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well that depend were you live,.... i live the uk and got the stargate movie about 6 years ago but got the latest dvd its cool
Was the original movie filmed in Australia, does anyone know?
Sorry, I have no idea where they filmed Abydos, but I can see the Aussie resemblence now you mention it (I'd always thought it had been filmed in the desert in Africa somewhere ;) :rolleyes: )

And to the first question, the Movie is out on DVD here in the Uk, and I'd guess other countries too, but Stargate 2 hasn't been filmed yet, but once they wrap up S6 then I guess work will begin on it :) (getting all excited!! ;) )
Hmm, I'd like to find out these things... What about the Abydos pyramid. That wasn't 'real', was it?
Well, it was either filmed in Egypt, but none of the scenery or buildings looked familiar for Egypt, or the pyramid was a shot of one at Giza put into the shot, or, the most likely, it was CGI or other special effect, a model for example... :)
Hmm, I'd've thought the CGI wouldn't be that good then ... When was the movie made? 1995?
yeah, 1994-95....

Some other films from the time have quite good CGI and other special effects, like the Trek films....

I am certain that the Abydos stucture is not a real being ancient building, so would have have been made by some kind of special effect...

Maybe it says on the new DVD, they often have behind the scenes information...
I have the DVD

was listening to the commentary by Devlin and Emmerich and basically they went through the pyramid and how it was built.

The opening to the pyramid was actually built as a structure in the desert and it was actually lifesize.... they said it was like 7 stories high

The pyramid was CGI, they had a small debate on whether to make a model or not, so they did a composite model to begin with and enhanced it with CGI

And thats how they did the pyramid

Didnt catch where they filmed it though, they were just banging on about how hot it was.....Might have been Australia or saudi somewhere like that

I'm sure it was filmed in the US, I think the mojave desert in California. I just know that they had to erase dune buggy tracks every day before shooting. The pyramids in the beginning were old stock footage they updated and put in the CGI boat and everything else to make it look real. The pyramid on Abydos wasn't real, but the temple entrance was a real structure they built in the dessert. If you look closely as O'Neil and Jackson walk out for the first time, Daniel runs his hand across the supossed rock and pushes on it, the rock pushes in, he of course doesn't look surprised or anything but it cracks me up that no one caught that. Continuity errors are few but they stick out like sore thumbs after you've seen it as many times as I have. As for the spaceship landing on the pyramid, that was all minitaures. I think the special effects were done pretty well considering how much the movie cost. I missed alot of the errors my first few times watching it and only caught them after looking for every detail and not watching the action going on. Like I said though, it's done very well and with a surprising low budget.

The entrance to the Abydos city was obviously real and they just used CGI to expand it to the view of the whole city. Mostly studio parts were filmed in England in the hangar where that big plane of Howard Hughes's was kept. They needed a huge studio to build all their sets and couldn't find one big enough so they somehow found out about that hangar, and used it. They even lost several weeks of shooting because of an earthquake and lost some equipment and sets too. As far as I remember it was only filmed in the US and England. I just might have to watch it again and let you know if anything I said is wrong. But I doubt it, as I've practically memorized the stupid thing by now. Stargate Trivial Pursuit anyone????

lol, i think maybe i wouldnt like to play it against you lol :lol:
But thanks for all that info :D


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