I noticed some similarities between........

Daring Dragoon2

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Apr 27, 2001
Cleo2525,and Charlie's Angels!
I mean they're both 3 women teams,w/a mysterious voice as their "boss" whom they have never seen,etc.
Did anyone else notice that?


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Apr 27, 2001
Yep, that was a subject of great discussion at the old Studios USA Cleo board in the first few weeks of the show. Actually, it was people who idn't care for the show that much (either they liked Jack better, or they were Xena/Herc fans who didn't care for either Jack or Cleo) who mainly brought it up.

I think everypone agreed that if it was Charlie's Angels, it was more of a dysfunctional Charlie's Angels, since the Angels were equal partners, while Sarge was a surly rebel, Hel was a very conflicted leader, and both initally looked down on Cleo. And Voice definitely had her own agana going on.

Plus, there were people who felt that the Angels were bimbos, while Hel and Sarge were very smart, and Cleo had sort of street smarts and intuition going for her. And then there was the action component - the TV Angels weren't really martial artists, it was really more of a conventional cop or detective show.

Funny thing was, when the Angels movie came out, *it* resembled Cleo! The team was no longer all Caucasian, one of the Angels was a little dingy, and there was a ton of Hong Kong-style martial arts in it!

Of course, people who didn't care for the original Angels but enjoyed the straight sci-fi element of Cleo got all upset when such a thing was suggested.

Really, what it reminded me of was the obvious: the unerground world we only saw a few minutes of in "The Terminator" movies. Plus elements of any number of post-apocalyptic sci-fi novels - "Star Man's Son" by Andre Norton came to mind and it later was revealed that an old novella called "Tumithak of the Corridors" was a big influence as well. Plus of course the 30-years-previous incarnations of "Andromeda" - a failed pilot from 1970 caled "Genesis II" in which Dylan Hunt was awakened from cryogenic freezing into an underground society that travelled using shfts and corridors!

Note : this is the kind of rambling, speculative discussion we used to have *all* the time at the old Cleo board!


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Jun 24, 2001
Wow! I never noticed that before! I'm gonna miss this show. I never really cared for Jack of all Trades, but I liked Cleo 2525 alot :)


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Aug 21, 2000
Here is a little fact about Terminator. The outer limits people sued them and won. It seems to many pariells between the flick and the man with a glass hand existed.

Has for the cleo angle. They was one huge difference between them and that movie. Cleo was well written, had a plot, was funny, and at other times was dramatic. (Sarge and her sister.) and the Bimbo cooments goes double for the current version of the Angels. Don't get me started on Barrymore's lack of acting.

So IMHO that is no comparison.