hard to get them into a scenario where entertaining, even in a camp, amateur way, would be required as part of their either cover or escape.


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Dec 28, 2001
I would REALLY love to see them do some cool stuff on their downtime, especially karaoke!