Robert Leeshock confirms EFC departure


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Sep 30, 2000
Sad news for some I guess.

Robert Leeshock confirms EFC departure

of SyFy Portal (

Robert Leeshock said that he didn't even have a chance to say good-bye to his fellow castmembers when he was released from Earth: Final Conflict recently.
That's what he told members of his official fan club in a chat June 20 at

"Sorry to say I won't be back on the show this year. I'm sorry, but it's a done deal," Leeshock told more than 50 fans who were invited to the informal chat.

Leeshock will not return for any episodes in Season 5, confirming reports that have been previously reported at SyFy Portal. Leeshock joins Leni Parker (ex-Da'an) and Anita La Selva (ex-Zo'or) as regular castmembers who have left the show.

Leeshock said he received a call from Earth: Final Conflict executive producer Paul Gertz, informing him of his release. Although Leeshock wouldn't get into specifics of why he was released, he did say part of the reason was his American citizenship. EFC is filmed in Toronto, and film and television
producers get tax breaks for using Canadian actors.

"Yeah, it was over the phone, but it was better than them taking me out to dinner and (telling) me face-to-face since we all know it is easier (for them) to break it off that way," he said. "I've been auditioning like a wildman, but nothing yet, so keep your fingers crossed."

Leeshock's chat was very informal, and spent a good part of the time joking with the different members and answered questions bluntly. This was in stark contrast to the chat Tribune Entertainment vice president of scripted programming Phillip Segal who gave cryptic answers to moderated questions,
including his statement when asked directly about Robert Leeshock.

"Honesty is always the best policy so here goes ... when it the decision was made to follow the story telling that would take us to a 'final conflict' we found it impossible to break away from the story arc that had been layed down. There for, Liam's character followed its destiny," Segal said June 13.

The fifth and reportedly final season of Earth: Final Conflict will put Jayne Heitmeyer (Renee) in the starring role, and will see the return of Melinda Deines (J Street) and final original castmember Von Flores (Sandoval). The fifth season also will see the return of Kevin Kilner as William Boone, the original lead character who was killed off at the end of the first season.


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Feb 18, 2001
Okay I was really upset when they killed Boone off, I just couldn't believe it! However I had gotten so I liked Liam's character except for what I saw as some inconsistencies. Know he is gone! I understand what happened in the case of Zo'or and Da'an the joining with Jaridian bit and changing.

And I want to know just how they are going to bring Boone back!

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