Little mistakes

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to watching it. Can't wait!
I'm hoping they won't answer all the questions so there will be some stuff left for a second movie...and while we're at it..a third? LOL
It would be cool if they would do a kind of series like Star Trek...:D :D
Could you imagine if they did as many movies as star trek.........

Stargate 94: The wrath of Jolinar......

The one where Sam actually turns into Jolinar and has apophis returning with a zimmerframe running around telling everyone when he was a young guould all this were nowt but battlefields

LOL...if they use that you should take money for it! :D :D
I hope they won't do just one or three would be wuite cool. I somewhere read Brad Wright actually thought about making a 'movie series' after the end of the show...*keeps fingers crossed*
Yuppers, it would be quite cool, be good to see it on the big screen again, , just hope they dont do it like every other hollywood movie ever made in the whole world ever
just to point out it makes sense that the egyptian gate was the second cause both gates had different points of origin and the egyptian one was a pyramid and a sun, the goa'ulds had the pyramids built.

And plus the other gate point of origin was like a sun rising over the horizon maybe showing that cause it's antartica the sun doesn't set for half the yuear or summit like that.


Also a pyramid seems more goau'ld that the other one seeing as they had people worshpping the symbol on the original cartouch.

And on the points of origins couldn't the line to the suns on the abydos' and earts points be a ring device or summit cause the sun could have represented Ra. bleh, never mind.


mmm it does, so the theory is that the guould didnt make the gate system, they just added a second gate to earth as they found no one on antarctica????
Mhmmm ... just in case...spoilers 'Torment of Tantalus' and 'The fifth race'

In 'Solitudes' Daniel theorized that it wasn't the goa'uld that built the Stargate network, but in Torment Of Tantalus we get the proof when the team travels to a planet that isn't on the Abydos cartouche...therefor the goa'uld have never been to this planet, but it does have a Stargate...
In The Fifth Race Jack meets the Asgard and gets to know the the Ancients, a very old race, built the Stargate network, not the goa'uld...:D
Also, I suppose it should be spoilers here, spoilers for...errr...bugger, The Fifth Race, the asgard ones could be the russian one and I think that's it, there are some other references but I'm not sure what ep they're from. Nothing really major.

In the fifth race we learn that the ancients language is like latin (which is found out because jack gets it all stuck in his head, it's pronunced like lating but the characters are...VERY different) and then they mention that the romans were known as the builders of roads, and the knowledge to buil;d these was given to them by gods called the...errr...ancients?(shot in the dark) could be old ones. The roads - stargates - showing that they gave us knowledge. Just as apoint there's an episode where daniel refers to this and in another episode, possibly the same episode he refers to the roads but he starts off saying how he'd cross referenced many cultures and SG-9(?) had just brought back pictures of a planet and he wanted to go look. I thought it may be the tomb ep, but I'm really not sure. help would be appreciated.

err, I believe that's all I had to add although I think i got distracted sumwhere there.
ah ok then, answers all my questions. Sure I will think of more when reading all my stargate books on holiday

only 2 days to go now, can;t wait :)
I got one week left...:D :D
I'm sure I can come up with more mistakes during the holidays too...:D ;)
Re: Event Horizon & Constellations

I was thinking that maybe the differences in these two areas could be explained by the fact that in Episode 1 or 2 Sam says that they had to compensate for the changes in the Universe since the creation of the Stargate System. Maybe the fact they they weren't compensating originally for the changes is why her combinations wouldn't work initially and maybe the change in the appearance of the event horizon (OK we all know that it merely has to do with the fact that CGI is better now then it was when the movie was made).

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