Highlander Series on DVD

mmm. I may do, but the quality isn't guaranteed that way, for transatlantic shopping that could be a PITA...
yep yep -

anyone else have HL on DVD?????

i'm not gonna get it unless they improve it some --- i don't want 8 freakin' DVD's -- i already have 11 VHS tapes --- for 4 seasons - 8 DVDs takes up more than 1/2 the same amount of space -- nope - i don't have that much space -----
Hey guess what?

For all of you who didn't wanna spend the exhorbitant amount of money the HL store was charging for HL S1 -- run out to Best Buy (If you're in the US) and you can grab it for about $69.99 -- much better price-wise, I'd say.

If you're in the UK -- I have no idea what to tell you. Unless you have a region free DVD player - then you can see if BestBuy.com will ship to you ---
Season 3 out soon

Higlander Season 3 DVDs in stores everywhere Nov. 18th.

So says the official site.
I got a Highlander catalog the other day - first one in forever -

and you can order ALL SIX seasons on DVD in one big Box Set - it's like $595.00 US--

if you're so inclined that is --

and you have $600.00 to spare -- me? I don't, so, not getting that any time soon...

(I miss Methos)
Originally posted by markpud
yikes, I barely have $6 to spare ;)

I know the feeling ---

and I don't like Adrian Paul enough to spend $600 on him - ugh - I'll just wait, thanx...
During the 90's a vaguely remember talk of a spin off series called Raven. (I only remember because i think Claudia Christianson from B5 was supposed to be in it.) Did they ever make it in the end? If they did, was it any good?

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