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Apr 22, 2001
How about some quotes from the movie, well every other section seems to have them.

Annoying professor guy at Danny’s lecture: Well who do you think built the Pyramids.
Daniel: .......I don’t have any idea who built them.....I mean.....
Annoying professor guy: Men from Atlantis? Or Martains perhaps.

Daniel: Was there a lunch or something......that....everybody....

Daniel: Who the hell translated this. :D
Dr. Mikes: Uhh...I did.

Daniel: I’m never gonna get paid!

Daniel: *takes front sheet of newspaper from airman guard type person and a few seconds later* Can I borrow this? :D

Daniel: Well the 7th isn’ actually on the Cartouche, it’s just below it, here. Designated by a little pyramid with 2 funny neat little guys and a funny little line coming out the top. *Laughs and he notices that no one else is!!*

Skaara attempt to smoke, but starts coughing.
Jack: Yeah, you’re right, it’s pretty stupid!

Jack: I’m looking for Jackson. Jackson, guy who wears this jacket. He’s.....he’s got like long hair that comes down..... *the kids start imiating his movements* no....no...no.... Wears glasses, so he can see..........I guess the word dweeb doesn’t mean anything to you guys, does it? :D

Daniel: I was dead! (the beginning of a fine tradition of Daniel dying A LOT!!)

Maria :star:
fraid i don't have any quotes! but l like yours :flash:

Feretti: What a rush.

Daniel: What is that?
Katherine Langford: It's your Stargate.

Daniel: They must have used Budge, I don't know why they keep reprinting his books.

Daniel:I can do that.
General West: Are you sure?
Daniel: Positive.
O'neil: Your call.
General West: You're on the team.

Kawalsky: Cold?
Daniel: Allergies, always happens when I travel.

Kawalsky: You didn't say anything about finding anything.

Daniel: I smell like a yak.

Daniel: It tastes like chicken.

Daniel: Get away from me.
Mastadge: hits his head again and slimes him.

O'Neil: What did you say to him?
Daniel: Nothing.

Daniel: He wants us to go with him.
Kawalsky: How can you be so sure?
Daniel: Because, he wants us to go with him. (he motions just like Kasuf did, to follow them)

Daniel: I don't want to die, your men don't want to die, these people here don't want to die, it's a shame you're in such a hurry to.

Daniel: Married?

Daniel: What are you doing?
Skarra: Drawing the day of our victory.

Kawalsky: What are you doing?
Daniel: I found it.
Kawalsky: What are you talking about?
Daniel: The seventh symbol, the symbol for this planet, we're going home.

Ok, they might not be exact, but I'm going from memory here. There's so many good ones, just wait till I watch it again. Later!! SS
good quotes SS here are some more...

Colonel Jack O'Neil: Give my regards to King Tut!

Daniel Jackson: We each get our own tents, oh how nice.

Colonel Jack O'Neil: I'm here in case you succeed.

I know there's not many but the best have already been said! :)

Got a few more,

Jackson: Tell Catherine this brought me luck.

O'Neil: See ya around, Dr. Jackson.

Kawalsky yelling to Jackson as the mastage pulls him off his feet: Let go of it.

Catherine: If you want to prove your theories are right, this is your chance.

Jackson: I've got everything here but sunblock.

Jackson making pictures in the sand: We came from the... pyramid.

O'Neil: I'm on planet x, looking for a dweeb, who wears this jacket, has long hair, wears glasses, and sneezes.

more to come!! SS

There's always a good reason to watch the movie again. I got up today, it's raining, I'm bored, it's time for dinner and a movie, it's wednesday, see, lots of good reasons. I can't count how many time I've seen it, but I think there's always room for more. :) SS
Daniel:I can do that.
General West: Are you sure?
Daniel: Positive.
O'neil: He's full of ****! (Directors Cut)
General West: You're on the team.


O'Neill: Give my regards to king Tut, Asshole!


Skarra: Niney!


Jenny: It has mass, it could be a large moon or an asterik


Ferretti: We're dead!
Kawalsky: Quit talkng like that.
Ferretti: Well, what are we gonna do?
Kawalsky: Cover me! (Kawalsky runs down the ramp)
Ferretti: Cover you?!?! (ferretti follows behind providing cover fire)


Kasuf: maniwey!
quotes and comments

Hi, I finally got to watch my DVD of the movie, and watched all the little extras you get. It kicked ass!!! Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin do a whole voice over of comments about the movie and filming and their ideas, it was funny at some parts, interesting, boring once or twice, but very entertaining none the less. Comments they made about Jaye Davidson, or the comments they couldn't make, were downright hysterical. If you have the chance, watch the DVD and do all the extra goodies. It puts a whole new spin on the movie and it's fun to see it all over again through their eyes.

Daniel-"What's that?"
Katherine-"It's your Stargate."

Lst time i checked the Stargate DVD had very little in the way of Special features, in fact you would expect more from a blockbuster of a movie

True, there's not alot of them, and I know there's more. I bought the "Secrets of Stargate" when the movie came out, it's a CD rom of stuff from the movie. There's interviews and documentaries of crew departments and pictures and biographies and all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately it's old and the software to use it doesn't work on my computer anymore cause mine's all updated for new software. So, maybe someday I'll be able to get it to work again and put it onto another disk to be able to make it work on any computer. It's a dream anyway. Well, I still thought the extras were cool and enjoyed them the few there were. SS
I just watched this movie again last week. My facorite line is

"You think you've solved in 2 weeks what experts couldn't solve in 2 years?"

Daniel: "2 years?"

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