Dennis instead of Kurt?

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Jun 8, 2001
I think Dennis Quaid would have done an excellent job, playing Jack in the Stargate the movie. I just saw Innerspace and Frequency and you will see that I prove my point.
Funny, 'cause in many ways Dennis Quaid and Kurt Russel remind me of each other. But after 4 years of RDA, he's the only O'Neill for me.
the film now looks so shabby compared to the tv series, but I suppose it had to start somewhere. It would be fun to watch a remade version with the following differences:

cheyenne Mountain
Richard Dean anderson
Michael shanks
Enclosed Death Gliders
Stargate Graphics

I know they'd never do it cos who could be bothered and it'd cost loads, but I'd really love to watch it

I thought Spader did an excellent Jackson, unlike RDA, MS kept a lot of the key features of the character, in fact at times I thought it was MS :D

However thats not to say I think RDA has done anything wrong with the character, in fact he has made it a lot better, Kurt Russel looked to much like an 'action hero' at some points...

I noticed Cheyenne Mountain was Creek Mountain in the film, I guess they weren't to happy with using a real base for the film (well unless Creek mountain is a real base ;) )

And I didn't notice a DHD, unless I missed it......

I don't think I've seen Dennis Quaid act, so I can't say which one I would have prefered...
It would have been so simple if the writers had given RD another character instead of O'neill.

Don't they know the concept of cameo ?

I pretty hate what had happened with the whole KR/RDA switch between the movie and the shows.

To me, it plainly sucks and I absolutely hate that sort of things.
Kurt was perfect in his role, and in fact even if we had four seasons of RDA, the true O'neill will always be, for me, Kurt Russel.

the film now looks so shabby compared to the tv series...

I wish I never heard that. :rolleyes:

Seriously, there are numerous things in the shows that are far under the movie, without talking about the FX, sets, outfits and all the continuity bloopers.

Sure, the shows had many interesting points, but there are also numerous other points that damn suck, if not nonsense, like the "we meet an alien race but, oh ! what a miracle, they talk american..." syndrome that makes me wonder if I missed something like the latest american galaxy-colonization mission broadcasted on CNN.

Sorry but there are times when I wish the show producers would have think twice before filming anything.

Anyway, there are still cool stories and events, but well...
I agree with the langauge thing to a point, but I don't really see it being a US thing, its just that it needs to be less 'hard-core' for the TV series, therefore dummed down, its ashame, but there we go..

And the US accent will likely be the fact that SG is based in Canada, US so more actors will come from there...

Just a guess though :)
Yeah the whole language thing. They explain it as well loadsa people came from earth, but two thousand years ago or however long the language was completely different. So its just a coincidence that everybody's language evolved to nearly the same place even tho they had completely different influences.

But I don't mind cos I love stargate!


Oh by the way, Kurt Russell was a **** Jack O'Neill (imo :D )
Couldn't they had RDA be someone else, another general, like let's say John Smiths ? That way Russel could have made short appearances in SG-1.

Damn producers !
KR would have cost too much to hire, and so would the original cast like JS.... Big movie stars on't come cheap, especially if they can get $5m making one film in 2 years as opposed to working for 6 years making the same series every day....

Besides, RDA is responsible for bringing stargate to the small screen, if it wasn't for him and his production company stargate would just have stayed at the one film
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