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Nov 28, 2002
Does anyone else have a soft spot for films that you love for all the wrong reasons?

In my opinion there is nothing better than sitting down with a few friends and ridiculing a terrible movie. Let me start with the travesty that was : -

Volcano - I loved that movie! Remember when they stopped the flow of lava with a combination of parked buses and water!?!!? Or who can forget the scene where our hero is hanging off a metal ladder with his bare hands, above a river of lava, and although the ladder is warping from the heat, still he hangs on! Also I loved the way that New York coveniently had storm drains just in the right place to divert the flow of lava - classic stuff.

Anyone ever seen an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, that show is great. For anyone that doesn't know, each episode consists of a guy, with 2 robot puppets making sarcastic comments over such classic B-Movies as "Attack Of The Killer Shrews", "Deathstalker And The Warriors From Hell", "Terror From The Year 5000", and my own personal favorite "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians". It is all good.
Perhaps you've just never seen anything bad enough!!

If so, I pity thee ;D

Has anyone seen the Ed Wood "classic?" Plan 9: From Outer Space. I have it on DVD its great. It is believed by many to be worst film ever made. The "making of" documentary on the DVD actually had a bigger budget than the film. Most of the "actors" are actually just people Ed Wood owed favors to, and his starring actor, the ageing Bela Legosi actually died while the film was being made, and only actually appears twice. Well worth a watch.

Ed Wood - From The Opening Dialog Of Plan 9: From Outer Space
"Future events such as these will effect us in the future"
I'm not too sure if I've actually seen it or not - the Johnny Depp film somewhat obscured my memories of these awful films, some of which I'm sure I've watched.
I mostly love these old movies - even when they are awful.
Best example: The Beastmaster

However, there are some bad movies that are so bad you want to warn others to stay away...

Best example: Yor, the Hunter from the Future
Well I went to the cinema to see Bulletproof Monk tonight - nuff said - lol!

Was anyone aware that there were British Nazis in service in Tibet in 1940? No - me niether!

Ridiculas film - worth a watch for a laugh (for all the wrong reasons) - but don't waste your money on it - not even sure if it was meant to be a comedy - certainly made me giggle though! 8)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Buckaroo Bonzai
Little Shop of Horrors(the original, not the musical)

These are some of my favorite B movies.
Love B-movies. I've mentioned "The Doberman Gang" on this forum before as one of my favorites, mostly because it was filmed where I grew up.

Also, late days as it is, I'll second bigmacscanlan's nomination of "Volcano", although if it is the Tommy Lee Jones film being referred to, it takes place in Los Angeles rather than in New York.....which makes the storm drains even funnier; as anyone who has ever been in southern California in the rain knows, the storm drains they have don't work for water, much less lava.
Most of the fun for me in this film was watching places I know get erupted on. Don't get me wrong, I love L.A. (really - I'm not being sarcastic); but it was just funny.

And marianne mentions the original "Little Shop of Horrors" - what a wonderful film. I think they made it on a budget of about $1.98
, and it really is awful. But, it is also horribly original. And there is that masochistic dental patient, perfectly portrayed by a very young Jack Nicholson. The later musical is fun, but not this much fun.
littlemissattitude said:
Love B-movies. I've mentioned "The Doberman Gang" on this forum before as one of my favorites, mostly because it was filmed where I grew up.
If anyone has Sky, it's on Sky Movie Max 4 next Friday at 7.15am - can't wait to check it out for myself.

I finally have my Sky+ box working, so I am taping lots of cheese this week, this is my line up. Getting some friends over and having a cheese weekend next week :). Here my list of cheesy films on Sky this week, Including full quotes of Sky's actual synopses:-

  • Tuesday - 8.00am - Target Earth
"There's an alien invasion coming and only little Tammy knows when. Zombie cops hunt the kid, while a sheriff teams up with desert hippes to save the world. (1997)"

  • Tuesday - 2.00pm - MVP2: Most Verticle Primate
"More monkey business in this family comedy as Jack is chased out of the hockey team by arch-rivals. So he becomes top banana in a skateboarding competition. (2001)"

  • Tuesday - 8.00pm - Earth Vs The Spider
"The dark side of Spider-Man. A security guard, desperate for revenge after thugs murder his pal, injects himself with arachnid serum. But there are side effects... (2001)"

  • Tuesday - 10.00pm - She Creature
"Flesh-eating mermaids? Classy 50's-style creature feature, with circus folk Rufus Sewell and Carla Gugino stealing a real mermaid, unaware of her terrible hunger. (2001)"

  • Wednesday - 2.00am - It's Alive III
"Mutant killer baby sequel. A father leads an expedition to the island where the monstrous kids are quarantined, but the tots have just started teething. (1987)"

  • Wednesday - 8.50am - MVP - Most Valuable Primate
"Jack arrives in Canada, befriends a small boy and plays for an ice hockey team. He skates and shoots better than anyone. The only problem is... he's a chimp. (2000)"

  • Friday - 7.15am - The Doberman Gang
"Inept bank robbers realise the flaw in their thieving: human error. So they train hounds to pull the heist. Canine comdey, with scene-stealing by the dogs. (1973)"

  • Friday - 11.45pm - Troma's War
"The survivors of a plane crash battle trigger-happy terrorists. Troma spoof action flicks with maggots, Siamese twins, disembowelling and fishnets. (1988)"

  • Saturday - 1.25am - Tromeo And Juliet
"Body piercing, violent death and kinky sex. Lemmy from Motorhead narrates Troma's take on Shakespeare as you've never seen it before. (1996)"

Enjoy people :D
Okay, bigmacscanlon - since you're going to be seeing "The Doberman Gang", I'll point out two or three things for you to look for. I don't know if they're in order, since it's been a long time since I've seen the movie, but they're pretty big things so you shouldn't have any trouble finding them.

1. The coffee shop where the main robber goes. It it really kind of old and run-down looking (it was old and run down), and has big windows all across the front. We used to go there all the time when I was a little kid - my dad knew the guy who ran it. I'm not sure, but I think at one point you can also see the bar that was right next door. The man who owned it lived right behind me.

2. The movie theatre where the same guy goes. I think when we see it, he's walking away from it, kind of window shopping as he goes. That is the theatre where I went to the movies nearly every Saturday afternoon when I was a little kid and every Friday night without fail when I was in junior high school. It was the only theatre in town at that time, and the only place in town for kids who were not yet 16 to go out on Friday night without their parents. Saw many, many films there. Also, this is the theatre where they actually had the premiere of this movie, which I attended.

3. The bank that they rob was my bank branch, where I parents had their money and where I had a kid's account. Also, they used the real employees of the bank to play the parts of the bank employees in the movie. It was so funny when I went to see it; all of them were sitting in the row right behind me, and as that part of the movie was showing I kept hearing cries of, "Oh my God, there I am." Obviously, they were not exactly professional actors.

Enjoy the movie.
Shoot, now I want to see The Doberman Gang again...along with all the others mentioned here. There's just no time! I think I need to find a job that requires me to be there for about four hours each week, and pays double what I'm making and then maybe I'd be able to catch up on all this reading and cool movies I haven't seen in years...I'm not holding my breath though
Invasion of the Saucermen 1957 This is both underrated and Hilariously funny at the same time.:D
Not sure Troma really qualifies, and anything deliberately 'B' is right out, as is MST. You won't find a better review site of this top-notch genre than Chrons, head for the latest movies thread and check out Victoria's and mine and others lambasting and needle-like dissection/desecration af pretty much any and all of this... stuff, which some of us have been hammering on since the advent of VCR or earlier. But for God's sake be careful, you don't know what is out there, and 'that was no animal!'
One of my all-time favourite bad movies is The Creeping Terror. It's essentially about (what looks like) a carpet that invades Earth and eats people. It's so powerful and unstoppable that it takes a
hand grenade
to stop it. :D
One of my all-time favourite bad movies is The Creeping Terror. It's essentially about (what looks like) a carpet that invades Earth and eats people. It's so powerful and unstoppable that it takes a
hand grenade
to stop it. :D

The Crawling Terror is one of the worst B movies of all time. The interesting thing about that film is then entire film has a narrator describing everything including the acts are saying. The reason for this is that they lost film soundtrack . :)
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