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My second meeting with the man!!!

Discussion in 'Hercules' started by Euterpe, Jun 11, 2001.


    Euterpe T Y O P I S T

    Apr 27, 2001
    OK I have been spoiled waaaay too much lately. As most of you know, I met Bruce Campbell on Friday. (If you didn’t know, I posted it so go look) Well, on Sunday I saw him again! Here’s the story!

    I left my home at about 11 and, after a quick stop at the bank, I was on my way. I got a bit lost on the way but I got there! The signing started at 2 and I got there around 2:30. The line winded through the video store, outside, and down around the corner. I had my copy of his book to read but I didn’t need it. I was sandwiched in line between a teenage Xenaite and the 2 Deadites behind me in their mid-20’s. So I had good company for the 3-hour line wait ahead of me. I grabbed up the last 2 copies of Bruce’s book to get signed for my friends.

    After the wait, I finally got up there! Unlike the other signing I went to, this place allowed you to have pictures taken with Mr. C. I was ecstatic! He seemed to recognize me from Friday. He kept looking at my “Jack Fan†shirt and up to me and back at my shirt. Finally, I reminded him. He responded with, “Oh! My stalker!â€

    I had him sign the 2 books for my friends, and I commented on how he was writing little notes in the books now. In my book he had only written my name and his sig. He told me that I’d have to bring it with me next time I see him and he’d fix it up. I said “I got it right here!†He then extended it from “Hey Jennifer†to “Hey Jennifer, Gimme some sugar, Baby!â€

    He handed it back to me and asked if I wanted a pic w/ him. I responded with “Hell yeah!†I told him I’d give him some sugar. I went behind the table and put my arms around his neck and a lady snapped the pic. Bruce then kissed me on the hand and I went on my way!

    * sigh* I can’t wait until I see him again in October!!!

    Krystal New Member

    Dec 30, 2000
    Oh you lucky Euterpe! :lol: You are having too much fun.

    Krystal :D

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