Sentinel worth watching?


Sothoii war maid
Feb 18, 2001
I have only ever seen one episode of the Sentinel. It was on the wrong channel when it was first on and been watching and doing so much other stuff haven't had a chance to check it out.

I see that SciFi is now showing it and will be starting again with the first episode this thursday or friday. I am going to try to make time to watch it starting from the beginning but an curious to hear what other people out there think of it. So any Sentinel fans out there what do you think of the show.

i never watched the show
but i read ts fanfic ... A LOT!!
i don't think i can get the show where i am.

<sigh> again...

but from what i gathered from the fic
it seemed like a really cool show.
i'll definitely try to watch it if it ever comes on.


:D :D :D
:cool: Hi,

I live in the UK and the series has never seen the light of day here. I got interested through fanfic - reading Stargate fanfic first led me to Sentinel fiction - and was lucky enough to find someone on the web who was kind enough to allow me to purchase some copy tapes of The Sentinel from her. Definitely money well spent. I love the whole series and am only sorry that they stopped making it.
I have been watching it the last week and a half. Have liked what I have seen so far of the series. The interaction between Sandburg and Ellison is great and there are good supporting characters like Captain Banks.
i live in the uk as well.

i just thought i missed the show.

didn't realise it never came on.

it's a shame really.

:D :D :D

Just ran into the show about 4 months ago and was most lucky to have a SG-1 aqqaintance have several tapes that I was able to get [Thanks, BTW. ;) ].

I enjoy the premise and the actualy police work is wekk done. Even my hsband - the weapon and tactic specialist - has comment on the way 'Jim' handles his side arm [correctly], the 'characters' clear a room, etc. He's quite pleased.

I'm in the process of dabbeling in TS fiction, but it has to fit in sideways alongside my already made commitments to SG-1 editors for pieces for publications.
so have you posted any of your ts fics yet???

if so where can i find them?

:D :D :D
TS Fic

Not yet, Wikiberry, but when they're ready, they'll go up on my website... which [fingers crossed] I've got to the point I can upload to my ISP and start the final testing.

Ultimately, it will have at least my SG-1, Bab-5 and TS fiction on it, along with information on a medieval historical group I belong to [the SCA] and my current abiding passion [and quite possibly my new career] archaeology and anthropology.

I'm hoping to finish out a BS in sociology i the next year or so, go on to [probably the U. of Nevada in Los Vegas] for a dual Masters and then on to York University in Toronto, Canada for anthro and Bar Ilan University just south of Tel Aviv, Israel for archeology.

I had a chance to be part of a dig last summer run jointly by these two schools and recieved much encouragement to continue on and ultimately finish my programs in each location.

I'll be around 58 or so when I'm done, but I've already had a full career life in the military and emergency medicine. I think it's time for a change. ;)

you lead a full life...


am just a lowly teenager who just finished
the last exam yesterday...
if all goes well
then i'll be studying biotech in london...

well i'll be waiting your fanfic.

:D :D :D

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