Happy Birthday To Governor Croque!


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Apr 27, 2001

Thursday, July 12th, is the birthday of the dean of NZ theatre, gifted actor/director/writer/teacher Stuart Devenie.

You know him as:

- Gov. Croque on "Jack of All Trades"
- the Marquis deSade, also on "Jack"
- the horned god Cernunnos in "Render Unto Caesar" on HTLJ
- the evil town magistrate Asterius in "And Fancy Free" on HTLJ (that was the ballroom dance episode)
- the evil town magistrate in "Greece is Burning" on HTLJ (the fashion show episode)
- the conniving actor who pretended to be Iolaus's father on "Young Hercules"
- Dr. Frankenfurter in the NZ revival of "Rocky Horror!"

(As far as I'm concerned, he turns 29 today!)

Currently starring in a new comedy at the Auckland Theatre Company, as well as the NZ run of "Jack of All Trades," which just debuted
there a few months ago. And soon to be seen in another TV series in NZ, "Willy Nilly."

It's 18 hours ahead in NZ, so as I type this (2:00 AM EDT in on the east coast of the US) it's already 8:00 PM on Thursday in NZ. So
let's all wish Stuart a very happy birthday! There's a thread started at:


He's an occasional lurker, and knows all about the new "Jack" message boards, so he'll definitely see it! :)

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