Well - there isn't (yet) a 'fanfic' based "Methos Chronicles" - but there were those 8 nifty little cartoon things (there's a section about 'em here in the 'series' subsection) -- online -

However -- I'm game if you are - and probably some others too - b/c the online ones, while creative, were not really 'methos' -- tho hearing PW's voice each time one was released was the next best thing!

give a shout and set up a list (when we're done w/ the SG-1 VS) and we can do something - I'm sure! :)
Oh Methos - how we miss thee --

someone wanna write a poem??

A song?


*glares at William muse who is attempting a poem as we speak (more b/c Spike muse will attack him if he doesn't stop)*

anyway --- MORE METHOS!

Should we start a campaign? or something??
There is more methos.

On TNN. Tomorrow. 3:00 PM CST. :D

And again at midnight CST.

I'm taping it.

Which ep is that?

I have all the eps ---- wish I could get 'em on DVD - but - I think I'll wait until they release S2 and put both S1 and S2 on sale ---

I have too much other stuff to buy already -----

But - Methos is the man - and well, we just can't have enough Methos!
I don't know if this have been ask already, so sorry is it was. But in what episode and what season Methos appear for the first time in Highlander? I have Highlander Season 1 through 3 in DVD and right now I'm checking Season 2 but haven't see Methos yet. So how much more I will have to wait. :eek:

Krystal :p
Methos first appears in Season 3, episode titled "Methos" -- no, really, I'm not kidding -- Duncan's looking for a way to beat Kalas, and apparently Adam Pierson has been doing some research on this really old guy, name of Methos, and Dunkie goes lookin' for him --- finds him too - and discovers - Methos... sitting on the floor, listening to music, drinking a beer (go figure) --

The episode falls about 1/2 way through S3 --

Wow - and I thought I'd lost a bit of my HL knowledge over the last few months ----- ;)
Thanks for the info, I have many more episodes to see before I get to Season 3. I didn't know the episode was called Methos, that's cool.

Krystal :D
No problem - and dragging out my handy-dandy episode guide, "Methos" is episode 16 of S3 --

Methos also appears in "Finale" pts 1 & 2

Then again in S4 "Chivalry"; "Timeless"; "Deliverance"; "Methuselah's Gift"; "Judgement Day"; and "One Minute to Midnight"

S5 - "The Messenger"; "The Valkyrie"; "Comes a Horseman"; "Revelation 6:8"; "Forgive Us Our Trespasses"; "The Modern Prometheus" and "Archangel" (I think he's in this last one, not 100% though)

S6 - He's in the opening titles for all the episodes, along with Elizabeth Gracen, but he's not in all the episodes (which kinda sucks) -- I know he's in "Indiscretions" and "To Be" and "Not to Be" - but not sure about the others - I'm not so good on S6 b/c it sucked beyond belief...

But, you can check out and look up Peter Wingfield and it'll tell you which eps he was in as a guest star -- ;)
And he's in X-men 2! Sorry but I only just saw it and it was a nice surprise to see him on the big screen!!
He is - and methinks that's mentioned somewhere in the Gen Discussion section --- (I think) --- maybe even a whole big thread on Peter and what he's been up to -- (lately, not much) --

Wish they'd kept him on Stargate longer ---

Now, if I can just talk Allan into inviting him to Gatecon!

So - more on Methos - hmmmmm --- I have this weird urge to go home and watch "The Modern Prometheus" --- )
Thanks again for the info, well, I finished Season 2 and will begin Season 3 soon. I have this little urge to check his episodes first. :D

You know I think like you, is a shame that he wasn't more in Stargate. I was looking forward for more on Teal'c and Tanith confrontation and it ends to easy for my taste.

I haven't see X-Men2 yet, but as soon as I see it scheduled I'm going to see it. Is a shame that he's isn't much in it for what I read. But something is better than nothing. ;)

Krystal :p
Peter Wingfield recently read a Dracula script I've written. He turned it down. Possibly not the greatest celeb-related story, but still, makes me smile.
Personally, I loved the Methos character in the series. In "The Source" though, they ruined him for me. How a person that old can be so self-aware for season after season and then be completly ignorant...ugh. I've always had an issue with the movies though. The series saved that franchise in a big way.
Methos was a great character among many. That movie, The Source, systematically tore many of them down. Watching that film was like having Duncan, Joe, and Methos cosplayers come into my house, and take a dump all over my tv set. I wasn't happy with it at all.
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