2.14: Light My Fire


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
"Light My Fire"

"Ellison partners with a no-nonsense arson inspector to investiage a string of warehouse blazes"

Ellison definetly does not like working with outsiders. Although he does come around in the end. I felt so sorry for that arson inspector when she lost her father and then she was believing he was the arsonist. Great scene when she and Ellison came out of the building in her father's suits.
"Light My Fire"

The 'Dr. Zog's Sex Wax' comment put me on the floor. I used to surf a long, long time ago here in Puget Sound, but it's not a very active sport around here and not a lot of natives know the refference.

BTW: My favorite is the strawberry. It also works good on cross country skis if you're out of sky wax... ;)
okay - it's been a long time since i've seen any of these - and i'm working on getting one series taped (b/c i'm moving and there is no Court TV where i'm going -<pout>) then i'm going to work on my Sentinel collection again - have most eps, but when they switched times a while back, some of 'em got 'lost' -- stupid John Edwards and his x-ing over - ugh - put him on late at night - not a 1700 --- ugh ------ anyway -- gotta go back and watch these again --- i like this episode -- and the "sex wax" thing had me rolling too -- tho i know NOTHING about surfing -- i thought it was funny ---

i did hear someone comment at one time that they liked how the writers would just put something in to make it fit the story - ie: Jim knows about surfing -- stuff like that -- (i wanna say that Richard Burgi has done some surfing, but i can't remember for sure - hafta go ask the RBFC -- )


<waves> Hidy Rowan!!
Knowing stuff

Jim = knowing stuff. That's something my husband comments on when he see's me catching the show. [BTW: If you need TS 'writer' reff. sites, I can let you know I couple I've found good.]
That not only did the writers on the show have a good idea of police procedure, by Burgi himself physically did the parts well: right gun stance, keeping lanes of fire clear with other officers when clearing a house, etc.

He was impressed. So am I.
I think it is the little things that really help to make the show like the 'Dr Zog's Sex Wax'. The attention to detail really makes a difference and give a definite quality to the show.
Details are important -

and I remember the first time I watched this episode - when Jim found that surfboard at the burned guy's house - I was like 'Nonononono! he can't be the arsonist!' Then Jim said that the guy's surf wax was strawberry and the arsonist used coconut -

I was just sure that guy was gonna be the arsonist - then Jim solved the whole thing --- didn't want that girl's dad to be the baddie - and I'm not sure why -

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