R.I.P Anthony Quinn


Kulls Chosen
Oct 4, 2000

Anthony Quinn was by far the "epitome" of Zeus, King of the Gods and he will be missed.

BOSTON (Reuters) - Actor Anthony Quinn, the two-time Academy Award winning movie star known for his portrayal of earthy characters with a zest for life, died on Sunday in a Boston hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said. He was 86.

Quinn won two Academy Awards for best supporting actor, one for his 1952 role as a Mexican revolutionary in ``Viva Zapata!'' and another four years later for his portrayal of the French painter Paul Gauguin in the film ``Lust for Life.''

Quinn was best known for his memorable portrayal of the title character in ``Zorba the Greek''. For Quinn, Zorba was more than just a film role.

``I am Zorba,'' Quinn once said of the hero of the movie, a worldly wise Greek who lived life to the fullest.

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