divide and conquer;sam and jack?


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Mar 26, 2001
okay, well i must say "divide and conquer" is the best stargate episode ever!!!!
but are they gonna carry that theme (sam and jack) on a bit more in season 5???
i mean i honestly didnt see the " because i care about her, alot more than im suposed to" thing coming but when i did i was addicted to the sam and jack theme!
then i figured they'd carry that on a bit for at least a few episodes, and then i watch "window of oppurtunity" and theirs like one iddy bitty scene with sam and jack in it and sam wont even remember it. so yeh i think that really need to be properly addressed in season 5!!!!
Welcome sarahksg1!

Amanda tapping said in one of her latest interviews that the Sam/Jack theme had been carried too far this year andshe wanted to do something else...RDA apparently agrees and that theme will only be done as ust for a while!

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Well, I just know I'm in the minority when I say that I DON'T want Sam and Jack to get together. They both need something, but why can't it be an intellectual for Sam who works at the Pentagon and becomes aware of the program. And for Jack, I liked the Russian scientist for him. Deana Troi from ST-TNG. She could ask for asylum and go to work at the SGC! :alienooh:
Congrats, Sarah, on being one of the few brave enough to defy the majority and say you liked D&C. I loved it too, and (to further defy convention), I'm *not* a shipper. I loved it because it was a serious episode where serious things happened. It was a reminder that this is a war that SG-1 is involved in, and in war, sometimes, the wrong people die.

I am glad to hear hints that the S&J relationship might stall where it is, which is fine by me. Too many good TV shows died because the main characters got in a relationship.
I also liked this episode. As Shiloh says it was a serious episode. And while there is a part of me that wants Jack and Sam to get together, I think it would be best if that didn't happen. A hint at how they feel and struggle with it but then to move on is how I feel it would best be handled. People who work that closely together would have a tendencey to develop feelings for each other. It is what they do with that that makes the difference. I feel that it was a honest look at the feelings they struggle with. However it is time to move on and I hope we don't see to much more of that storyline.
Hi I would just like 2 say that i totally agree with u on the Sam/Jack thing. They make such a cute couple but they shouldn't get together until the end of the series. However, if they leave it too long then the storyline will become boring just as the x-files did and so they should decide what they r going 2 do about it soon. The only ending which wouldn't do these characters justice would be for the writers 2 ignore the fact that these 2 have more than 'just friends' feelings even if they r never actually shown on-screen.
yea if they are going to address the issue they should do it sooner than later, with x-files, they left it for ages and picked the theme up just as mulder was about to be abducted and so it didnt really work, if they finish and figure out what their gonna do with sam and jack now they can get on with the usual story line without it coming up again, they cant just ignore it and leave it at that!!!! so even tho i wud love to c a sam and jack thing happen on the show if they actually got together and talked about it and decided that they were gonna leave it as just being friends then that wud b okay, as long as they dont just leave it there!:rolly2:
Originally posted by sarahksg1

i mean i honestly didnt see the " because i care about her, alot more than im suposed to

I have only just seen this episode and when he said that line well......I had a lump in my throat:(

Thought it was a really good episode all round.....I do like some people like the idea of Sam and Jack together but not sure if I want it to happen while the show is still going on;)

Like Shiloh said the episode showed that SG1 are still in a war and sometimes the wrong people die *sob*

So yeah good episode all round:rolleyes:
I really loved that episode, I am a S/J shipper, but I agree that it ruins the dynamic and chemistry on a show when the main characters get together. It ruined The X Files. I think that they should subtley bring them closer and closer, really slowly. Then they can act on it near the end of the show. That would be ok.
I thought that this was a really good episode. I've been feeling for a while that there was a certain chemistry between Jack and Sam, they make such a cute couple! But I agree that if they got together it would totally ruin the show, that has happened so many times before. I think the sexual tension should carry on a little longer, or maybe in one episode they would have to pretend to be dating - that would be funny!:rolly2:

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