jordan-Cade Romance


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Aug 21, 2000
I posted a few month's ago that I didn't see a Jordan Cade Pairing as a good idea. After seeing Sat's ep. I see it less.

I think the TPTB thought having romance would boost ratings. When Traci Lords joined the cast they got a few news item's. And they thought romance between the two lead would boost ratings. They were wrong. I would rather have Cade hesiate shooting the mabus/Jordan because

1)Jordan was a good friend.
2)She is a great Gua Fighter.
3)She is an innocent human being.
4)Semner Fi

They didn't need the Romance angle.


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Dec 30, 2000
I agree with you, of all the series I have seen First Wave is the one I think really don't need the romance factor. Specially because of what is expected of Cade's character. Also Jordan has always been presented as a strong woman, willing to do anything with the Raven nation. And I think it damage her character a bit. But I suppose it naturals to series to do that at some point sometimes to please fans because they think that is what everyone expect to happen. Is they have to do it I will probably will wait to the end of the series, the last episode after whatever happen with the Invasion.

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Oct 2, 2002
I have to say i loved the relationship between Cade and Jordan!! it was one of the reasons why i started watching the programme!!!

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