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He was engaged to a woman who died of cancer. That is why he was trying to put together the pieces of that ancient amulet the gives the wearer eternal life. :cool:

That was Alexa, they weren't engaged, and she didn't have cancer --

she was ill, yes, but they never said what her ailment was, as a matter of fact, she's only mentioned about 2 other times after her initial appearance - which is unfortunate b/c she was a lovely character ---

they never said the two were engaged -they were 'dating' but that was all that was ever said, or implied -- she died in Switzerland, and Methos buried her in Paris --

however, that still falls under a tragic relationship --- she died, there still was no 'on screen' successful - happy relationship for Methos --- makes his life seem really depressing
I never though about it but your right. I have to think that at one point in his life he must have had a "successful" relationship with someone....but then again...being an immortal means watching everyone you care about can any of thier relationships be termed successful.....except maybe Robert and Gina...but they were both immortal...

This is why we need a show about Methos damn it!
true - being immie means watching everyone die - but i suppose i meant 'successful' like Connor and Heather - where they were in love, married, she grew old, and she died - they were happy - tho Connor discovered/knew he wouldn't die with her --

nothing like that was ever 'shown' for Methos -- we just know he was married 68 times -- we don't know how those marriages ended --- were some tragic? divorce? happily ever after? what happened? so, yes - we very much need a Methos show!
anyone know to whom we should direct comments to make that a reality????

for some reason, i don't see DPP doing it justice - we'll need to find someone else ---

it would be great if Lamb Bear Entertainment would take it over - Chris would do a wonderful job making sure Highlander canon was adhered to and that a program about Methos was a success - but i have the strange feeling that DPP has the rights to the Highlander universe and wouldn't willingly hand them over to anyone ----
I don't know....I agree that they won't give over the rights to anyone...not if they think they can still male money off of it...but it would be great if someone who actually gave a damn about the characters would take over...
<raises hand> mememememememe --

i'll do the story development - i don't wanna write the whole show, but i'll be the one who makes sure they don't screw up any more canon -- can i can i can i???? i can't pay for it either - i don't have any money --- but i can make sure that they don't screw up the canon (has that been mentioned already?)
:rolly2: well seeing as how H2 most likely has the most knowledge of Highlander cannon...I nominate her for the position..
okay...motion passed...H2 is now in charge of all future stroy development for any and all Highlander Related projects...You go girl!;)
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okay...motion passed...H2 is now in charge of all future stroy development for any and all Highlander Related projects...You go girl!;)

ummm - don't suppose you have a direct line to DPP so i can actually GET that job?? believe me -- i would love something like that!! the only thing better would be Mike Modano's-doesn't have to work, but might be a photographer just for fun - wife! (hope he never sees that!)
awwwwww darn it I was starting to hope H2 chould change the world and make it a better place with Highlander
well - as soon as someone finds me a direct link to a job w/in the Highlander universe -- i'll make sure they don't screw up anything else ---

however, until such time -- we'll just have to live w/ correcting the errors on our own ---
okay --

since i'm in charge of story development --

where should the story go??

let's say we're starting our own little "Methos Chronicles" here - what would the first episode be like??

(and let's kinda do this for real - b/c i know i'd love to just shoot 45 minutes of PW sitting in a hammock w/ no shirt, but that wouldn't make much money and would alienate the male fans - so, gotta have some story)
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