Pre-SG1 plot ideas for Devlin/Emmerich sequel


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May 31, 2001
I read somewhere that Devlin/Emmerich originally intended to make a trilogy of Stargate films.

Any idea where they were going to take the plot - I also read they didn't like the SG1 direction - so presumably they were going in a different direction at some majorish level. :freak4:

Yea...Centropolis was suppose to continue it after ID4, but fukin MGM sold it to Showtime. Devlin stated in the Stargate DVD Commentary that he wanted everyone to make sure he had nothing to do with the series and that he dislikes it. I would've really liked to see the direction of the plot be the sequel novels. Read them, i would've reeeeeally liked these to be the sequels.

Stargate: Rebellion
Stargate: Reconnisance
(there are 3 more, but I dont remember the names)
I saw pretty much the same on a web-site somewhere, and have the region-1 DVD, which has no subtitles, and I haven't watched the extras in a while.

Any idea at all what any of the two sequels would/could have been about?
It was quite obvious the way the film ended that it would have continued to a sequel:
"I'll be seeing you around...Dr Jackson

I believe that the Novel Stargate:Rebellion was close along the lines to what Centropolis believed to be a sequel.

I do not think that Devlin and Emmerich are so mad at the series because they don't like it. I think it is because Brad Wright and Johnathan Glassner came along and pulled their story to bits and often flamed the film. They said something like, "The Stargate had 39 symbols, now why would it have that if it only went one place?" Well mate, you never gave Dean and Roland a chance to develop that idea. And for some reason they never liked the idea that Devlin/Emmerich used the Speech Barrier as their first problem and the main aach I can't remember :( Whoops! Well whatever. I don't think it would have been right that the Stargate Team went to Abydos and found that the Locals were fluent in English. If that was what Wright meant was wrong with it. I think they said they used that as the main problem that the Earth team came across in the movie, but unless he shut his eyes. the Language barrier was not much of a problem. Whats the worse that could happen? They don't talk. Big wow. The Earth team return home and say, "We never knew whit they were saying!" But it was the fact that on their visit a big Honking flying pyramid landed its ass on top of the one on Abydos that was the problem. And the fact that it contained Aliens that believed they were gods and decided to kill the Earth team that was a problem.

Basically Devlin and Emmerichs first Major Blcokbuster that brough them into the light was stolen. I know Independence Day made them. Uni Sol showed peeps that they could make an action flick and Stargate showed the world that they could make Blockbuster Material and make money from it. Stargate was their idea. They wanted to make a Trilogy from it, but MGM was more interested in doing a series and so were Wright and Glassner, sp they gave them the gig. Could you have imagined that happenng to yourself?

Oh yeah. On another note. I popped into a website that said Stargate was directed by Ronald Emmerich. :D Thought that was funny.
According to the Los Angeles Times, Pilar Seurat (an actress and dancer who appeared guest starring in Star Trek: The Original Series, and died in June 2001) took home a phaser as a gift for her little boy, Dean Devlin, inadvertently shaping the career of her only son.

I don't think that they hate SG-1, they are just upset someone stole their idea from them.

Why can't they make their films as well as the TV series, in an alternative universe? Hollywood has made two alternative Robin Hood films at the same time, two alternative James Bonds at the same time, there are a wealth of Sci-fi books that are considered apocryphal for Star Trek and Star Wars, yet no one complains.

You asked for suggestions for a sequel to SG-1. How about the adventures of Catherine and Ernest when they were younger, and accidently got the Stargate to work? Well maybe as a Fanfic idea then.
I liked that wee story about baby Dean Devlin. It sounds cute. I suppose it would be good to see Centropolis make their own Stargate Trilogy. In a sense Independence Day could have been Stargate 2 ;)
Originally posted by Dave
Why can't they make their films as well as the TV series, in an alternative universe? Hollywood has made two alternative Robin Hood films at the same time
You will find that this is always happening - I think it is to do with scripts being pitched: Robin Hood, volcanoes, hurricanes, asteroid crashes, animated insects,...

I am surprised we didn't see a second major swords'n'sandals "epic" last year!

Secondly, the Bond thing you mentioned is perhaps the reason they won't be: the Connery "Never Say Never Again" was simply a remake, not an original movie, and was as a result of licensing things going on. Only the UIP/Danjaq studio (Broccoli/Saltzman) have the license for doing "real" Bond things. Anything else is a licensing cock-up. "Casino Royale" QED.

The same with Stargate - someone has the license: they would have to be VERY careful and prescriptive about what each of the two parties would be able to do if they decided to have two parallel story streams, one on TV, the other on celluloid. This gets worse with the concept of double episodes: which reach about 80+ minutes in length, which is a (admittedly short) film. If they were to do a triple-episode, that would be a film!
Why can't they make their films as well as the TV series, in an alternative universe? Hollywood has made two alternative Robin Hood films at the same time, two alternative James Bonds at the same time, there are a wealth of Sci-fi books that are considered apocryphal for Star Trek and Star Wars, yet no one complains.

Ahem. May I correct you. Star Trek, Star Wars, Star thing, Lord of the Szcmurz, Alien, etc. they all have canon and apocrypha products and there are a helluva tons of complaints form each sides of the fans.

What happened to the original Stargate team simply sucks.

Consider me a movie purist if you want, but that's the way it goes.

If MGM had been more cool, we would have had both movies sequels and shows that would have not contradicted each others !

It's so easy to stole ideas when producers start talking money...

hollywood can manage to make sequels for crappy movies like Mummy, though the first one was quite enjoyable, but can't accept to give a bit of liberty to the directors and writers of the first and true Stargate ?

No wonder why I love Star Wars now !

The movie business is absolutely disgusting !
I stand corrected! Someone will always complain. ;)

Personally, I think that the more SciFi the better. If it's no good I can turn it off.

But, I do agree with you about what has happened to the original Stargate team, and I also think most people here have that view too, especially now they have developed the conspiracy angles at the expense of the exploration stories.
Ai, but Sci Fi now = Conspiracy angles, thats what they did with X files in a huge way, and they are doing it with Stargate.

The thing that gets me about Stargate isnt the conspiracy angles or anything else to do with the film to TV conversion, I actually prefer PDA than Kurt, but then again I like funny things......(Aint it funny how O'Neill has aged by like 20 years in a year though)

Personally I dont think Kurt can pull off a series, he aint funny enough, just watch that film where he is on the boat to show you... Actually wsant that called captain Jack??? Wow, spooky

But anyway I read that the reason they didn't do another Stargate film was that the studio ran out of money... it was done by studio canal and centropolis published by momentum.... but MGM was holding all the rights for it........(stupid eh?)

So Showtime went and asked MGM if they could do a series out of it, MGM said yes, and they did..... MGM still actually own Stargate I think, cos over here we always get the MGM logo before it starts..... RDA's production company produce it... hence him being in the lead role, guess he got bored since he hasnt done anything since mcguiver eh?

But anyway, I really do hope they are going ahead with the film sequel now which would be cool

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