Little mistakes

I'll take your word for it, personally Carter is cuter than anyone on the show, but thats cos she is practically the only female.... Apart from the doc.... Oh and Osiris, and cassandra, not to mention Teal'c's many exes, oh and the woman from the Tok'ra.... Um, thats it I think

uh, no Shaur'i as well


There ya go, see Carter is the only one
LOL...Danny is my man...:D :D
So have you figured out where the men's room on the mother ships are? :rolly2: :p
um, no, I think they might just dump it out of the airlock maybe. that would be fun

I am just SOOOOOOO happy today I can almost cry, England won *Sniff* it was just so emotional.

Speaking about things on the mother ship, where are all the fire extinguishers, maybe the guould dont use them, maybe they have a sophisticated method of fixing the fire, AND WHERE IS THE ENTERTAINMENT?

Surely, even though they are guould, they gotta have fun right? What sort of things you reckon they could do?
Well, in 'Serpent's Venom' Apophis looked very, very, *very* entertained...talking bout the girls nearly sitting on his lap here...:D :D
And who knows what they use those metallic orbs for? Maybe not just communication...Teal'c pointed out that it was kinda a sophisticated version of our tv...I wonder what channels they might get...:D ;)
'The weakest Goa'uld' or something like that? LOL ;) :p
mmmm the weakest guould sounds interesting, hosted by Osiris Robinson.....

Apophis you are incorrect, you are the weakest Guould Goodbye



that would be funny

Or Teal'c you have the weakest larvae.... Goodbye


Oh my heart
LOLOL...yeah, it could get a little bit dangerous for the moderator...but I'd be sure fun to watch! :D :D
The Goa'uldtubbies....really sweet thought...:p
Yeah, or for a bit of nostalgia the Guoulden girls


Or maybe Chulak Vice
LOL...Wish I knew...:D :D
At the moment no more mistakes come to mind...:(
But I'm sure there are a dozen more...I'll just have to watch all those episodes again...poor me...:D :D
I know *sigh*

How come there are so many different earth gates around, I mean we had the buried one, then the arctic one, some other that gets confusing, one in bermuda, one in australia, one on the moon, one on my head...

Ok I am getting ahead of myself now, but there were 3...... One that they destroyed via that black hole when they fixed the sun, one from russia that has been destroyed umpteen times, and the one that was buried.....

quite weird that innit, how come the guould always went through the egypt one if it was buried, cos I always thought the gate connected to the DHD was the primary gate

AND! why does Earth have to have 3? Are we special in some way, bless us :)
LOL...okay, here we go...
I understood that if a gate doesn't function properly anymore it is possible that the goa'uld add a second gate on the planet.
Daniel and Teal'c explained the antartica gate to Hammond in Solitudes this way. But I think it's more likely that the gate wasn't *not* working, but just covered under ice. (Because later it is working.)
It's possible the antartica gate was the one that malfunctioned (or rather was covered)...and that's why they put a second one on Egypt...
And yes, the gate connected with the DHD is the primary gate, but if my assumption that the antartica gate didn't work anymore/got covered is correct, then the egypt gate with the new DHD would have been the primary gate. And since the germans found the DHD and the russians confiscated it at the end of WWII we know that there *was* a DHD in egypt at one time.
I heard we will get to know which gate was the first one in season six...looking forward to that.
After the SGC gate (I'll call it alpha gate) crashed with Thor's ship the SGC used the antartica gate (beta gate) that's what I meant when I said it worked later...
The Russians found the alpha gate and put it to use with their DHD. I just wonder whatever happened to the antartica DHD...It seemed to work because when Sam tried to dial earth Daniel noticed slight tremors in the SGC. She just couldn't dial earth because earth was the point of origin. Why continue using the dial computer if they have a working DHD???
The gate they used to destroy the sun in Exodus was the gate on Vorash if I'm not mistaken...after they evacuated all the Tok'ra from the base they 'beamed' the gate to their mothership.

Does this make any sense??? LOL

Yup, I just got slightly confused as I was watching reruns and I have missed a few episodes, like most of season 3 and half of 4 and a lot of 1..... and I thought, how many gates do they need cos they wrecked one of them :)

Now, I just saw the episode where Shaure gets killed.......Do they ever find The boy that daniel stayed in SG-1 to look for, who holds the key to destroying the guould?

Or did they just forget about that?
Do I need a spoiler here?


They find the boy on Kheb as Sha're predicted, but Daniel has to let him go with Oma Desala, a very powerful alien also known as Mother Nature when he realizes that he can't keep the boy safe. The System Lords and especially Apophis want to get their hands on the boy and he's much better off with Oma (he's still a baby in this epi).
In season four's Absolute Power Daniel meets him again, but he isn't a toddler anymore but about 9 or 10 years old. I can't remember if his age was mentioned. We get to know that Apophis had the means to make him age very fast so he could take him as a host very soon. The same situation SG-1 encountered in 'Brief Candle' where a goa'uld named Pelops made the inhabitants of a planet age very fast so they only lived for about 100 days to study the evolution of hosts without having to wait for thousands of years.
The SGC wants to extract the knowledge of the boy, but he shows Daniel that this isn't possible. He gives Daniel a dream in which Daniel possesses all that knowledge and turns bad because of it. Daniel realizes that Shi'fu (the boy's name) can't risk to remember all that knowledge. Oma had the means to make him forget all those things. Again Daniel has to let him go...

Hope that helped...:D :D
Ahhhhhhh, so thats what happened......


\I have a theory about this then...........Dont scroll if you dont wanna hear it

I think he might just be Anubis, how else you think he can get his power back and things like that..... However, I also think Daniel Jackson will manage to talk the host into destroying Anubis and the guould........... Obviously he would have to come back, so it might be in the movie

Mhhmmm...good point, but I don't think so.
If Oma Desala keeps him safe - how would a System Lord take over his body and take him as a host?
I wonder if Anubis' identity really is such a big secret or if the producers just wanted the fans to speculate about it and therefor didn't show his face...
Yeah, but when they meet the boy again is he with Oma then ?

dunno, not seen the episode

Nope, they meet him on Abydos. But like Oma Desala who's race are 'ascended' to a higher plane of existence Shi'fu also is ascended. He is very powerful too. I doubt the System Lord could get their hands on him, now that he's grown up and can put his power to use...:D
Oh right, shows how much I payed attention to series 3 and 4 :)

Um, ok, Daniel and the boy are reunited then..... this means that the guould are in BIG trouble, I really think that there is gonna be a huge cliffhanger at the end of the series and the film will be the final chapter when we finally destroy the guould hurrah!!!!

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