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Apr 10, 2001
Sharon, of the official Xena fan club, just posted the following message:

Here is Lucy's PR schedule for the finale episodes. As always, this comes with a disclaimer that in Hollywood, everything is subject to change :smile:

6/13 -- Tonight Show with Jay Leno NBC -- this is Wed night. Because of the basketball games, the show may air later than its usual time. That is why some listings say 6/14.

6/15 -- KTLA Morning News -- Channel 5 in Los Angeles

6/21 -- Live with Regis and Kelly ABC

6/21 -- Late Night with Conan O'Brien NBC

6/22 -- satellite radio interview

6/22 -- WPIX Morning News -- Channel 11 in New York

There may also be something in TV Guide (week of 6/9), US magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times.

If I learn of any updates or changes, I'll post them.

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LOL I assumed someone else would have already posted them... came to check and to my surprise no one had.

How you doing Euterpe?


For our Australian members, Lucy Lawless' guest spot on "Just Shoot Me" will apparently be airing Wednesday 6th June on Channel 10.
Check your local TV guides for more details.
ewlyn~ I responded over in the chatting topic.

The "Just Shoot Me" with LL will be replayed here in the USA on June 14th.
It's on channel USA at 9am EST!
Her Just Shoot Me cameo is funny... I got it on tape. :D

For anyone setting their VCRs, she's only in the first 5 minutes or so. So you don't have to set it for the entire show if you don't want to.

I think I might watch that today... haven't seen it in a while... and now off to the chat topic thread to see what's up.
I've never seen it before!
I can't wait!
All these cool things happening all of a sudden!

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