well it could be something like showing what his life was like before he became friends with MacLeod. Ya know like his wifes ppl he knew that chould be fun and there could be lots of fights and stuff to intertane the male fans
okay -

so -- what would be the opening scene?

we gotta draw ppl in to watch our new series here --

what would the first scene of the brand new show be?
hmmm...what...oh...sorry....still got that 45 minutes in a hammok thing on my brain....

hmmm...first scene of new show....I am like so bad with this sort of thing...takes me forever to come up with this type of stuff when I write....alright...I'll think about it and get back to you...
see -- ya gotta have a great beginning, otherwise, no one's coming back --

we could start w/ an explosion - or a quickening --

something BIG!!

ideas ------
We could do like Fight Club, start at the climax, then go back tell the backstory...

If you haven't seen Fight Club you'll have no idea what I'm talking about...

But it works really well, it gets you interested.
1st - Fight Club - won't see it - i don't like Brad Pitt - but that's a whole other topic --

2nd -- starting at the climax and sliding back into the backstory is good -- and Fight Club isn't the only movie to ever do that -- "To Kill a Mockingbird" kinda does it -- starts w/ the end and goes back to the beginning to tell the whole story ---

so -- what is the climactic event?? and, remember, it doesn't have to be the beheading of an immie - it can be anything ----
climatic event - the end of the world! Methos fighting another mortal 1000s years in the future, but we dont get to see who will win, it cuts back to preent day, or the past when these two first meet...
maybe something like Methos leveing the horsemen or maybe it could be Methos meeting someone like Helen of Troy or something
markpud just nearly led the way into one heck of a crossover --

Star Trek and Highlander (which, btw, i AM working on one of these - tho now 1000s of years in the future - it'll be around TNG era)

anyway --- 1000's of years into the future -- then sling back to oh, the time at the end of HLseason 6 when Dunkie wanders off again --- (Endgame does NOT exist in my timeline!) -- and Methos is hanging out w/ Connor --- in the antique shop in NYC ---

okay -- so - details on the opening scene ---

is Methos fighting a guy or a girl? how old is the immie he's facing? and exactly what would the year be?? and where are they? in space? on Earth? the moon?
OMG I just thought of something what if the immortal Methos is fighting is Cassandra?!? what do you think?
Never seen the movie, "To Kill A Mockingbird" read the book tho. :)

And, if you ask me, it'd be hard to do a movie that spans several thousand years...
why would it be hard to do a movie that spans several thousand years?
Because of enverything you'd have to put in would be this like epically long movie.

You could make it shorter, but to do that, you'd have to cut stuff out that would make the movie weird and kinda choppy and it wouldn't flow and you'd leave people wondering what's missing.

Something that spans thousands of years would either have to be a series of movies, in which case, most movies's sequels don't do as well as the original...or you'd have to do a tv series.



mmmmmm.......THE METHOS CHRONICLES! wonderful idea:D

(oh and on a side note this is my 1100 post!!!)
umm - ana -- that's what i was setting up -- the opening scene for the pilot episode of a Methos series -- and we could still start w/ the end and jump back to the beginning and lead up to the end --- ya know?

and even the 'end' wouldn't have to be the end - b/c Methos would still be alive (yeah, you think i would make a Methos series where Methos dies? ha!)

so -- keep going -- toss ideas ------
Hmm...Methos and Cassandra as the last two...interesting idea...of course we would need to get a better actress and give her more depth...but I could definatly see that
no problem ana --

and it would be fairly easy to make Cassandra and Methos the last two - if they somehow managed to avoid each other for thousands of years --- and, if in say about 100 years Earth develops highly advanced interplanetary travel capabilities -- then Methos and Cassandra could venture out into space and not see each other for years even if they were on ships that passed right by each other ---- (yeah - sounds like a wierd HL/ST x-over - i know, i'm already working on one that will come to fruition as soon as i'm done w/ my L&O story challenges)

okay -so, we're gonna skip the ST angle -- b/c that's just kinda complicated -- we'll be a little more pessimistic and say that humanity doesn't advance quite that fast -- no 3rd WW, no Eugenics War (whatever that was) -- and no starships -- we'll just jump to like the 23rd century and come up w/ something else ------
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