Episode II : Attack of the Clones. (Spoilers)


Frelling Wicked
Oct 8, 2000
Entertainment Sleuth/IGN.com Reports (with all credits and ownership rights cited herein):

Star Wars, Episode Two
Genre: Science Fiction/Action/Sequel.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Production Company: JAK Productions.

Project Phase: Post-production.

Who's In It: Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi); Natalie Portman (Padmé); Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks); Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker); Samuel L. Jackson (Jedi Master Mace Windu); Pernilla August (Shmi Skywalker); Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine); Anthony Daniels (C-3PO); Kenny Baker (R2-D2); Joel Edgerton (Owen Lars); Bonnie Piesse (Beru); Frank Oz (Jedi Master Yoda); Silas Carson (Jedi Knight Ki-Adi-Mundi); Andy Secombe (Watto); Jay Laga'aia; Leeanna Walsman; Rose Byrne; Veronica Segura; David Bowers; Matthew Rowan; Daniel Logan; Christopher Lee; Alethea McGrath; Matt Doran; Susie Porter; Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa); Temuera Morrison; Rena Owen; Ayesha Dharker; Marton Csokas; Anthony Phelan; Ronald Falk; Phoebe Yiamkiati.

Who's Making It: George Lucas (Director) George Lucas, Jonathan Hales (Screenwriters); Rick McCallum (Producer); David Tattersall (Director of Photography); Gavin Bocquet (Production Designer); Trisha Biggar (Costume Designer); Doug Chiang (Design Director); Nick Gillard (Stunt Coordinator); Industrial Light & Magic (Special Effects).

Premise: Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker discover there is more than meets the eye behind an assassination attempt on Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala's life. Meanwhile, a Sith Lord orchestrates events between the forces of good and evil, all the while waiting to play the final move that will ensure him control of the galaxy.

Release Date: May 2002.

What's Our Best Information So Far?:

On April 30, 1999, producer Rick McCallum said Lucas will "unquestionably" direct the second film, and that Obi-Wan is the focus of the film.

On May 29th, 1998 Lucasfilm's Official Star Wars Website released a statement from creator George Lucas that confirmed the character of Boba Fett will play a "prominent role" in the second film.

In a March 2nd, 1997 Radio One interview, Lucas said that by the second film, the fall of Anakin Skywalker will begin in earnest. Expect this film to be more 'grey' in subject matter and tone, much like The Empire Strikes Back was to Star Wars: A New Hope.

Skywalker's wife will be 24 years old in the second film.


November 3, 1998... The announcement is made that the film will shoot at the Fox Sydney studios.

April 3, 1998... Twentieth Century Fox announces it has obtained distrbution rights for the picture.

Comments: Don't get us started. Wait until some solid information becomes available, then we'll talk.

Rumors: Unknown.

Scoop Feedback:

"A major surprise for the fans that had gone to Seville was the sympathetic and friendly treatment of Lucas and McCallum with them. Both walked to the fences that isolated the set from the fans, waved, shaked hands and signed some books...He was forced to hear the fans shout 'Kill Jar Jar', or 'Jar Jar must die', among other delicate cheers...

"Three takes were shot with Anakin and Amidala in different angles. First from the center of the square, both walking carrying some suitcases. Second, from the finish point of the previous take, crossing one of the bridges, to the main building. The third one on the inside of the arched corridor with at least eight takes, half of which were with a steady-cam. They seem to be close takes of both actors..."

It sure seems as though George is getting down to business and coming out of his shell. Stay tuned for more. [Appeared at TheForce.net; reported by Reg.]

September 18, 2000... What Mr. Fett does in his spare time is his own business, or is it? The latest photo to come down the pipe at Star Wars.com reveals a much different side to the dark bounty hunter. This most recent CGI image shows a certain Fett doing his best Gene Kelly impersonation. Holding a multi-colored umbrella, it looks as though Fett is performing a soft-shoe routine while splashing in the rain. For all of you die-hards out there, brace yourselves for this one. Boba's got a brand new bag. [Appeared at StarWars.com; reported by Reg.]

September 20, 2000... The Force.net has posted part of a rumor they received back in July on revealing a few interesting details on the set construction that took place in Australia. At the time The Force held back on the scoop until more reliable news started to surface on the content of the scoop. Here's a look at the belated spy report but beware, it is SPOILER material...

********START SPOILER*********

"Construction was going on on a cave-like set with blue screens on either side of a stone walk way. This was for sure. Now supposedly, a large chair with machines all around it was supposed to be put in later. There are definitely caves in the prequel...

********END SPOILER***********

While we're on the topic of spoilers, The Force also posted another scoop from a different net-bandit who reveals more location news and what's up with C-3PO. Watch out for more SPOILERS

********START SPOILER*********

"The way I understand it, C-3PO gets his body plating during the movie (possibly completed in a cave?), but the chest piece is a different color - blue..." [Appeared at The Force; reported by Reg.]

September 21, 2000... We've just received an update, from one of our net-bandits, on the The Force.net's C-3PO spoiler we reported on a couple of days ago. Once again, beware of even more possible SPOILERS. This time you'll have to swipe the space below to take a look...

*******START SPOILER********

"I can't promise that this is true, but I've a (distantly) connected friend who says that C-3PO's 'Blue' chest is actually in place because there are to be some CGI 'Internal Workings' splashed on top of the actor."

*******END SPOILER**********

[May the Force be with 'Nobody'.]

September 22, 2000... It's a done deal according to the official Star Wars Website. The website reports EP2 principal photography at London's Elstree Studios has wrapped one and half days ahead of schedule, ending last Wednesday the 20th.

" 'It was a dream shoot', says Rick McCallum, 'and to finish ahead of schedule was just icing on the cake of what has been an incredible experience for all of us. We started in Sydney with our amazing Australian crew, and traveled through three continents and five countries in a 61 day shoot, and to finish early is a real credit to the fantastic people who have been with this production from day one, as well as those who have joined us along the way. Our Australian, Italian, Spanish, Tunisian and English crews couldn't have been better.' "

"It has been sensational everywhere we've been, and we look forward to coming together again in March next year for the final pick-ups in Sydney. George couldn't be happier with the way the shoot has gone and is eager to get back to the Ranch to start the next part of the process..." [Appeared at StarWars.com; reported by Reg.]

However, today's biggest news has to be the most exciting by far Episode II Select image released by the Official site today. So far most of the Select images have been puzzling photographs that have caught the attention of digital image sleuths and ignited a wave of new debate and speculation in message forums across the Internet. If you haven't seen the latest Select image, click here now and see for yourself. While we're issuing a SPOILER alert for the image since it does reveal a minor plot point that takes place in SW2, we're not making you swipe to reveal it since Lucasfilm placed it on their site in the first place. However, the additional information that was later found out about this scene should be considered ADDITIONAL SPOILERS. The image in question plays part of a pivotal scene near the end of the movie, and if you absolutely don't want to know a thing about what the image is, you better skip over the rest of this scoop update because we're about to examine -- and explain -- some of the mystery surrounding it. If you're still deciding whether you should proceed or not, we'll tell you our discussion will only reveal what two characters are believed to be in the Select scene and nothing more.

Aldera.net has uncovered the identity of one of the participants in the lightsaber duel. By using Photoshop and playing with the light values on the Select image, Aldera.net has found the head and face of the red lightsaber-wielding participant: it appears to be none other than Count Dooku, the character that Christopher Lee is playing in the film (click on the image to the right to see the full-sized image.) By filtering out the glare of the red saber's time-lapsed arc, and zooming the region of the Select where the face of the individual now appears and then comparing it to a headshot of Lee, Aldera.net believes they've got smoking gun evidence that Lee (and thus Dooku) are using the red lightsaber!

Aldera.net also strongly believes that the blue lightsaber is being wielded by Anakin Skywalker...and indeed, the silhouette in the blue saber's arc seems to indicate it is Hayden Christensen.

Now, as every Star Wars fan knows, the lightsaber special effect is added in post-production to the film and realistically no one expects the sabers to actually look like what they do in the Select image while on set. But we've recently seen multiple instances where the Official site has stepped up and had a lot more fun with the presentation of Star Wars information this time around (and we might add, good for them!) Previous Select images have been digitally altered and then placed on the site with no explanation as to what may (or may not) might really be seen when the movie is released. It's quite conceivable that John Knoll, the photographer credited with this latest Select photo, either used saber props that emitted a strong light source or the photo was digitally enhanced by Lucasfilm and ILM. Either way you slice it, it's one helluva cool Select image. [Give Aldera.net the Zapruder film and we'll find out who really shot JFK. Our hats are off to the Prince!]

Late morning, September 27, 2000... When three websites receive the same Star Wars "insider" scoops within the space of the same day (with only minor differences between each of the three sites), two possibilities spring to mind: someone's attempting to dupe the online community with their supposed insider status, or they're legit and playing each site against the other. We suspect the latter because we were also one of the three websites "scooped" by what appears to be the same individual last night.

First, let's look at the material the SW website Naboo Online has posted. They snagged what what seems to be complete storyboard descriptions for two major action sequences from EP2. Naboo Online received an e-mail from an "insider" who reveals that some of the new characters in the action sequences have recently been confirmed in a domain name update by Lucasfilm. Also, some of the previous EP2 Select images to be released by the Official site seem to confirm some of the battles scenes as well. This "insider" does warn that we can construe the findings as either certainties or just mere speculation, although some of what they say has been confirmed as legitimate by our own sources.

The following scoop does contain a condensed version of news with a few light spoilers so turn back now if you'd rather wait and find out later. Here's a look at what has been uncovered, minus the major spoilers (which you can read for yourself at Naboo Online).


"The first battle is between Jango Fett and Obi-Wan and it takes place on the landing platform with Slave-1 (with young Boba Fett inside) nearby. This is the widely speculated rain battle scene. It involves alot of martial arts and grappling and a section that makes it look VERY Matrix-like indeed.

"The second battle is much more complicated. It occurs in and around a huge arena. There is a new major character in this scene as well and a new Alien Species and a new type of Droid. Jango Fett is involved in this scene also. This scene will be heavy on CGI effects with thousands of Droids and quite a few of the new Alien species. There are alot of Jedi also. And best of all, Mace Windu REALLY demonstrates why he is classed together with Yoda..."


[Appeared at Naboo Online; reported by Reg.]

The Force.net later followed up on Naboo Online's story with their own report. Their scooper points to a new domain name that appears on Naboo Online which reveals a previously unknown character name as stronge evidence of the Naboo Online story's veracity. The domain name was registered by John Koenig, the same individual who registered a host of SW2 names earlier, and who appears to be one of LFL's employees. Poggle the Lesser (pogglethelesser.com), as the character will be referred to in SW2, is an alien aide to Christopher Lee's character Count Dooku. That domain was indeed registered by Koenig last August 22nd; currently the domain is inactive.

Now, here's where it gets even more complicated. We received an email at roughly the same time both of these sites received and posted their SW2 information, which seems to indicate to us the same scooper contacted all three sites in unison. Our scooper, who wished that his identity remain in confidence, sent us the following information that we're posting verbatim.

MAJOR SPOILERS are now in effect, and you must swipe the space below to uncover what the scooper said to us:

1. There is a new alien character called Poggle The Lesser who is a servant of sorts of Count Dooku.

2. Count Dooku (Lee) is not a Jedi or a Sith and does not cut Anakin's arm off. He is a charismatic count and the ruler of the rock planet where the final battle takes place.

3. Mace Windu kills Jango Fett in an arena.

4. That arena is full of other Jedi fighting droids, droidekas and super battle droids, which are very, very big!

5. There are also massive Rancor like monsters in the arena but they are on four legs. Vicious creatures. At one point there is a scene between Jango and Mace fighting and one of the creatures attacks them.

[Name withheld.]

Of the information sent to us by this new scooper, Coming Attractions can only confirm portions of it as authentic such as the arena fight scene and the Rancor-like monsters in the arena. Strangely, although some of what the scooper told us seems to indicate they have insider knowledge of the SW2 storyline, other portions of their scoop contradict with what different sources have told CA before.

Now could this really be a scoop with some factual information mixed in with speculation? Possibly. Or things might have changed, and this is a snapshot of earlier (or later, for that matter!) changes to the storyline. We're patching things together as much as the next site but we're also suspicious of anything that deviates from what our sources have told us before. Although this new scooper has some very intriguing information and reveals a new domain name, we cannot confirm all of the material they sent to us. Additionally, the fact that three websites that track SW2 information were sent the same information (with each site receiving slightly different supporting details, like our own mention of Count Dooku being the ruler of the rock world) makes us worried that the best intentions weren't at heart for this scooper. How did the same information appear on three websites simultaneously? Why did each website receive information about Poggle the Lesser but in different formats, like Naboo Online's detailed breakdowns of the storyboards? Where did this information originate; was it one person or multiple parties acting in unison? And if it's really an insider leaking information, why submit it under different circumstances to different sites?? All these questions make us wonder, and worry.

12:30 PM, September 27, 2000... What may or may not be authentic storyboards from the production of Star Wars, Episode Two have now surfaced on the Web. Aldera.net is running three sequences of storyboards that appear to show (swipe for possible MAJOR SPOILERS) a confrontation between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett. In all, twelve images from three boards are available at these addresses:

Storyboard #1, #2, and #3.

Now if these really are authentic storyboards from SW2, they describe a portion of an action scene and should only be viewed if you want to know who the combatants are. It's your call. [Originally appeared on Aldera.net.] Aldera.net also connected the dots between an earlier spy photograph taken of Temuera Morrison in costume and a line of description found in the 'board breakdowns posted at Naboo Online to theorize as to a feature availiable on a certain costume. [Y'know, we're starting to see why the Death Star blew up the University of Aldera.]

1:50 PM, September 27, 2000... Naboo Online has posted three more additional 'board images, cropped from their original placement in the 'board, showing the public their first look at Poggle the Lesser, a Superdroid and a Reek. Our source from this morning has given us the means to confirm where Naboo Online is getting their images from.

We now have strong reason to believe these storyboards are legitimate and thus the property of Lucasfilm. [Originally appeared on Naboo Online.]

8:00 PM, September 27, 2000... Aldera.net has now removed all links to the storyboards that existed on their site. According to the most recent news posting to their site, representatives from Lucasfilm contacted Aldera.net's ISP and demanded that the links be removed from the site because they violated Lucasfilm's copyright. This probably is the "smoking gun" evidence of the 'boards legitimacy. [Source: Aldera.net.]


We expect that Lucasfilm will continue to contact all the ISPs that have websites displaying the storyboards. But is the damage already too great? Additional storyboards have also made their way to the 'net including a fight scene showing Mace Windu, Jango Fett and a Reek in the battle arena. [Source: Episode-X.com.]

September 28, 2000... NaboOnline has now followed suit and removed their links to the storyboards. The webmaster also has posted a cease and desist letter from Lucasfilm ordering them to remove all copyrighted materials from their site. [Originally appeared on NaboOnline.]

We were also been sent an email anonymously that pointed to a particular .wav file. The recording appeared to be between a GeoCities Star Wars webmaster and a representative for Lucasfilm discussing the terms and conditions the site must comply with. [Anonymous.]

September 29, 2000... That .wav file we mentioned above apparently has been taken down by whoever placed it up there...or perhaps their ISP. We've changed yesterday's scoop accordingly. If anyone has an updated pointer, please let us know.]

September 30, 2000... A reliable insider over at The Force.net sent them a spy report on the early days of the EP2 shooting. The report, from an insider know only as 'Jango Fett', seems to set the record straight on what character Leeanna Walsman will actually be playing. Although unconfirmed, the report does contain a few juicy SPOILERS so..Beware if you coose to swipe below.


"A new character named Zam Wesell appears in several scenes with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin and is female! I have reason to believe that Zam Wesell is also played by none other than Australian actress Leeanna Walsman. She is not playing Aurra Sing as was previously reported.

"Here's a basic description of a scene that she was in: The two Jedis, Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi are entering the Corusant night club from the main entrance, after a chase scene trying to catch Zam Wesell. Obi-Wan is talking to Anakin on how to use his lightsaber correctly because of what has just happened prior and then they enter the club. At some other point later in the movie, they have gotten ahold of Zam and have her in the back alley for interrogation because the information she holds is so important.

"There are alley people all around and droids roaming the streets. I'll tell you more about what happens later." [Appeared at TheForce.net; reported by Reg.]


October 1, 2000... The Force.net received a new batch of photos from the Tunisia set shoot. A lucky web-slinger managed to track down the secret locations used in former Star Wars movies and the upcoming EP2 filming. In doing so, according to The Force, the web-slinger is probably the first fan to pinpoint an EP2 filming location. Simon Mulvey recently returned from Tunisia and sent The Force the above-linked report along with a few very cool pics of a hotel, props, Jawa rock, and a building you may already recognize. Here's a shred of the fan's lucky adventures:

"I was in town a week after the film crew had left, a fact that acually worked to my advantage, as I could gain photo access to the Sidi Driss Hotel (Lars Homestead Interior) where the previous week it had been banned. Not only was the hotel brilliant to see in the flesh, but the whole place had been restored to a newer, cleaner, younger version of the Lars building. If you study the photos carefully, they have replicated every piece perfectly.
[Appeared at The Force.net; reported by Reg.]

October 3, 2000... In a story that appeared yesterday on CNN Interactive, the news agency confirmed the authenticity of the leaked storyboards last week and commented on the circus that took place last week:

"Lucasfilm's Jeanne Cole said the company was first alerted to the posting on two fan sites called Aldera.net and NaboOnline last week. A cease and desist letter citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) was subsequently sent out and the links were later removed...

"Cole said most fans have been understanding of Lucasfilm's decision since the storyboards are clearly trademarked secrets and would spoil the movie...Cole reiterated that the relationship between fan sites and Lucasfilm remains on a workable level and this incident would not harm that in any way"

"But in this case, Cole said Lucasfilm had to 'send out the message' that posting the storyboards was copyright infringement."

"The storyboards were very real and it's unfortunate that the security on the set of Episode II was so poor that people could get away with stealing information like this," said Charles Taylor, webmaster of Aldera.net in the CNN story. [Originally appeared on CNN Interactive.]

As usual, there's more activity at The Force.net. One of that site's insider has summarized a recent Star Wars Insider interview with EP2 co-screenwriter Jonathan Hales. Beware of possible SPOILERS for there's mention on what sort of footing the new film will end:


"Hales talks about the love story between Anakin and Padme, the way it drives the story. It's not an immediate passion. It grows and evolves, going through good and bad moments. He even says that, from this point of view, Episode II has the more complex human dimension of all the Star Wars movies...

"I can tell you that there is no big celebration at the end of the movie (or not a really glorious one). It ends with a narrative bridge which leads to Episode III (I think we can reasonably call that a cliffhanger). It is a mix of triumph and tragedy...There is a wonderful part of the plot where Obi-Wan investigates something which leads him to a very important step of the story." [Appeared at TheForce.net; reported by Reg.]


October 8, 2000... A little tidbit, courtesy of an anonymous source who's been giving us info over on our 51st State page. Stel Pavlou, screenwriter for that project was overheard asking Sam Jackson about Star Wars, and... "Apparently Sam goes back in March to complete a lightsaber fight he has already half shot." Sam Jackson is not a man to leave a lightsaber fight half-finished--oh hell no. [Thanks to anonymous.]

October 15, 2000... For those of you concerned with all things toys, you might want to pay a visit over to StarWarsFan.org, where they've been talking not only about plans for Episode 2 toys but also the fate of all the surplus Episode 1 toys that were left when the feeding frenzies died down. Find out why Hasbro might be having a garage sale soon by clicking here. [Originally appeared at StarWarsFan.org; thanks to Carl for the pointer.]

October 16, 2000... Aldera.net points us to the latest Select image to come out of Lucas' official Episode 2 website. This new image appears to be of a bounty hunter and is pretty cool to say the least. Aldera.net gives a hint, from further investigation, at who this character may possibly be. This is most definitely spoiler speculation so proceed with caution.

SPOILER START (swipe to reveal)

"Ambu Fett carries with her a 'very large and cool-looking sniper rifle similar to Aurra Sing's'. I am assuming now that the Kyber Dart is what Ambu Fett loads her gun with." [Image appears at StarWars.com, with theory provided by Aldera.net; reported by Reg.]


October 29, 2000... Well this is mighty interesting. Sevaan over at Episode-X got sent some heavy SPOILER info regarding a couple of characters in the Star Wars mythos. Suffice to say it deals with (SWIPE to read) the paternity of two men by the name of Skywalker and Fett. Before we send you over there to see for yourself, all we can say is that our sources have not heard of this particular tidbit--although we've heard nothing ourselves to rule it out. Click here to go check it out. [Originally appeared at Episode-X; thanks to Sevaan for the pointer.]

November 2, 2000... Huge news concerning the character that Temuera Morrison plays in Episode Two: the actor has confirmed the occupation of his SW character, who his son is in the film -- and what mighty force he commands. It's big news and like we said, straight from the mouth of the actor himself, but we're making it swipable due to its SPOILER contents!

"Can't remember if it was ever officially confirmed that Temuera Morrison is playing Boba Fett's father in Episode 2, but if not, here it is from the horse's mouth in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, which can be found online at: http://www.smh.com.au/news/0011/03/entertainment/entertain1.html.


It's at the end of the article: 'I play a bounty hunter,' he grins. 'Remember in Return of the Jedi there was a guy called Boba Fett? Well, in this film...... Boba Fett is about 12 years old and I play his father. With a clone army.'

As Boba Fett snr, Morrison says he's got a few scenes with 'Obi Kenobi' and laughs that he has the immortal line: 'I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.'" [Scoop sent in by Jean Prouvaire, webmaster of Beyond the Barricades; originally appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.]

This confirms what's been talked about on Internet sites for months, as well as reveals aspects of one of the film's plotlines. Still, there are other details that remain a secret or unconfirmed for the time being...but in our opinion, the once-secret storyline for Episode Two is rapidly being revealed -- two years before the movie is scheduled for its opening weekend.


November 4, 2000... The latest issue of Homing Beacon had Rick McCallum explaining that just because they're on digital cameras, doesn't mean that three year road to release is going to get any shorter. They've shut down all their production offices all over the world and are launching into post-production. When March hits, they will go back into the studio to shoot any other stuff that they need to finish the flick. [Originally appeared on StarWars.com]

November 5, 2000... Another one of our scoopers sends us an interesting theory about the latest Select image posted at the official Star Wars website. Here's what 'Eli' had to say about the mysterious new photo (for you purists out there, we've made anything remotely spoiler swipable, just so you know):

"...It's a boy looking out of a window covered with drops of water. If the storyboards and the fight sequence between Obi-Wan and Jango Fett were true, then this is most likely Boba Fett looking out of the window of Slave I...possibly at the conflict between Jedi and bounty hunter. Remember, the fight sequence was supposed to involve rain...this might be our first look at the infamous bounty hunter."

Okay, so there wasn't much non-spoiler in that one. But regardless, click here for a peek at the new image. [Kudos to 'Eli'; appeared at StarWars.com.]

November 6, 2000... The French edition of Lucasfilm Magazine has hit the stands and in it are twelve new behind-the-scenes photos taken during the production of Episode Two. Included in the images are close-ups of Senator Om Free Taa, numerous new aliens (like this Ishi-Tib fellow, below and right) and supporting characters (like one-eyed Captain Typho, below and left), Natalie Portman in two costume designs, and a photo showing us our first real good look at a bearded Obi-Wan (below, center).

For more scans of the magazine's photos, hit The Force.net. As well, the Official Star Wars website has their own news story about the latest French Lucasfilm issue, which hits newsstands on November 15th. [Originally appeared in Lucasfilm Magazine; first reported by TheForce.net.]

Also making news today is the joint announcement between Lucas Online and AtomFilms to create the Star Wars Film Fan Network. The Network will provide an official means for amateur filmmakers to display their Star Wars-themed short films to a wide audience. In addition to exposure, filmmakers will also share in a revenue system that will pay them royalties based upon advertising and sponsorship placed on the site, as well as have access to a library of sounds from the Star Wars movies.

"Lucas Online is interested in supporting amateur filmmakers and engaging fans to share their passion for Star Wars," said Mich Chau, Executive Vice President of Lucasfilm in today's press release. "By teaming up with AtomFilms we hope to create an easy-to-find, entertaining site for Star Wars fans to share their creativity and have fun."

Added Scott Roesch, Director of Web Entertainment for AtomFilms: "We are thrilled to be leveraging our online entertainment expertise to create the first official short film outlet for the loyal Star Wars fans." [Originally appeared on Star Wars.com.]

November 17, 2000... This week's latest Star Wars Select image is online at the Official website. It's a silhouette image of two people standing on what appears to be a sand dune on Tatooine during dusk or dawn. One figure appears to be talking to another, shorter figure, and what appears to be some kind of speeder bike is parked closeby. We've read speculation from our readers that the taller figure may be Anakin Skywalker or Owen Lars talking to a Jawa. Perhaps he's getting directions from a native? [Originally appeared on Star Wars.com.]

Meanwhile, the jokesters over at iFilm have posted a false "studio" report that's supposed to have been smuggled out of 20th Century Fox. The iFilm story suggests that the memo was written by a Fox exec who's concerned with Episode Two aquiring a mature or even restricted rating because of some strong scenes -- including Mace Windu forcing himself on Shmi, and Anakin later beheading his own mother!

Trust us, it's complete hogwash. It's Shmi who lops off Anakin's head with Mace's lightsaber, forcing Obi-Wan to clone his padawan so he can complete his training. There, that clears that mess up. [Thanks to James Nash and anonymous.]

Last scoop, and you better place this one in the unconfirmed file. It also might be a minor spoiler, so you'll have to swipe it too. According to this new scooper, Beru is Padmé's sister. This makes no sense to us and we're leaning against it not being true. Our reason? Everything is pointing to Beru's maiden name being "Whitesun" and not "Amidala". ['Bingo & Bango'.]

November 28, 2000... The Episode X website was the first to publically post the news, and if you want to know what it is, you better swipe it -- because it's 100% true and reveals a plot point of SW2. Most of it was posted by Episode X, and we've just added a little bit for clarification purposes -- but otherwise, E-X is bang on. We therefore must issue a


Count Dooku (Christopher Lee) creates an army of "clonetroopers", to be used against the Republic (or so it would seem). The source of the clonetrooper DNA is none other than mercenary Jango Fett, and as "payment" for services rendered, Jango asks for and receives a clone of himself. The clone of Jango is physically aged to approximately twelve years old and named Boba Fett, and becomes Jango's "heir".


[Originally appeared on Episode X.]


December 1, 2000... Is Star Wars, Episode Two: World on Fire the title of the new movie? Some readers of Lucasfilm's Homing Beacon newsletter may have thought so. When the latest issue went out yesterday it contained a quote from C-3PO, crediting the droid's lines to an adventure called "Star Wars 2: World of Fire"...

"Humans have so many emotions, Artoo. And most seem to cause them pain. I do not understand, but I'm glad I have none. And yet -- I can't help wondering\ sometimes... what it would be like." C-3PO, Protocol Droid. Star Wars 2: World of Fire.

Needless to say, many people were left scratching their heads as to what else a reference to "Star Wars 2" could mean besides the without-a-title Episode Two. Put two and two together and...well, could this be the unrevealed title for the next Star Wars film? Did Lucasfilm either intentionally throw it out to see what the public reaction would be, or was it a slip-up on the part of someone?

It turns out to be neither. "Star Wars 2: World on Fire" was actually a story published by Marvel Comics back when they still retained rights to the licence. TheForce.net was first to debunk the "World on Fire" speculation early this morning, and they even found a cover of the Marvel comic in question. [We were first alerted by 'Agent 221b', Henry Mack, 'Krymson'; with assistance from TheForce.net.]

The Prince of Aldera interviewed SW2 handmaiden Rose Byrne about her participation in the movie. While Ms. Byrne didn't offer up any spoilers, she did talk about her experience working on the production and her background. Click here to read the interview's transcript, or download the .wav files and listen to Rose.. [Aldera.net gets all the fun assignments.]

T'Bone's Star Wars section at Fandom has two very cool items of interest we'd like to recommend. The first is fun, while the second is very spoiler heavy.

First up are a collection of Star Wars action figures like none you've ever seen before. The reason why these figures are unique is because they're fan-made likenesses of the actors who played characters in the Star Wars movies! That's right: these are action figures of the actors, not of the characters. Weird, huh? You may think so, but one look at the amazing detail given to the figures (like this shot of Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO, on the left) and the packaging they "come" in, is certainly impressive. For more images, check out the article right here.

Next up on T'Bone's site is an article that speculates on the end spoilers we'll see in SW2. Thanks to a source who calls himself "Mick", T'Bone is spot on the money with the things that we've heard. Read the spoilers for yourself if you dare by clicking here -- and don't say we didn't warn you when May 2002 comes around. They're BIG. [Both come from T'Bone's Star Wars domain at Fandom. Where does he find the room to park his Star Destroyer?]

December 5, 2000... Total Film snagged a chat with Sam Jackson, which apparently confirms in part what we heard back in October about reshoots. Because Mace Windu is going to kick some ass. What kind of ass? "Major, major ass," according to Big Sam. "There's only one person in the universe that's better with a lightsaber than I am, and he happens to be a little green man." He also states that Lucas is writing new stuff and expects to work for two weeks in March back down under. For the full deal, check out this link right here. [Sent in by Anonymous, who only kicks Lieutenant Ass.]

December 6, 2000... The Official Star Wars website, in a report describing producer Rick McCallum's trip to Japan's InterBEE 2000 conference showed off clips from SW2 to the assembled crowd. McCallum was illustrating the results from the Sony digital cameras the SW2 production used during the shooting phase of the picture.

But what's going to get the attention of Star Wars fans won't be the report about McCallum's field trip: it'll be the three images of scenes from Episode Two, the first to be unveiled by Lucasfilm apart from the "Episode Two Select" pictures. The three images show R2-D2 and a curiously grey C-3PO standing together on Tatooine; a young Owen Lars inside a dwelling; and Anakin Skywalker looking around the inside of a nightclub on Coruscant (which we've now placed in rotation on our own site's left-hand corner.)
[Scooped by 'The Bothan'.]

December 22, 2000... Last night's new Episode Two Select image has sparked off a renewed wave of fan interest in the second Star Wars prequel: the Select photo shows two individuals, one garbed in what appears to be Jedi Knight garments, the other in a familiar set of armor, engaged in a close quarters fight in the middle of a rainstorm!

The Select image (a portion of and a link to are over on the right) that revealed the show the rain-soaked combatants has generated a buzz amongst the SW community. Is it a Christmas treat from Lucasfilm to its millions of fans, indirectly acknowledging the existence of one Episode Two character that has only been mentioned by their full name by spy sources? And what's the connection to the new Select image to the storyboards leaked months ago? To investigate the mystery further, we invite you to our SW2 message thread about this new Select image. Be warned, though: SPOILERS exist on this page, but feel free to read, speculate and discuss what's in this intriguing new photo!
[Originally appeared on Star Wars.com.]

January 3, 2001... Today TheForce.net published 18 scans from the new French Star Wars Insider, all showing some never-before-seen shots of the characters and behind-the-scenes. Among the assortment of French goodies include new shots of Obi-Wan, Padme, Anakin, R2-D2, C-3PO, Mas Adedda and Senator Palpatine, as well as shots of stunt coordinator Nick Gillard training some kids on the art of wielding a lightsaber; Temuera Morrison out of costume; and George Lucas directing Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor.

We've swiped three of these babies to get you interested in checking out the rest. Seen below (left to right) are: Artoo and a fully armored Threepio on the bridge of the Naboo starcraft; five of the Australian kid actors rehearsing for their roles as Jedi apprentices in the film; and a shot of Natalie Portman as Padmé in what Force.net refers to as her "Tatooine hairstyle" (does that make it a "desert 'do"?) [Credit TheForce.net for breaking them online first; originally appeared in the French Star Wars Insider magazine.]

We've been pretty good in not publishing any Episode Two rumor that flies our way and instead focusing on things that our trusted sources have confirmed. With principal photography complete on SW2, the production is now focusing on working on the film's extensive visual as well as sound effects. That's why our next scoop might be authentic, but at the same time we have to advise you that we cannot confirm the scooper's information at the present time.

Our new scooper calls himself 'Ranch Ranger', and tells us that he's working for the production and has seen some of the work in progress on the film's battle sequences. We're about to get into SPOILER territory here, and we're rating it as MILD: that is, no discussion about major plot or character twists, but discussion about weapons and their sound effects. Swipe to reveal the sections we've deemed as SPOILERS.

"From what I've seen, the arena battle scenes will be the most memorable sequence in epII and, perhaps, the entire saga," writes 'Ranch Ranger'. "Picture hundreds of Jedi battling ****loads of battle droids, destroyer droids and the new superdroids (which look strikingly similar to Robot from the recent Lost in Space film) all in the SAME shot! Needless to say, our guys win the day but not without heavy losses. This is the start of the Jedi Purge we've been hearing so much about.

"Mace Windu will be a key character in this scene. His duel with Jango Fett (and a creature called the Reek) may prove more memorable than the lightsaber duel at the film's end. It is here that we see why Mace is on the Jedi Council and is as respected as Yoda.

"Not that the lightsaber duel towards the end will be without it's surprises. One of the questions asked early on was this: 'How can you top a double-sided lightsaber?' Well, Christopher Lee's Darth Tyrannus/Count Dooku has (get this) a lightsaber colored red AND orange, much like a flame. (The guys over in the CG dept. have dubbed it 'the flamesaber'.) It is said to also have a distinct whooshing sound rather than the regular snap-hiss of normal lightsabers. I've heard thru the grapevine that Ben Burtt and his guys are having a difficult time with the sound for it, but I have a great deal of faith in Ben and his team." 'Ranch Ranger' also said that the "flamesaber" has a ornate carving on its hilt, and that the weapon itself looks plain evil.

Some of what the Ranger told us meshes with what our sources have said, such as the arena battle between the Jedi, the Reeks and the droids, and the fight between Mace and Jango. As for Dooku's "flamesaber", we've heard reports that it may have a scimitar-like appearance to it (i.e. it's curved), but nothing about it incorporating two different colors in the blade's appearance, or that it will generate a different sound than the lightsaber. Both claims are completely new to our ears, and we'll be contacting our sources to see if they've heard anything about this new weapon. Like we said, the report may indeed be accurate but it also may be a recent development as the special effects team works on completing the film. ['Ranch Ranger' said he did it for the fans.]

January 5, 2001... T'Bone's Star Wars site on Fandom.com has a report today that matches with what our sources and poster's on our SW2 message board have told us. Swipe to read: "The Kaminoans are the ones that accommodate the cloning technology and that is where the clones are being produced for Count Dooku. Obi-Wan stumbles upon the cloning operation when he goes off to find out more about the Kaminoan Kyberdart that killed Zam Wessel as they are produced only on that planet. Obi-Wan is tipped off to this by an old friend of his called Dexter." Of course Dexter is the owner of Dexter's Diner, a nightclub on Coruscant. Also important to note is the Kaminoan Kyberdart which appears to be a weapon from the planet Kamino, a water planet with frequent rain where the cloning operations take place. [Originally appeared on Fandom.com; reported by Darth Snoopy.]

Copyrights and trademarks for the film and related entertainment properties mentioned herein are held by their respective owners and are used with permission or solely for the promotional purposes of said properties.
All other text and images copyright © 1995-2001 Corona Productions.
i really need to watch the other films before reading this :) why oh why do they not release them on dvd i have no idea!
Well, for those of us who are still not quite so computer literate, the first Prequel is on VHS.
Originally posted by padders
i really need to watch the other films before reading this :) why oh why do they not release them on dvd i have no idea!
one word and one word only, padders....

Episode II rumours.

Rumored titles that have appeared are "The Rise of the Empire", "The Balance of the Force", and also "The Shadow Falls", (with Episode III rumored to be called "The Fall of the Jedi"). The actual title, as with Episode I, is unlikely to be confirmed until just before the movies release.

Rumored events include Anakin's return to Tattoine to rescue his mother, a possible love triangle between Anakin, Amidala and someone else (possibly Organa, possibly even Obi-Wan), a subplot involving the Mandalorians (the armor of which Boba Fett wears in later films), and of course, the continued maneuvering of the Dark Side to defeat the Jedi Knights and take control of the Republic.

We are likely to see a lot more of the Jedi Council in the next two movies. One hint confirming this is that the official webpage for the council is complete with profiles of Ki-Adi Mundi, Mace Windu, Yoda, and 9 of their peers that were only briefly seen in Episode I.
Cool! Where did you find these rumors? At the official site? I find that site so hopelessly convoluted that I rarely go there. Somehow I expected Lucas's site to be state of the art, but I find it one of the worst I've been to!
Do you know of any other good sites?
I thought that Amidala was (or is going to be, I should say) Leia and Luke's mother. I know the Organa name comes from Leia's adoptive family on Alderaan, so I wonder how an Organa could fit into a triangle.....
Well, only one more year to wait! I sure hope this one is filled with story, plot development and much character development. I miss these traits that were so prominent in IV and V.

:star: :star: :star: :star:
I posted some fan websites on another thread. I can't remember where I saw that now, sorry. I was surfing around looking for Quotes.

The adpotive father 'Mr' Organa has a big role in episodes II and III, apparently.
i'm looking forward to seeing the rise of the empire, and the fall of the jedi's, this should be a very interesting plot over eppys II & III, as well as the development of the main characters. Some relationships would be good as well, prehaps a female could be part of what leads Annikin to the dark side?? (cos they're all evil arent they?? ;) :D :blush: )
I've just found out that Episode 2's title is comfirmed as 'Attack of the Clones'.
This is obviously the 'Clone Wars' that are mentioned in the first 3 movies.
Just thought you'd be interested.;)
I just hope this uninspired and ridiculous title isn't reflective of the movie. I cannot believe this name--"Attack of the Clones!" I think old Georgie is running out of originality and creativity.
I hope this movie is a good one, up to the standards set by "A New Hope" and "Empire Strikes Back!"
Guess we'll find out in a year!

:star: :star: :star: :star:
McGregor Hypes Episode II

Ewan McGregor, who will reprise the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones, told the Today show that he has high hopes for the prequel. "I think it will be better than the first one we did," McGregor told the morning show, referring to the maligned Episode I.

TheForce.net Web site, meanwhile, reported that the next trailer for Episode II may come attached to prints of Fox's upcoming animated movie Ice Age, which opens March 15.

And Billboard.com reported that Sony Classical will release John Williams' soundtrack to Episode II on April 30. Recording with the London Symphony Orchestra will begin this month, the site reported.

Episode II Has New Robes

Costumers for Star Wars: Episode II--Attack of the Clones had to come up with new fabric for Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi robes, as the cloth used in Episode I would have been too heavy for the new prequel's purposes, according to the official Homing Beacon newsletter. "The wool fabric from Episode I, we bought bales of it," costume designer Trisha Biggar told the newsletter. "We discovered after we bought the fabric that it had been second World War utility fabric, so it was made very heavy."

In Episode II, Obi-Wan must fight in the rain--and the water would have made the old fabric much too heavy. "On this episode, we had that fabric re-created at a quarter of the weight," Biggar said. "I know [stunt coordinator] Nick Gillard had his doubts about how it's going to be when it's wet, but I don't think it was as bad as he thought."

Biggar added that it wasn't perfect. "There are always little problems," Biggar said. "One day we had Anakin on his speeder going through the desert, and there's a wind machine. Because we had blue screens up, the wind machine couldn't get close enough to him. We ended up having to wire the end of the cloak so that it would be pulled with the wind's help." Episode II opens in May
well I saw one of the trialers on the movie Ocean's 11...it looked interesting even...they played up the love story a lot in it
The official Star Wars Web site has reported that the final visual-effects shot for Episode II has been completed and approved by director George Lucas. The last shot depicted gigantic fuel cylinders, knocked loose from a Techno Union starship, crashing into fleeing battle droids as Republic gunships rain down missile volleys from the golden skies, the site reported.
More Spoilers.

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) was the guest of honour at NZ's annual Armageddon Pulp Expo last weekend and confirmed he'll be playing a wookie (but NOT Chewie) in a certain celebration scene.

Also, this checklist for TOPPS trading cards gives away much of the plot in it's card titles:


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